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    Coach Jim Haslett November 26

    Head Coach Jim Haslett

    November 26, 2008

    (On the injury report)

    “(WR) Keenan Burton had his knee drained yesterday and he had today off but he will practice tomorrow. (CB) Tye Hill still has some discomfort in his knee and I don’t know what the timeframe is on him. It has been a long time already. (LB) Chris Draft did some running today and I don’t think he will be available this week but he should be ready for next week.”

    (On LB Chris Draft’s recovery)

    “(LB) Chris (Draft) works hard at it and he has a high pain tolerance. He still has the crack in his bone but it is actually covered but he has to get it warmed up. It is still sore but he is a tough kid and he wants to play.”

    (On if WR Keenan Burton had the same knee drained that he had surgery on earlier this season)

    “Yes, it is exactly the same knee and we rested him today. He will practice tomorrow.”

    (On the status of QB Marc Bulger)

    “(QB) Mark (Bulger) passed his test. I don’t know if he passed with flying colors but he passed and he did alright. I thought (T) Orlando (Pace) did alright today. (RB) Steven (Jackson) took limited reps but he took more reps than he has taken in five weeks. We scripted the reps out that we needed to see and we will give him a little more tomorrow based on how he feels. Hopefully, there is not a setback and Friday we will do short yardage and goal line and he should be ok. We will see how he is tomorrow.”

    (On what he wants to see from RB Steven Jackson tomorrow)
    “I just want to make sure he doesn’t have a setback tomorrow and we will give him more reps tomorrow.”

    (On how DE Chris Long has developed this season)
    “I thought (DE) Chris (Long) was getting better and better and now he has kind of flatten out a little bit. We talked to him today about picking it back up. With young guys, this is that time of year where they get tired and he has to fight through it. He is going to be a good football player but there are a lot of things going on in his head. He has to fight through it until the end of the season.”

    (On what he sees in Miami Dolphins OT Jake Long)
    “The same thing you saw in college, he is a powerful guy and very athletic. He does not give up a lot of sacks and knocks people off the line of scrimmage. He is a good football player.”

    (On new offensive linemen playing in there first seasons)

    “There is a bunch of new linemen coming into the league right now and starting right away. (T) Joe Thomas did it in Cleveland but I don’t know all their names because I am more on the defensive side. The guy in Detroit and the guy in Indianapolis, there is a lot of linemen coming into to the league that are first round picks or high second round picks and starting right away. I would say that is a little bit easier position to come in and play right away versus a linebacker or safety or something like that.”

    (On G Richie Incognito’s apology and if he thinks Incognito is the most consistent player on the offensive line)

    “First of all, the apology, I don’t know exactly, I wasn’t in there, so I don’t know what he said, but I hope he came over because the most important thing, I hope he was sincere about it. If he said it he was sincere, I’m sure of that and I’m glad he said something to the media and I guess he addressed it to the fans. To his play, I think Richie’s been our best offensive lineman all year, no question about it. The guy is a good football player and obviously he has to control his emotions. Hopefully, as he goes on in his career he’ll mature and keep maturing and he’ll understand that part of it.”

    (On if getting a lot of the starters back this game will get things rolling in the right direction)

    “Yeah, obviously, when you have one of your best players who’s been out five weeks, it limits you, but we still have things to do and it’s always nice to have everybody. We have a lot on IR, but when you get a guy like (RB) Steven (Jackson) back, yeah, it gives you some hope.”

    (On what it tells him about a guy like DE Leonard Little who’s playing injured)

    “Leonard to me is a guy that is a warrior, he wants to play, even with a 2-9 record he’s out there battling. We have to get him in position to make some more plays because have to get third-and-longs. We actually kind of limited his reps because of the hamstring that’s why (DE) Victor’s (Adeyanju) been starting, but it just says a lot about the kid and his character.”

