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    FirehorseX Guest

    The ClanRam Sword

    I have this actual sword in my collection. It is huge!

    The blade width is about 2" at the widest.

    Length is about 4'

    Will post pics if anyone is interested in seeing it!

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    Re: The ClanRam Sword

    Wow, that is some weapon! :clanram: Welcome to ClanRam, FireHorseX.

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    psycho9985 Guest

    Re: The ClanRam Sword

    Yes please show some pics.Hope to see them soon,and congrats on your 1st post.:football:

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    Re: The ClanRam Sword

    Looks to me like it's a claymore, used by Scottish clan warriors during the medieval period. Perhaps best known in modern times as Mel Gibson's sword in Braveheart. If you have your own, I'd love to see some pics.

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    FirehorseX Guest

    Re: The ClanRam Sword

    Will do with the pics. will post them some time tomorrow!

    Thanks for the welcome to the board! I'm not actually a Ram fan though, Bear fan here.

    I saw the sword in the logo pic and figured you guys would appreciate it and since it would have more value to one of you guys than me i'll possibly let ya have it for what I paid for it.


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