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    The clanram wishlist cont...

    I'M GONNA TAKE THIS LITTLE THREAD ONE STEP FURTHER. If any of us here were the GM of the Rams and could contstruct our beloved team within the general salary cap limits what players would you select.It takes a while to fill this out so if you don't want to its all good, i'm just bored as you can tell. you can include backups if you want...


    QB- PHILLIP RIVERS: He has the compsure and the guts to be a great QB. He is young and could solidify our team for years.
    backup- Rex Grossman: I'm not sold that he's a bad player.

    RB- Steven Jackson: I think action jackson is a protypical franchise running back other than being hurt.
    backup- Michael Bush: He can be a solid player in this league if given the oppurtunity.
    backup- Kenneth Darby: I think he can be a solid 3rd down back.


    WR1- Steve Breaston: This guy is a gonna be a beast when he goes to a team to be a number one receiver.
    WR2- Donnie Avery: Speed Speed Speed
    WR3- Reggie Williams: Need a red zone target who can develop.
    WR4- Steve Smith(NY): This guy is a great possession receiver

    Desmond Clark: solid blocker solid receiver
    Daniel Fells: I'd give him a shot

    Orlando Pace: I think he still has some tread on his tires...
    Kendall Simmons: Capable player who was lost in the mix in PITT
    Brett Romberg: When he did play for the Rams he was successfull
    Tyson Clabo: young player who can develop
    Jammal Brown: the player i wish the rams had before

    Chris Long: nice way to start off the defense with a high motor high intensity player
    RDE: Derrick Burgess: guy is a beast when healthy
    backups: Cliff Avril, Jamaal Anderson
    DT1: Ryan Pickett: the player that got away
    DT2:Gerald Warren: people do not give this guy credit that he's pretty solid.
    backups: Claude Wroten( give him a chance), Fred Robbins

    Derrick Brooks: old veteran could provide stablity
    Will Witherspoon: love his passrushing ability
    Gary Guyton: nice fill in player

    CB1: Ron Bartell: best up and coming Corner in the league
    CB2: Drayton Florence: Solid veteran
    CB3: Ricky Manning Jr
    CB4: Jonathan Wade

    FS: Quentin Mikell
    SS: Erik Coleman

    Special Teams:
    Doniie Jones and Josh Brown....

    This took a long time but reviewing it seems like it would fit under the cap.. .what would you guys think about a Rams team like this.

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    Re: The clanram wishlist cont...

    That would be sad if Grossman takes Berlins place again

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