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    Coach Jim Haslett November 5

    Head Coach Jim Haslett

    November 5, 2008

    (Opening Remarks)

    “CB Tye Hill did not work today, he’ll be questionable. RB Travis Minor’s questionable. RB Antonio Pittman, we’ll see how he goes. He think he’ll be able to do something this week, so I’ll wait until Friday on him. DE Adam Carriker’s ok, DE Leonard Little’s ok. DE Eric Moore has a strained neck, we’ll see how he goes by the end of the week.”

    (On RB Steven Jackson’s)

    “He’ll be day-to-day. I would say he’s questionable for the game.”

    (On if he thinks RB Kenneth Darby can carry RB Steven Jackson’s work load)

    “I don’t know, I haven’t seen him in a game situation, he looked good in practice. He runs lows to the ground; he’s got powerful legs, smart. I think this is a good opportunity for him. But, he’s not going to carry Steven’s load, I mean, we’ll find out. We’re going up against the No. 4 run defense in the NFL, so this will be a great challenge for him.”

    (On if it’s realistic that RB Sam Gado will be ready to play on Sunday)

    “He’ll have to be ready. If he gets in the game, we’ll make sure we run things that he knows. He had a few problems, the guy just got here last night and had a two-hour meeting last night and a two-hour meeting this morning and your going to go out and run everything. The problem is going to be the shifts and the motions when he’s in there. He’s not really sure of all that yet, but he’s a smart kid, he’s very, very intelligent and he works hard, so I think he’ll be alright.”

    (On if CB Tye Hill had a set back with his injury)

    “I’m not really sure. It’s been bothering him.”

    (On why LB Chris Draft became the starter after LB Quinton Culberson originally started at the beginning of the season)

    “We just thought we needed more of a veteran guy in at the time because we were struggling on defense; a guy that could settle everyone down and kind of get the defense going in the right direction. One thing Chris does bring is great leadership, a guy that’s been around and can play all the positions, smart and that’s kind of what we were looking for at that time. Nothing against ‘Q’ because he was playing pretty good football, but we just thought we needed some of that.”

    (On he plans on moving the ball with RB Kenneth Darby and RB Sam Gado)

    “We’re going to try to move the ball; we can only do with what we have. It’ll be a great challenge for us, it really will. Our (offensive) line is going to have to play well, our fullback has to play well, our receivers are going to have to block inside people on plays. We’re going to try to give it the best we can and hopefully the running backs are good enough and they hold up and we gain some yards.”

    (On if he thinks DT Kris Jenkins is playing well)

    “I think probably based off what I see; he’s probably one of the most dominant guys in the league right now. The guy is an unbelievable force, two, three guys can’t block him, stays in on passing situations, he’s quick, he’s powerful, to me he’s one the best players in the league right now that I’ve seen and I think he’s one of the better players in the league right now.”

    (On what he sees from the Jets on defense)

    “(DE) Shaun Ellis has a great pass rush, (LB) (Calvin) Pace, they’re very active. (LB) David Harris, their best player, didn’t even play last week, one of their best linebackers. He’s a good football player. (DB) Darrelle Revis is a good player. They’re loaded; they have a lot of good players. I thought they did a good job on the offseason accumulating some free agents on their offensive line. They’ve done a good job drafting the last couple years and I think it’s paying off for them now.”

    (On what he sees on offense from (RB) Thomas Jones)

    “He’s kind of like the guy we played last week. Very powerful, very good vision, he can get it out of the hole, good hands, good receiver, he kind of reminds me of the guy we played last week.”

    (On what RB Steven Jackson did today during practice)

    “Inside work.”

    (On if he will try something with RB Steven Jackson tomorrow at practice)

    “I told you, when he comes out and practices and he’s out there playing and when I see him playing like he’s playing the game, then he’ll play in the game. If not, we’ll continue to go the route we’re going.”

    (On if he is looking at RB Steven Jackson as a bonus if he plays on Sunday)

    “I’m thinking right now that it’s (RB) (Kenneth) Darby and (RB) Sam (Gado) are our two running backs. And then if the other three miraculously come around and play then we’ll be better for it. That’s how I’m going into it.”

    (On if he’s amazed Jets QB Brett Favre is still in the league)

    “No, I’ve said it before, I said this last year, I think he’s, I might be biased on this, I think he may be the best player that ever played the game at least the most competitive player that ever played the game. I love the guy. If I was building a football team and somebody said you could have one player, I guess you could go back in history, that’s the guy I would take because I love his competitiveness, his arm strength, his mobility, the guy, I don’t even know how old he is now, 39, and you can still see it. The guy is unbelievable. Does he throw the ball once in a while? Yeah, that’s just because he’s competitive. The guy’s a great leader, you see him jumping around on the sideline, he’s everything you want in a quarterback.”