    (On if he’s been told he has to win games to be a candidate for the head coaching position next season)

    “I never said that. Obviously, you’d like to win some games, so it would make ownership and the fans and everybody feel a little better about yourself, but we’ll do the best we can. I’m going to do whatever I can to win games and then whatever happens and in the offseason I told players we have to win games, not for me, not for the coaches, win games for yourself because really the only people you have are in that room. The whole world’s against you right now, so why not buck up together, play as a team, be together on the same page, work hard, do the things you have to do for the next month, and let the cards fall and see what happens. I think that’s the most important thing.”

    (On playing Miami, Atlanta and the Jets, all teams that have successfully turned themselves around after a losing season)

    “I think that’s three prime examples in this league of how fast you can turn a team around that’s struggling one year or two years and then you can turn it around in one year. Miami made a couple moves, made a couple changes and all the sudden they draft (T) Jake (Long) and a couple other guys and they’re playing good football; they had a great draft. They got a guy playing on the defensive line that’s a good player from Hampton, Jake’s a good football player, they added some pieces in free agency to fit what they’re doing, all the sudden they turn things around. Falcons are the same way and the Jets are a prime example. They had a couple offensive lineman, a couple defensive guys and then they have eight wins already, so it can be done. I think it gives fans hope; it gives the team hope, gives ownership hope that you can turn this thing around fast and you really can. And I’ve said it before, I think there’s a lot of good football players on this team and a lot of good young players to build off of and there’s a few missing pieces and I think you can turn this thing around fast.”

    (On the Dolphin running backs being healthy)

    “You got two running backs; they actually have three good running backs. (RB) Ronnie’s (Brown) healthy, he missed eight or nine games last year, he missed some games the year before, all the sudden he’s healthy. Then you get (RB) Ricky (Williams) back and then they got a kid (RB) (Patrick) Cobbs that was playing in New England that’s a good football player. All the sudden you have three good running backs and that helps. When one goes down the other one can play and they play two of them at the same time a lot, they do a lot of good things with their backs. I think the team’s we play, we’re going to play all of them, they’re prime examples of how fast you can turn things around.”

    (On what he plans to do to not get down early in the game)
    “I don’t know what we can do. We are just going to focus on staying out of those positions early. We have to take care of the ball. Ball control in a priority and taking care of the ball is a priority. Not getting yourself in a bad position but somehow, by the half way part of this game, our players have to feel like they can win this game. We talked about that as a team and as a coaching staff and we have to find away as coaches to get it done.”

    (On RB Ricky Williams)
    “(RB) Ricky (Williams) has always been quiet and to himself but the thing that people don’t know about him is that he is probably the hardest working guy that you are going to find. He works extremely hard on the field and when he runs the ball, he runs for a touchdown and comes right back to the huddle. He does not shy away from contact but he is a good football player and a unique individual. He is a great player.”

    (On defending the wildcat offense)

    “We worked it a little bit and there is a lot to it. David Lee, who is the quarterback coach in Miami, ran it at Arkansas. He is doing a great job running that style of offense and it shows that you can take a couple of backs and do a lot of different things with them. (RB) Ronnie (Brown) can throw the ball so they have different ways of throwing the ball. It is different and you have to be really sound in your gaps and what you are doing defensively because if one guy is out of his gap, that is when you see these big long runs that they have.”

    (On QB Chad Pennington)

    “I think (QB) Chad (Pennington) is a good football player. I liked him when he was with the Jets. He makes good decisions with the football. He is really smart and finds his way out of trouble. He has a good release and he can get the ball out in those short passes and gets it out quick. Everybody knocks him about his arm strength but I think he has good arm strength. He can get the ball down field and he is a big body. He has 66-percent completion percentage and he is the Number one reason why, on offense, they are sixth or eighth in the league on offense.”

    (On LB Joey Porter)

    “I drafted (LB) Joey Porter in Pittsburgh. He is relentless and no matter who is blocking him, they better block him all day. He can spin on you. He can move, he can shake and he is going to throw you. It is a dog fight with (LB) Joey (Porter) and it is going to be a dog fight all day. If he does not get a sack, he is going to out fight you until the whistle blows because that is the kind of kid he is.”

