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    Clock management, or lack thereof

    When is the last time someone saw an nfl game where NEITHER team had a timeout left in the last two minutes of a half? Why is it that for four years we seem to have so much trouble getting the plays in, especially after many very long gains when we have the defense reeling. Why do we always burn the timeouts rather than judging on the game situation if its better to take the 5 yard penalty.

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    Re: Clock management, or lack thereof

    Well, I don't think you ever want to take the five yard delay of game. But I would imagine that it has to do with the complex offensive system. I remember earlier today Goodspeed was lined up in the wrong spot and by the time they got everything where it was supposed to be Bulger had to burn a time out. I'd imagine with our playbook, stuff like that happens a good bit more than it does to other offenses.

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    Re: Clock management, or lack thereof

    Smartz is the answer

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    Re: Clock management, or lack thereof

    What escapes me is why after completing a long pass to Holt was a TO needed? Is the team so out of shape that it can't get down the field to line up for the next play?

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