    (On if the Jets were able to get into the playoffs what he thinks that would do to Jets QB Brett Favre’s legacy given Joe Nameth’s and Johnny Unitas’s inability to do so when they played for a different team)

    “I’ll say this, I know people they’ll get on him occasionally because he has a couple interceptions, but he’s still almost 70 percent completion and took a team over that won how many games last year? Four, right. And they’ve already accomplished that so I would say that and selling their PSLs, it’s probably a good pick up. Pick up one of the best players that’s ever played in the game, that’s a good selling point.”

    (On how he prepares the team defensively for Jets QB Brett Favre)

    “We’ve played him so many times. We played when I was in New Orleans for a long time and then played him here, he’s seen everything, he’s kind of a guy like (Arizona QB) Kurt (Warner), he’s seen everything imaginable and he can get away. We went after him last year and we got no sacks on the guy. The guy is phenomenal at staying alive. I think the big thing with him is if something is thrown up you have to try to get a turnover here and there, but running the offense and all that, the guy is unbelievable.”

    (On if he plans on having LB David Vobora play on Sunday)

    “Yes, David will be up. He’ll be playing on all the special teams.”

    (On what he has seen from LB David Vobora at practice)

    “I think David’s a real smart kid, loves football, a tireless worker, studies hard. I haven’t seen him play much linebacker besides the preseason and he’s smart enough he plays all three positions and he’ll be the backup Mike this week, but he’ll be running down with the punt team, kickoff team and I’m looking forward to seeing him. I know he’s excited about playing. When you’re on the practice squad for the last eight weeks and then you have the opportunity to play, it’s a chance for guys to shine. A guy like him, you have a guy like (RB) Sam Gado off the street has a chance to show something, (RB) Ken Darby, you know how things are, sometimes you find a diamond in the rough and hopefully we can find one or two.”

    (On what LB Gary Stills has done for special teams so far)

    “He’s the ultimate tam player. The guy loves playing special teams, he loves playing football period, he’s a guy that rallies the troops, people know that he’s in the building. When you’re at special teams meeting, he’s the guys that kind of takes over and runs it, let’s everybody know it’s important. I always believe you need to have one or two guys like that on your team to let them know how important special teams are and he’s the guy on this football team.”

    (On how big it is to have S Todd Johnson back)

    “Todd’s another one. Todd’s a guy that can start in the league also, but Todd’s also a good special teams player. Different type of guy. You’re talking about a guy that’s 250 lbs. compared to a guy that’s 190 lbs. and playing all different types of positions, but you need one or two guys like that that can go and be your one, two and three on kickoff, can be your gunner, can be your wing. Gary is more of an inside guy, four or five on kickoff, a guy that’s going to be running down the middle, he gets doubled most the time, he’s got two guys on him and he still leads your team in tackles.”

    (On if S Todd Johnson will be limited at all)

    “No, he’s not limited at all. He’s full-go, he’s ready to go and he’ll assume all his positions on special teams and be ready to play.”

    QB Marc Bulger

    November 5, 2008

    (On what he knows about RB Ken Darby)

    “He’s only been here a couple of weeks, but he’s really quick, explosive. From what I have heard from Coach (Jim) Haslett and everyone, he can play. Whoever goes this week, we think we have capable guys. It’s going to put a lot of pressure on our line to make those holes and we might have to simplify the game plan a little bit, but I think they are definitely capable.”

    (On helping out RB Sam Gado in practice)

    “For his first day, there’s a lot of things in there with all of the shifting and movements that we do, it can be a little overwhelming. He did a good job. The good thing is that the things I helped him with were maybe moving him in the backfield a little bit, but he went the right place with getting the hand offs and we’ll watch the film here in a little bit, but we’re going to have to keep his game plan even smaller than (Ken) Darby’s.”

    (On after leading the team in rushing last week and on a Marc Bulger run package)

    “We do have a lot of draws for me. Like I said, if we can get some holes, those guys, I mean those guys, I’m not sure where they went to college, but most everyone here was Division-I and they played in big time games. Our scouts do a great job and they wouldn’t be here if they weren’t capable.”