    (On if the Miami Dolphins move LB Joey Porter around)
    “He goes to the open side. In a four-linemen line up, he will play on either side in a two-point stance. He has always been a good player but he is a little more vocal since I had him. He was a young kid then. He loves football. He is into it and he wants to be the best and he is leading the league in sacks. He is a good football player and a great kid to be honest with you.”

    (On LB Larry Grant)

    “We liked (LB) Larry Grant coming out. We thought he was more of an outside linebacker and San Francisco played him in an inside linebacker in a 3-4. He is very active and could do a lot of different things. I think we had him at a third or fourth round draft grade and we thought this was a guy we can pick up because we did not draft any linebackers. Let’s see what we can get out of him at the end of the year and train him in the offseason and training camp. Hopefully we can get a good player out of him. In college I thought he was a good football player.”

    QB Marc Bulger

    November 26, 2008

    (On the status on his concussion)

    “I felt a lot better Monday morning so we were optimistic then. I came in and worked out yesterday and didn’t feel any effects. I got through practice and I think we’ll be fine this week.”

    (On passing the psyche test Wednesday morning)

    “For some reason, we just wanted to wait until this morning, a day that I hadn’t done anything when I woke up. I don’t know exactly what my grade was, but it was a passing one.”

    (On if he thought he was improving in the second half)

    “It was pretty foggy for about 30 minutes. I was clearing up in the second half, but I think at that point the doctors wanted to do the safe thing and I agreed with them.”

    (On how this concussion compares to the other ones he has had)

    “The one I had a couple of years ago, I couldn’t tell because I had hurt my shoulder on the same play, so I was more worried about that. The one last year, I think, was worse than this one. That one lasted, I felt foggy for days after. This one cleared up, probably, within 24 hours, so that was good.”

    (On his availability on Sunday against Miami)

    “I’d say 99 percent, barring a setback. I haven’t lifted a weight yet, but I don’t too much weight anyways, so I don’t think that will be an issue.”

    (On if he is concerned about the long-term effects)

    “I’m always concerned about long-term effects. It’s never been within a year and I’ve never lost consciousness or memory for any extended period of time. They’re never good, no matter how you get them. Fortunately, I don’t know if three minors make up one or how the numbers work, but if it ever became an issue, I wouldn’t jeopardize my health.”

    (On if the concussion occurred during the hit or when his head hit the turf)

    “It was a legal hit, I ducked down. It was helmet-to-helmet so I think that’s when it happened. Whether it was or not, that’s when I felt it. It wasn’t like he came high. I kind of ducked down and that’s where his helmet was.”

    (On how he can get the concussion completely out of his mind coming back next week)

    “I don’t think any less than another injury. It’s funny because I’ve been hit 10 times harder this year than that. I think the way you’re hit or the position you’re in, you see injuries and guys look like they blow their knee out and nothing happens. Then you see guys break their legs on plays that look real inconspicuous. It’s football, you’re going to get hit. I’ve been playing long enough to realize that. You have to block it out. If you walk out onto the field tentative or worried about getting hit, then you’re in big trouble.”

    (On what he forgot during the 24 hour period recovering from his concussion and what it was like)

    “On this specific one, I didn’t really have memory loss. It’s really hard to explain. You’re not really sharp. My vision was a little blurry and my eyes seemed to be jumping around rather than completely focused all at once. That’s the tough thing about them, because a bunch of us, I think, have probably had more than one concussion or diagnosed concussion, but you just don’t know when you have them because there is no specific diagnosis, unless you get knocked out or have that immediate memory loss. You just know you’re not right. That’s the best way I can describe it.”

