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    ClanRam 2011 NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

    ClanRam 2011 NFL Power Rankings: Week 3
    By Nick

    Things keep on shifting in the Power Rankings world. The Detroit Lions continue to impress with their third win in a row this season, cracking the Top Six. The New England loss to the Buffalo Bills gives the rankings a new #2 team in the Saints, who outscored the Houston Texans in Week Three. Meanwhile, the bottom of the rankings are starting to take shape with some winless teams as well as some one-win organizations that appear to be struggling at the moment.


    1. Green Bay Packers (3-0; Last Week: 1)
    -Still on top after another win, this one in the division.

    2. New Orleans Saints (2-1; Last Week: 3)
    -Big win over Houston pushes them to the two-spot.

    3. Baltimore Ravens (2-1; Last Week: 8)
    -Very impressive win on the road in St. Louis.

    4. Houston Texans (2-1; Last Week: 5)
    -Lost to the Saints, but made it interesting.

    5. New England Patriots (2-1; Last Week: 2)
    -Loss to Buffalo was a heartbreaker; Brady shows he’s human.

    6. Detroit Lions (3-0; Last Week: 10)
    -Lions mount a major comeback and continue to rise up the rankings.

    7. New York Jets (2-1; Last Week: 4)
    -The Jets lost by ten points to Oakland; Sanchez put up 369 yards.

    8. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1; Last Week: 9)
    -Pittsburgh sneaks up a spot for barely putting away the Manning-less Colts.

    9. Buffalo Bills (3-0; Last Week: 14)
    -Buffalo continues to rise, but you have to be concerned about the deficits they keep having to fight back from.

    10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1; Last Week: 15)
    -Tampa looks like the second best team in the NFC South after knocking off Atlanta.

    11. Dallas Cowboys (2-1; Last Week: 12)
    -The Cowboys move up one for barely putting away a hard-to-read Redskins team.

    12. Atlanta Falcons (1-2; Last Week: 7)
    -The Falcons lost a critical division game to the Bucs, who have now overtaken them.

    13. San Diego Chargers (2-1; Last Week: 13)
    -The Chargers aren’t moving up for a three-point win over the pitiful Chiefs.

    14. Philadelphia Eagles (1-2; Last Week: 6)
    -Is the Dream Team turning into a nightmare?

    15. New York Giants (2-1; Last Week: 18)
    -The Giants have begun to right the ship, but can they keep it up?

    16. Tennessee Titans (2-1; Last Week: 17)
    -Small move up for the Titans, but the loss of Britt will hurt them.

    17. Chicago Bears (1-2; Last Week: 11)
    -The Bears dropped an early division game to Green Bay and six spots in the rankings.

    18. Oakland Raiders (2-1; Last Week: 20)
    -Oakland got a nice win over the Jets, but they’re going to come back down to Earth, right?

    19. Washington Redskins (2-1; Last Week: 16)
    -Grossman no longer looks like the solid option from Week One.

    20. San Francisco ***** (2-1; Last Week: 22)
    -A win is a win, but 13-8 against the Bengals? Yuck.

    21. Cleveland Browns (2-1; Last Week: 25)
    -Pat Shurmur has the Browns with a winning record, but will it last?

    22. Denver Broncos (1-2; Last Week: 21)
    -Denver drops a bit after a close loss to Tennessee.

    23. Arizona Cardinals (1-2; Last Week: 19)
    -Losing is bad enough, but losing to Seattle?

    24. Carolina Panthers (1-2; Last Week: 26)
    -A win over Jacksonville has Carolina moving up the charts, albeit slightly.

    25. Seattle Seahawks (1-2; Last Week: 32)
    -There’s something to be said about a win, but I still believe Arizona is the better team at this point.

    26. Miami Dolphins (0-3; Last Week: 29)
    -Why up three spots? Miami is 0-3 but they’ve played teams close. I think they’ll start winning soon.

    27. Minnesota Vikings (0-3; Last Week: 24)
    -I know Detroit is tough, but the Vikings squandered a 20-0 lead. Ouch.

    28. St. Louis Rams (0-3; Last Week: 23)
    -The Rams continue to drop until they show they can put together a complete game.

    29. Cincinnati Bengals (1-2; Last Week: 28)
    -A 13-8 loss against San Fran puts the Bengals amongst the winless teams, even though they’ve won one.

    30. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2; Last Week: 30)
    -Jacksonville gave Carolina their first win, but Gabbert had a rough day.

    31. Indianapolis Colts (0-3; Last Week: 27)
    -What can you say about the Colts? They’re making it look like it was all Manning.

    32. Kansas City Chiefs (0-3; Last Week: 31)
    -The Chiefs are just awful, though they deserve some credit for hanging with San Diego.

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    Re: ClanRam 2011 NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

    We will be jumping up about 9 spots after our convincing win over the Redskins on Sunday!

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