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    Clan Member New Year's Resolutions

    Post your resolutions here:

    I, AvengerRam, resolve as follows:

    1. To post more polls.
    2. To continue to use sarcasm and humor to make points.
    3. To try to come up with thread titles containing shock value language.
    4. To mock all posts I find to be misguided, ignorant or illogical.
    5. To take potshots at Ferter, Moklerman, adarian and other posters with whom I enjoy butting-heads (as any good Ram would do) whenever the mood strikes me.

    Wait a second.... that's last year's list... my bad...

    Here's this year's list:

    1. To continue posting the way I have in the past.
    2. To always try to make my fellow Ram fans, whether or not they agree with me, whether or not they like me - to always try to give them something informative, amusing and interesting to read.

    Happy New Year!

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    Re: Clan Member New Year's Resolutions

    OK, AR, you asked for

    Here's PapaRF's resolutions for 2005:

    1. First, I resolve to get rid of the cable monster forever....wait, I just did that: Let me clarify....I WILL get sattelite TV to replace my cable.
    2. I will get DSL to replace my cable internet....I already miss my 3.0/256 it will stay dial-up at 53.3 for the next few weeks....then DSL at $36.95....I will not pay the $110.00+ that mediacon is wanting for thier 'moneysaver package bundle'!!!
    3. I resolve to become more specific in my posting, not repeating myself, not rambling on, not adding minute details of interest only to myself, as this makes me have to type a lot more. I am convinced I can say more than I used to and still use shorter sentences.
    4. I will quit smoking, just like I have every year for the past 25 years.
    5. I will finish remodeling my house. (I'm tired of looking at walls less than 1/4 of the way done....)
    5. I will drink cheap beer each and every Friday night, saving the good stuff for the Ram's games, just like last year.
    6. I will FINALLY learn how to spell the word 'vinyl' without having to look it up.
    7. I will quit laughing at the Steelers and Broncos fans I work with....except during football season.
    8. I will get another ClanRam game ball, just like in week 3 this year!
    9. I will quit passing gas in the elevator at work and laughing when I get off and see a bunch of people getting on the same elevator....until I am around the corner where they can't see me laughing.
    10. I will get that autographed jersey I :king: have been wanting....

    Saint Louis
    of Los Angeles

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    Re: Clan Member New Year's Resolutions

    Don't need to resolute anything. I'm already perfect. :king:

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