    (On if he expects RB Steven Jackson and T Orlando Pace to be ready as well as himself)

    “We hope so. They practiced today. With Steven (Jackson), he’s looking good but still, I think until you get that game speed and that burst, it’s tough to replicate that in practice. Hopefully tomorrow, with our pads on, we’ll be able to see a little more of that burst and we’ll know for sure that he’s going to be ready to go.”

    (On if he thinks there is any specific reason he needs to play Sunday and if he feels that it is urgent for him to return now)

    “Last year, there we’re still some issues and it was kind of the same situation and I wasn’t comfortable. If I have no more effects, I’m comfortable that I can be back. Believe me, everyone wants to be out there right now. I want to be out there to help us turn this thing around. I don’t see a reason why, just because the season has gone bad, that I shouldn’t be out there. Hopefully the other guys realize that if you’re just a little banged up, you should be out there. It’s not a matter of record. On losing teams, you do see the IR list go up higher and the injuries start to mount. That’s probably the reason you’re losing and I think it’s an easy way out sometimes with losing teams.”

    (On how RB Steven Jackson looked in practice)

    “He looked good. I think later in the week he’ll get going. Sometimes it’s a matter if the holes are big enough. He took some good reps. I don’t think he took 100% of the reps today, just because we are trying to ease him back in, but it’s just nice to be handing the ball off to him again.”

    (On how he maintains confidence and if he calls upon his past performance)

    “We try to, but if you keep harping on what you’ve done in the past, guys get sick of hearing that. You have to produce now. You look at Miami last year and they had one win and now they have a winning record. Obviously they have gotten some more talent and they’ve better but that’s just confidence. The Giants, if you watch them right now, that’s just a team playing with confidence and you can see it. It almost comes through the TV screen and if you watch us, it’s the exact opposite. Until we break through that and start scoring some points, I think if we can score a couple of touchdowns or get a lead early, that will bring it back. With the way we are getting our butts kicked in the first half, it’s just not been able to come through for our guys.”

    (On wanting to come out and play to help Head Coach Jim Haslett keep his job and then playing flat and if those can be compared and if they are opposites)

    “They do. Talk is cheap, that’s all I can say. We can talk all we want about how we want Coach (Jim) Haslett to be here and how we’re going to come out fast and how we’re working on it, but unless you do it, it doesn’t matter. Talking cheap isn’t going to help him keep his job. It’s not going to help all of us keep our jobs. We have to realize that’s it’s time to start playing well and start winning games or we’re all going to lose our jobs.”

    (On if Miami’s defense seems similar to Dallas)

    “It’s tough to say with this being only Wednesday. I’ve only seen them for three days. The 3-4 (defense), Dallas was without some guys. The secondary is really good for Miami, so just from the perspective of a 3-4, I’d say yes, but I think they play a little more Cover One in Miami. It’s really close. Dallas played a little more of quarter looks. We took advantage of Dallas going over the top of them. With Miami, it might be a little tougher, because they have that free safety in the middle of the field, depending on if they play that.”

    DE Chris Long

    November 26, 2008

    (On going against Miami Dolphins T Jake Long)
    “That is going to be a lot of fun because he is another great tackle and I have been playing a lot of great tackles this year. I am sure a lot of people are going to hype it up into something that it is not but it is another great match up for me.”

    (On what he sees in T Jake Long)
    “He has great feet and hands. What he does well is finish especially in the run game. I think a lot of people saw him as just a run blocker because he did that so successfully in college but he does a great job. He is a great left tackle in this league.”

    (On if he thought he would be drafted by the Miami Dolphins)

    “I never really hung my hat on it coming into it. I came in with an open mind and nothing really surprised me.”

    (On the difference between playing against someone you know rather than someone you don’t know)
    “It is a little different but it is not much of a difference because you know how to separate. It is a game but you know how to separate different relationships. I have played against ex-teammates and I just played a Virginia guy last week and I played D’Brickashaw Ferguson earlier this season. You know a lot of guys but that does not change anything.”