    (On if he is planning for a game without RB Steven Jackson)

    “Right now. He didn’t dress today for practice. Hopefully he can rest up this week and get ready. Maybe he can go a little bit Friday, but that is the mindset that those guys have to take, study all week and get themselves ready.”

    (On the retooled Jets defense)

    “I think it’s probably due to (DT Kris) Jenkins and what he’s doing this year. He could be the defensive player of the year. He is that good right now, he is dominating guys. They’re young outside, but the kid that played at ‘Pitt’ (the University of Pittsburgh), I followed them a little bit. He’s been playing awesome. The 3-4 scheme presents problems for us, they run around. They do a lot of things on offense, they give the ball away a little bit, but their defense keeps it for them. They are sound and they don’t make many mistakes. They’re a solid defense.”

    (On what he admires about QB Brett Favre)

    “He’s been playing for so long at such a high level. You look at last year, he had a couple of years there where everyone thought he would retire and then he comes out with the year he had last year. And obviously the toughness. Somehow, I don’t know how he does it, he doesn’t get hurt. Just the way he plays and has fun and throws the ball around there. He hasn’t changed his approach to the game the whole time he’s played for better or worse. It’s a tough thing to do and he’s able to do that every year.”

    (On if he has talked to him about how he avoids injury)

    “You know what? I’ve never gotten to talk with him for a lengthy period of time. I’m sure he’s been asked that a million times, so I’d probably be afraid to ask him that. Congratulations and that’s about it.”

    (On being unsure about the running game and how that affects the game plan)

    “You have to simplify it for our young guys, but at the same time you can’t go too simple because we don’t know if they’re going to put eight guys in the box, we don’t know if there are just going to say, ‘Hey, they have young guys at running back, we’ll play Cover Two and stop the run and be able to stop the pass.’ There’s a lot of things you have to be ready for. I think with Steven (Jackson) back there, you know that it’s going to be eight in the box, pretty much every week. With one of these guys, like I said, we’re not sure, so it’s going to put a lot of responsibility on our line. If we can get our running game going, you can dictate the defense a little bit, but it’s going to be up to us to prove that we can get more than two yards a carry against them.”

    (On how he goes about meeting the new running backs)

    “It’s not different than anything else. You go into your meeting this morning, a couple of the guys happened to be in Trent (Green) and myself’s seats, so we introduced ourselves and said, ‘Okay, you guys are three rows back.’ That’s pretty much how it happens and then we don’t meet together as positions so you see each other on the field and then maybe at a team meeting. We really don’t see each other besides on the field or in our offensive group meetings so we don’t spend a lot of time together.”

    (On how much tougher it is to play the next week after a game that really got away as opposed to after a win or a close game)

    “There’s a little more urgency and stress and maybe you try to push a little bit at practice and the building doesn’t feel the same. After a win, I think you are a little more confident, a little more loose. The week goes smoother, I think. Mistakes in practices aren’t accentuated as much, so it’s more of a fun atmosphere, but that’s the price you pay in the NFL for losing. Losing the way we did, we have to come in suck it up for a week and get back to winning.”

    (On if the Jets blitz a lot or if it is which of the front seven will be coming from their 3-4 defense)

    “They do everything. Blitzing, we consider that to be DBs and safeties. They have that, not a ton, but they will have a lot of ‘dogs’ in a 3-4. They like to rush five, so it’s just a matter of which five, but in the 3-4, it could be a combination of any four of them. That’s what puts a lot of stress on our line, because they have to figure out, our guard can have three guys or two guys in the protection and if two of them bluff and one comes, he has to be on top of his game. That’s why the 3-4 presents such a problem.”

    (On if the 3-4 linebacker games have become normal recently in the NFL)

    “I wouldn’t say normal, but it has, the last couple years, it’s not as big of an issue as it used to be, because so many people do that. I think it’s just because they can have two linebackers who are essentially pass rushers on the outside and if they get the matchups with your running backs, you have a 260-pound guy rushing on a 220-pound running back, and that’s the matchups they look for and the ones we try to avoid in our protections. That’s the kind of cat-and-mouse schemes you play with the 3-4.”

    (On getting sacked by DT Kris Jenkins)

    “He got me two years ago.”

    (On what WR Torry Holt said last week about not getting the ball and on the coverage the defenses are playing)

    “It’s a combination of things. When you’re good and have played as long as Torry has, you get a lot of rolled coverage to him. When you have rookies at the other side, they are just going to play quarters. Now, with Donnie’s (Avery) success, they started going the other way last week as the game went on. At first, they were doubling Torry and then (Derek) Stanley had the big play and they rolled over to the younger guys and we were able to get one-on-one with Torry. It’s just matchups. We have to get him the ball, somehow, but like I said, if we can’t run the ball versus Cover Two, then that presents a big problem, because they can double both outside guys and we can’t run. It’s not a good situation, so when they are in Cover Two, we have to be able to run the ball.”

