Head Coach Jim Haslett

November 20, 2008

(Opening Remarks)

“Injury wise, obviously (G) Richie (Incognito) practiced today. Him and (T) (John) Greco split the reps and we’ll continue to do that. We just want to make sure that Richie’s ok and another we’ll try to give John some time to work on the field. We’ll see how that goes in the game, but like I said, I’d like to get John some work before the season’s over, but right now Richie will start with (G) Jacob (Bell).”

(On if G Richie Incognito looks good)

“Yeah, I thought he did fine. We had the pads on and he put them on and he did a good job hitting. I think it bothers him a little bit, but knowing him that’s not going to be an issue when the game starts.”

(On how G John Greco looked at practice)

“I thought he did alright. He had a couple of mental mistakes yesterday, but again the guy’s athletic, he’s powerful and I think he’s got a chance to be a pretty good player. But just because of what we have right now he hasn’t had a lot of opportunities. He had a few mistakes yesterday.”

(On if practice was more physical than normal)

“I don’t know, I’ll let you guys decide that. That’s how this team is going to have to be played this week.”

(On if WR Devin Hester is still a big threat even though his numbers are down this year)

“To be honest with you, the guy is scary. I know his numbers are down a little bit, but if you remember what he did to us last time and I think he had two kickoffs and nobody put a hand on him on either one. I think the kicker and the punter are responsible for him myself. I think that they can help that issue, but obviously we have to do a great job and be disciplined and tackle the ball well. It’s a combination, it’s going to be on the kicker and the punter and our coverage unit.”

(On if the large amount of Bears fans that make the trip to St. Louis for the game)

“That’s fine. You know what, you face all kinds of situations in this league and if they have fans and they come that’s great, we just have to deal with it. I’m not worrying about it. I don’t think this team needs to worry about it. We need to worry about trying to win games and not worrying about the fans and what everybody else is saying and doing and who’s there and who’s not there. We need to just go out and play well.”

(On what challenges Bears RB Matt Forte brings to the game)

“I like the kid. Obviously, he’s a Tulane guy and I don’t know if he’s from Louisiana or not, I just know he’s a tough guy that runs hard, kind of fits the mode of that offense and a big guy that falls forward and gains a lot of yards. I’m really impressed with the kid. I think he’s a heck of a running back.”

RB Steven Jackson

November 20, 2008

(On how he feels)

“It feels really good. Not traveling with the team and being able to stay back and rehab has really helped the leg calm down a lot. It feels really good. From my understanding, we are going to try to run Saturday and get a real tough workout in and back off on Sunday and see how it reacts. That is the game plan as of right now but the leg feels good.”

(On if the second opinion he had confirmed that his injury is a strain)
“It is more severe and that is because we haven’t given it time to rest. We are thinking with this week off, that it will respond in the right way and right now it is going to plan.”

(On if the second MRI showed anything different from the first one)

“It is more severe then the original one we had for the Dallas game. They were led to believe it happened during the Arizona game and that is why I took the step backwards, trying to go out there a week early.”

(On if he is planning on playing against Miami next week)

“My goal right now is just to be able to get back on the field and go from there. I have been staying with the game plans and preparing myself as if I am going to play Sunday. I have been doing that for the last three or four games that I have missed. Mentally, I am still sharp and I just want to be able to get a full week of practice for (Coach) Haslett and go from there in the last five games.”

(On how he knows it is time to test his leg)
“You don’t and I think that is really what has been dragging this injury out. It is one of those injuries that is hard to judge how hard to go or when to back off. I think that it has led to the frustration that I have had. I feel great and I have run and practice every week since the injury. But within a day or two, it goes back to square one.”

(On how frustrating it is to watch the Rams lose)

“It definitely adds to the frustration that we are not winning and you can’t really do anything about it. I think everyone understands that if I were able to play with any kind of pain, I would do so. I tried that in Arizona but I think that me not being able to perform at that level that I am capable of, that hurts my team. I think (RB) (Antonio) Pittman and the rest of the guys that have been taking the snaps and the carries have done a great job. He almost had 100 yards and if is would have been a close game, he would have reached that mark.”

(On is he will be able to go full speed on Saturday)
“That is the plan. That is definitely what we are planning for. I am just working right now and looking forward to Saturday. I am hoping that everything goes well and I will be ready for Miami.”

(On if he thinks his injury is linked to his holdout earlier this season)

“Coaches bring that up all the time and you try to go against the odds when you see a statistic that says that a guy is likely to become injured during a holdout year. Last year I did not have a holdout and I still came up hurt so I think the football season is long and gruesome. You have freak injuries like this because this injury wasn’t from any hit; it was because my muscle gave away. I asked the doctor if there was anything that I could do to prevent it in the future and he said no. It is one of those things that if it happens, you have to rehab it correctly. If there is anything that I have learned from this injury it would be that if I feel good maybe I should give it another day or two.”

(On if there are any training changes he plans on doing this off-season)
“I am definitely willing to explore all doors and all different kinds of training. I want to be the best at my position. I want to be on the best team in the National Football League and I hopefully want to lead the St. Louis Rams back to the Super Bowl and a playoff berth. If anyone has any suggestions that would be benefit me or any of my teammates, I am open to look into it.”

(On if he would have a problem it the St. Louis Rams signed another running back in the offseason)
“The can bring in any running back and I am going to beat him out and I am not going to share my carries. I understand that they have to have an insurance policy but that is just my mentality.”

(On if his injury bothers him when he walks)
“Walking around it is fine; it is just when I have to run and cut. That is when I have the problems.”

G Richie Incognito

November 20, 2008

(On if the Rams are playing for Coach Haslett’s job)

“I think they should hand him the job right off the bat. I think he deserves it. It would be nice to get a couple of wins to kind of solidify him in there but the culture and the atmosphere change that he has brought in here within the bye week is what was most impressive to me. I think he is a shoe in for the job. I think he is a great candidate. I think he can really relate to what we have going on here and he is the perfect guy to get this turned around.”

(On if he thinks Coach Haslett will return if the team continues to lose)

“That is out of my control. All I can do is work hard and play hard and try to get as many wins as possible to try to keep him here.”

(On the offensive line protecting QB Marc Bulger better)

“We just have to protect him and keep him up and keep him clean. We need to let him go through his reads. He is a playmaker and he has made big plays in this league for a long time. It is all about getting him back on track.”