    (On how he feels about his development this season)
    “I am happy but I have to get a lot better and I have to work on a lot of things. It is going ok. I did not expect to come in here and set the world on fire and I don’t think any rookie does because you will stress yourself out doing something like that. I am just trying to work hard and play.”

    (On how T Jake Long is playing so far)

    “I think he is doing really well. I think he is having one of the best seasons but you can’t measure a tackle’s season statistically. You have to watch film and you have to hear what they are saying around the league. I think he is having a great rookie season.”

    G Richie Incognito

    November 26, 2008

    (Opening remarks)

    “First off, I want to apologize to all of the fans out there. It’s been a frustrating year. I really didn’t mean to offend anyone by the words I said. Judging by the feeling of the Dome, a lot of people were offended and I fired a lot of people up and I just want to apologize. There are frustrated fans out there and we’re not giving them much to cheer about and we’re just as frustrated. It was wrong what I said. I said, ‘they don’t know how to cheer or when to cheer,’ which is definitely wrong. We’re not giving them much to cheer about, so I apologize to any fans. In that quote, I kind of rambled on a little bit and those words were taken and they were put on blast. I did say it. I’ll be a man and be the first to say that I said it, but I apologize and I really want to just put this behind me. We can’t really have any more distractions. We’re trying to win some more ball games here to keep (Coach Jim) Haslett and I think that’s where our focus needs to be.”

    (On his meeting with Head Coach Jim Haslett)

    “I just talked with coach (Jim Haslett). Coach said ‘It’s time to pay the piper. You have to go down there and make an apology,’ which I felt was in line. It was. It stirred some people up and an apology is in order. I guess it’s me just being frustrated, mostly. Like I said before, I made the quote about the Bears’ fans coming in and being excited and I kind of trailed off and those words were left out there.”

    (On if he was surprised at the extent to which his comments were taken)

    “Yes and no. Understandably so. We’re a 2-9 team and you have some unproven guy on the team saying the fans don’t know how to cheer or when to cheer, so obviously it’s going to stir up some controversy. Some of the stuff got taken to lengths. For me personally, I loved it. The atmosphere in the Dome was great. Boo me, do whatever you want, get me fired up. I thrive in a negative environment like that. I love playing in opposing stadiums with the fans yelling at you. I get hyped up and I play better that way, but it’s a distraction to everybody on this team. I really appreciate our fans’ support. I really do not want to take a shot at them. It was a deal where I talked a little too much. I should have kept my lip tight at the end of the comment.”

    (On if he thinks that the louder the fans are the better)

    “The louder they are, the better I like it. The more excitement around it, the better. I think if you ask any football player that. We put a lot of time and preparation into what we do and then to go out on Sunday and go out and play for a win, it takes a lot of excitement. It takes a lot of support and a lot of excitement. That’s all. I came back with my rebuttal and that’s all. I was trying to incite a little fire and we got it. We got a little fired up, but it’s just too far and it’s time to move on.”

    (On if he thinks he needs to go about changing how he does things)

    “Not one bit. I’ve been playing at a high level all season. Should I not have said what I said? Yes, definitely, but as far as my mental preparation and my day to day preparation and my game day preparation, I’m not going to change one thing.”

    Dolphins Head Coach Tony Sparano

    November 26, 2008

    (On what key factors have led to turning the Dolphins around)

    “Well, I think probably one the biggest factors when we came in here was just simply the evaluation of the personnel that was here at the time and really where we wanted to head from there. Early on in the process, we decided the group of people that were for us and a group of people that maybe weren’t for us and we moved in that direction. Since then, we’ve probably brought about 45 new players one way or the other at different points in time in here and we don’t rest. We try to continuously turn the bottom of the roster, I think that’s important for us right now as we’re trying to grow and change the culture. That’s one set of steak knives and then the other thing is just (QB) Chad Pennington. I think you get a quarterback like that, an experienced one to come in with a young football team and he provides some good leadership and can help you get to where you need to be.”

