Rams Head Coach Jim Haslett

December 18, 2008

(Opening Remarks)

“I’ll give you an injury update, Donnie (Jones) and Josh (Brown) will kick tomorrow. They didn’t do much. Donnie’s still sick from the flu, but he’ll be ok. We put Gary Stills on IR today, he’s going to have surgery tomorrow on his knee and Larry Grant will be active this week. Then, we signed (DT) Antwon Burton from Kansas City’s practice squad, so that’s the update.”

(On if they signed a wide receiver today)

“Yeah, practice squad guy, Travis Brown.”

(On if Derek Stanley’s on IR)

“Yeah, Stanley’s going on IR also. Stanley and Gary.”

(On who left the practice squad)

“We’re going to bring up David Roach from the practice squad.”

(On if he just told David Roach that he was going to be on the 53-man roster)

“I just told him he needs to go get his deal done; go sign it.”

(On what LB Patrick Willis can do on defense)

“Well, he’s a great football player. He’s got great range, he’s powerful, he’s big, very instinctive, good nose for the football, good cover skills. He’s one of the premier linebackers for a young kid in the league. Good football player; kind of runs their defense.”

(On what happened with Gary Stills injury)

“It’s just worse. We thought that with last week resting him and playing Sunday, at about the second half he was tiring out. Then he came in on a crutch the other day, so we thought it might be time to get it cleaned out. He’s got a bunch of pieces floating around in his knee, so he’s going to have it done tomorrow. This gives us a chance to see Larry Grant in action too, so it will give us another young guy on the field.”

(On if Larry Grant is excited about being active on Sunday)

“Yeah, you probably need to talk to him and see if you can get anything out of him. He doesn’t say much. He’s a good kid.”

RB Steven Jackson

December 18, 2008

(On if he feels he is on the verge of a breakout game)

“I really feel good. The legs are once again strong. I felt really good on it. I think that one drive we had like 23 plays and I was able to stay in for pretty much that whole drive. The strength is there, the burst, the cutting, all of the things I was having trouble with in the middle of the season, the legs feel good again.”

(On if he had any after effects from the game)

“The light-head and the dizziness, everything was cleared out, pretty much, Sunday night. Monday morning they checked my head again and everything was fine. It was one of those things for a couple of plays there, I wasn’t quite sure. You didn’t really want to take a risk on the head, but then it cleared up for me and I was able to go in on that third down, but we came up short.”

(On the importance of reaching 1,000 yards rushing)

“That is definitely the goal these last two games, with a win of course. We want to win these last two games and then hopefully, if I can get to 1,000, that’s still something that you can build off of next year and looking forward to things to come in my career.”

(On what he sees from the San Francisco defense, especially from LB Patrick Willis)

“San Francisco has really kind of moved toward that 3-4 defense with (Patrick) Willis and (Takeo) Spikes there, playing really well for the inside backers. Once again, it’s another tough defense. It seems like we face all of the defenses in this season. He’s a headhunter. He’s a guy who finds the ball and makes a lot of tackles, so we definitely have to account for him in the running game and in the passing game.”

(On what kind of reception he expects WR Isaac Bruce will get)

“I think it will be a big reception. I think the majority of his fans are here. He’s a class act and he’s done nothing but be a bright spot for this franchise for years.”

(On the tempo of the practices being similar to how they have been all year and on why they haven’t dragged)

“You have a lot of guys who are true professionals. The game is about winning and losing and we’re coming up short in that area, but there’s not a lot of finger pointing around here. I think guys really understand that you just go out and try to take care of your job and at the end of the game, you hopefully come out with a win. For us to have such high-character guys, you just have hats off to everyone in the locker room.”

(On who he likes in the bowl game featuring Oregon State vs. Pittsburgh)

“We have to stop that running back of Pittsburgh, but I like us.”

(On if he thinks the team needs to win a few more games to keep Head Coach Jim Haslett here)

“I think we have to win the last couple of games to keep a lot of people around here. We can’t really know and play for what’s going to happen in the future. The St. Louis fans and we, as competitors, want to win on Sunday. You just go out and try to play for the pride of trying to come out with four wins on the season instead of two.”

(On if he has a nickname for RB Ken Darby)

“I don’t, but I really like the way he runs. He’s really fast and shifty in the hole and it’s a nice curveball, a nice shift and change of pace.”