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    Coach Jim Haslett December 4

    Head Coach Jim Haslett

    December 4, 2008

    (Opening Remarks)

    “Real quick injury update, Chris Draft practiced today, he’ll start Sunday at linebacker in the middle. Victor Adeyanju did not practice, he’ll practice tomorrow and he should be ready to play. Tye Hill, obviously is not practicing, so I think that’s the update right now.”

    (On RB Steven Jackson’s status)

    “I’m going to defer everything to Steven.”

    (On how he would describe his relationship with RB Steven Jackson)

    “We’re fine, no there’s no issues at all, nothing at all. He’s a good guy, works hard and we’re just glad to have him back and ready to go.”

    “It gives us a good chance to win when he’s around. That kind of helps.”

    (On if he’s talked to the players about spoiling Arizona’s chance to clinch the title this weekend)

    “You know what, not necessarily. We’re talking about we just have to take care of our own house and try to do the best we can. If we can take care of the football and play good in the red zone (on) both sides of the ball, then you’ll have a chance. This team is really a potent offensive football team that’s going to move the ball on you and we know that. They’ve been in the red zone 55 times, they score a lot of touchdowns and you have to try to limit them to field goals. If we can do that and if we can score some touchdowns because they’re going to score some points, then we’ll have a chance to win the game.”

    (On how to do a better job against Cardinals RB Tim Hightower)

    “Well, we just have to tackle him better. We’ve got some things coverage wise that will take care of that. He did a good job. I think he kind of caught us off-guard and since then, they’ve gotten behind and really haven’t used him that much, but they’ll run him this week.”

    (On if having LB Chris Draft back will help stop the run)

    “It’ll help, yeah, he’s a good run defender. He’ll settle everything down inside and he’ll do fine against him.”

    (On if you can compare Kurt Warner as a QB now to when he played for the Rams)

    “I think there’s a lot of comparisons. We played him when he had all of the receivers here and had all of the weapons. The thing that he had here, he had a great running back, Marshall Faulk. It’s a little different than what they have out there. They’re more of a power running team but they do have explosive receivers, (Steve) Breaston, the two big guys, so there are some similarities in the passing game. I think he’s throwing the ball really well, making good decisions with the ball, you don’t see him turning it over much. I think he’s even got better in some areas from the standpoint that he’s not holding onto the ball and taking sacks. That’s kind of what they did here for a while. I think he’s even better than he was before from that standpoint.”

    (On if the Cardinals use the passing game as an extension of the running game)

    “They will throw the ball up the field. They just have those big receivers that give to that have great run after the catch, so if they throw a hitch, those receivers can get you 9 or 10 yards every time and they’re hard to tackle. They will throw the ball up the field, not as much as he did when he was in St. Louis, they were more up the field guys. They have bigger receivers down there and they’ll throw the underneath route but they’ll always throw it deep.”

    (On what they can do to do a better job on those receivers)

    “We actually match up fairly well, size-wise, but nothing else. I don’t think anybody can actually ever stop them. I think you have to try to slow them down and try to eliminate the big plays you can, then everybody is going to have to rally and tackle the guys. I think what they really do best is their run after the catch. They’re awesome. They really do a great job of that.”

    (On if the onus for red zone scoring is on the players or the coaches)

    “I’m not going to touch that. If we get in there, first of all we have to get there. That’s No. 1, we haven’t been there enough. We’ve only been there 19 times, but when we get there, we have to make sure that we score touchdowns, whether it’s a scheme and running the ball or whether it’s execution in the passing. One way or another, we have to score touchdowns. We haven’t done that up to this point, yet.”

    RB Steven Jackson

    December 4, 2008

    (On how his leg feels)
    “The leg is doing well. I was able to practice full go the last two days and I have been able to be apart of everything in practice. It feels really good.”

    (On his relationship with Head Coach Jim Haslett)
    “Me and Coach Haslett are good. We have been able to kind of look back at the film and laugh about it. Everything is fine.”

    (On Coach Haslett’s comments after the game against Miami)
    “He explained to me like he explained to you guys, he was talking about the quad muscle fatiguing and not so much about my lung capacity.”

    (On how he felt after last week’s game against the Miami Dolphins)
    “I think I had 43 or 45 snaps in total and that was definitely more of a work load then I anticipated going into Sunday’s game. I was able to get through it well and I had no setbacks with the leg. I was able to practice yesterday and today and I do expect the workload to kind of be a little bit more this week against Arizona.”

    (On if he can handle more carries this week)
    “If I have five carries in a row that means we are doing good running the ball. I hope that can happens, but just me being on the field, in space one-on-one with a linebacker is good. I would like to definitely be on the field on third-down situations and make their defense play honest and not so much them playing against the pass so heavily or against the run. We want to keep them as balanced on defense as much as possible.”

    (On scoring touchdowns in the redzone)
    “Going against an offense that scores 28 points a game, when we do get into the redzone, we have to put up touchdowns instead of field goals to beat Arizona. We know that, at any point on the field, they have a wide receiver duo or a triple threat now and they are able to score from anywhere on the field. We definitely, as an offense, have to score six points instead of three.”

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    Re: Coach Jim Haslett December 4

    I really hope that we play better this week. One thing for certain is that we need to have Greco in there and Cogs on the bench. The line played better and we need to see if this combination to continue to play well.

    Bulger needs to get his act straight. He made a good play the last time we played AZ to Stanley. We need more...

    Jackson being back at full (or close enough) strength works out for us big time.

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    Re: Coach Jim Haslett December 4

    This game ought not to be about being a spoilier, but about next season. If nothing else the last few games ought to be about those who want to keep their jobs.

    I seriously think there are going to be a lot of un-employed Rams come the state of 2009 season

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    Re: Coach Jim Haslett December 4

    Unemployed Rams? yea you are on the money. This team needs a total evaluation and restructuring of personel. Hope Devaney can assist for next season.

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    Re: Coach Jim Haslett December 4

    Tye Hill is in Haslett's doghouse!

    BOW WOW!!!

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