    (On how you change a culture of a football team that almost thinks they’re going to lose)

    “I mean that’s not an easy thing to do. We battle it every single week as we’re here right now it’s something that we constantly try to do, but for me, I started certainly in the offseason program. That’s where I think you start to form your nucleus there a little bit and you start to form what type of work ethic your team is going to have there. Then, our practices, those types of things, and the way we go about practicing. We try to have competition out there every single day, put our players in competive situations, make practices as hard as we can so the games are easy and I think we’re pretty straight forward with these guys here and we don’t pull many punches.”

    (On what kind of player he’s looking for)

    “One of the things that we talk an awful lot about is the make-up. The make-up here for the Miami Dolphins are players that are tough, smart and disciplined. We think that’s important, that’s kind of what it is that we’re looking for. The Jake Long’s of the world, those type of players that are solid guys, they’re really smart players and they’re pretty disciplined players. We didn’t do such a great job of that this past weekend, but for the most part we’ve been a pretty disciplined team this year. We haven’t turned the football over and we don’t really make many penalties.”

    (On how T Jake Long has been playing this year)

    “Jake has been getting better and better every single week. As you know, a young guy in this league as a left tackle in this league particularly he sees something new each week. Depending on who it is that he’s playing and he’s always playing against the best people, so he sees a little something new, he doesn’t make the same mistake over and over again. He’s able to make corrections during the course of games, getting much better with his hand use. That’s probably the thing he’s had to work on most and his run blocking has improved each week.”

    (On if he liked DE Chris Long coming out of the draft)

    “Yes, really did. I thought Chris was a super, super guy. We had a great opportunity to go down and visit with him and work him and get a chance to know him. I thought he was an outstanding guy and an outstanding player. At the end of the day, we moved obviously in a different direction and felt that (T) Jake (Long) was going to be the best piece for us at the time, but thought an awful lot of Chris Long, awful lot.”

    (On what DT Jason Ferguson has brought to the defense)

    “When you’re a team like we are and you’re trying to play the three-four (defense) if you don’t have a nose (tackle) you’re going to be in real trouble. The one thing Jason’s been able to do for us, first of all, he’s a veteran player that’s outstanding with the young guys on this team, really is. We brought in several young players, you know, (DE) Philip Merlin and (DE) Kendall Langford and these type of players have all benefited from having Jason Ferguson around. Then, lastly, he is one of these guys, he knows how we do things. I had him in Dallas, Coach Parcell’s had him down with the Jets, so he understand how we’re doing things, so he helped us to be able to make some of this transition.”

    (On what problems the Rams bring offensively and defensively)

    “Well, one of things honestly that they present and I think it’s a tremendous problem is the way that they can run the football. (RB) Steven Jackson is an outstanding player and always has been. I thought a lot about him when I was back in Dallas. I remember going through the Draft process and him being a guy that was there at the time. Just seeing his growth in this league has been tremendous. With him playing you see the success that they’ve had when he plays. I watched what he did to the Cowboys on film and then some other teams that he’s played against and the guy’s an explosive player. We thought a lot about (WR) (Donnie) Avery this year in the Draft and this guy can really, really run and obviously, we knew about him. He was down there when we were in Dallas, so we kind knew about him out in Texas and this guy can make big plays. And of course, (WR) (Torry) Holt and they have a bunch of big play people. I think that when you have the ability to make big plays that’s something that we have struggled with at times this year, you know, giving up big plays. Last week in our ballgame, in our loss to the Patriots we gave up seven big plays. We know we can’t do that to win the game.”

    (On if head coaching has been what he’s expected so far)

    “Yeah, it sure has. I got a chance to learn from a lot of great coaches, you know, Chris Palmer, Tom Coughlin, Marty Schottenheimer, Bill Parcells, so I’ve seen them go through it and I knew this wasn’t going to be certainly an easy thing, but I love it and everyday’s another challenge and the greatest pleasure I get is to see the looks on the players’ faces when they have some success.”

    (On if the team has surprised him so far with how well they’re doing)

    “Well, I wouldn’t say surprised at all, but I’ve been happy with how much that these guys have paid attention to the details right now each week. They’ve really worked hard trying to get better every single week. When you get to this point in the season you get some teams that maybe think that they’re a little bit better than they are and they go off in a different direction. Well, I don’t think we have that feeling here. We know that we’re just a team trying to figure out how to win here and I mean at the end of the day we go out to practice everyday working to try to get better. Our goal is just to worry about the next game.”

    (On how he came up with the idea of instituting the “Wildcat” offense and why he thinks it’s been so effective)

    “As far as the idea, we just didn’t have success in the first couple weeks of the season rushing the football and we were 0-2. This was part of our offseason package. I have a coach on my staff, (quarterbacks coach) David Lee, that was in Arkansas and we did some work in the offseason and OTAs all those things with the package. Had the idea at the end of the second game where things didn’t go so well in Arizona that we needed to maybe give our offense something that they could put their arms around and also try to crate a little bit of space, some misdirection, some things that way and get (RB) Ricky (Williams) and (RB) Ronnie (Brown) on the field at the same time that was important for us. And that was where the idea came from. As far as the success one way or the other, it’s just we’ve been lucky and the players believe in it and as long as the players believe in it they’ll find a way to make it go.”

    (On what QB Chad Pennington has brought to the offense and to the team)

    “He’s playing tremendous right now. I’m not so sure that there’s a quarterback or many quarterbacks in the league that have been as consistent as he has right now over the first 11 weeks. The guy’s gotten better and better and he continues to complete a lot of passes and take care of the football, which is very important for us. The thing that Chad does mostly for us is he’s a tremendous leader. He has a young offense around him right now that’s just learning and he’s kind of the teacher out there. He does a tremendous job with these players that way and I always call him the Pied Piper, I mean, I think these guys kind of do whatever he says.”

    Dolphins T Jake Long

    November 26, 2008

    (On if he’s satisfied with how he’s played so far)

    “I think I’m getting better every week. I’m getting more comfortable, slowing down more and I’m never satisfied with how I do. So, every week I want to get better, I want to keep improving and that’s how I am.”

    (On how he feels about the Dolphins’ season so far)

    “We’ve made some strides. We’re a relentless group. Everybody’s really, since day one, have been fired up about wanting to win and do great things and we just have to keep it rolling.”

    (On if he likes the pressure that comes with being the No. 1 overall draft pick)

    “Oh, absolutely. I like when the eyes are on me and people expect a lot out of me because I expect a lot out of myself. I feel I do perform better when the pressure’s on me, so I’ve always embraced that and never shied away from that and put that pressure on myself.”

    (On if he is looking forward to going against DE Chris Long this weekend)

    “Yeah, absolutely. Chris and I are good friends and he’s having a good year and he’s a great player. Plays tough, he’s a strong guy, he’s quick. I’m really excited to play against him.”

    (On if he had dinner with DE Chris Long and Jets LB Vernon Gholston when he came in for a predraft visit)

    “Yeah, it was all three of us.”

    (On what his trip to St. Louis was like and if he knew DE Chris Long and Jets LB Vernon Gholston before that)

    “Yeah, me and Chris knew (each other) a bunch through All-American banquets and stuff like that, so we got close through that. Me and Vernon were training together before the draft. So it was a pretty casual, fun dinner with those two.”

    (On if the possibility of playing in St. Louis came through his mind at all)

    “I signed so early, but I did know anything could happen. And I ended up here and I’m real glad with the situation I’m in and where I ended up.”

  2. #2
    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Coach Jim Haslett November 26

    I'm excited about the Jake v Chris match up. I've been excited all year since I saw that we played Miami. It's going to be exciting.

    I hope that Jackson and Pace are back. We need to have those guys back to have our complete team. Having Jackson back would meant the world to us. We need it bad.

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