    DE Chris Long

    November 5, 2008

    (On if this is a must win game)

    “I can’t speak for everybody but my approach every game the same. As a defense, we are just trying to build and get better and better. We are going to have to win some games on defense. That is what a good defense can do and last week would have been a great opportunity for us to win the game on defense and we let the offense down.”

    (On if playing in the NFL was as hard as he thought)

    “It has been a little easier than I thought. At this point if you would have told me that I would have made a couple plays I would not have believed you. It is good to make a couple plays and get that under your belt and learning the plays. The speed of the game I am finally getting adjusted to and now it is just a matter of preparation and improving my technique every week.”

    Center Nick Leckey

    November 5, 2008

    (On how important his technique will be going against DT Chris Jenkins)

    “It is paramount for me just to be able to get the job done because he is playing well. He is getting off the ball. He is penetrating, he is slanting and angling and stuff like that. He is doing some great things for sure.”

    (On if he will be able to use a low center of gravity to his advantage)

    “I think it is important to get those first two steps into the ground and if you are lower than him, you do have a better chance of blocking him.”

    (On how the change at running back will affect the way the offensive line blocks)

    “It really does not change much for us at all. We still have to assignment-sound. We still have to play with great fundamentals and we have to be able to get our job done without any mistakes. It really doesn’t change us, if anything it makes you study a little more film and stuff like that.”

    RB Kenneth Darby

    November 5, 2008

    (On if he is ready to start on Sunday)

    “Yes I am ready. I have been preparing for this moment even though I probably knew that I was not going to start or play too much on offense. I always prepare each week as if I am going to play. I am pretty much ready for it.”

    (On if he knows the playbook)

    “I think I am pretty much acclimated with it. (Running backs Coach) Art Valero is a great teacher. He taught me the system. He gave me good shortcut methods to remembering stuff. So pretty much, I think I am pretty well adapted to it now.”

    (On if there is anything extra he is going to do to get ready for the game this Sunday)

    “No, not really. Like I said, I always prepare each week as if I am going to play so my mentality and my mindset and the way I prepare each week is just to go hard each play and that is what I am going to do this week. I am not going to do nothing more or spectacular or anything like that. I am just going to prepare myself mentally and physically.”

    (On how he would describe his running style)
    “I would say that I am pretty much well equipped. I run pretty low to the ground and I have a good leg drive. I am a power and shifty back.”

    (On what he can do that RB Steven Jackson can’t do)

    “I don’t know. I have learned a lot from him since I have been here so I am not going to compare myself to him because he is a great back. Each back that we have here has their style of running. He has his own style along with me and the rest of the running backs here. I have learned from him as much as I can.”

    RB Sam Gado

    November 5, 2008

    (On what happened when he got the call)

    “I am just home and I got a phone call telling me to come on because they were going to work me out. Low and behold, they signed me and I am here.”

    (On if he had any workouts with any other teams)

    “No. I worked out for the Patriots and the Giants in May but outside of that I haven’t worked out for anybody else.”

    (On if he had any training camp invitations)

    “No camp invites or nothing.”

    (On what he has been doing)

    “I have been training six times a week. A lot of running and a lot of lifting, just making phones calls hoping that someone would have a need for a running back. Thankfully, I knew (Offensive Coordinator) Al Saunders from my days in Kansas City and I talked to him in the summer and told him that I was trying to find a team. He told me to stay on him and if something opened up, he would be sure to give me a call. Sure enough it did.”

    (On if he had a trainer working out with him)

    “Yes I had a trainer by the name of Randy Guide. He has trained several NFL guys before. He is a very good friend of mine and we worked together almost every single day. If he was not there, I don’t think I would have had the motivation to stay in shape.”

    (On how he felt on his first day of practice)

    “I felt great. I had to get use to all the contact even though we really didn’t hit. I just had to get use to the flow of things. I had my legs up under me and conditioning wasn’t really an issue. Thank God.”

    (On if he thinks he still can play)

    “I would not be here if I didn’t think I could. This is the nature of the beast and you have to be ready when your number is called. If you knew how hard I worked, I think you would think that I am ready to play. I am very confident that I am.”

    New York Jets Head Coach Eric Mangini

    November 5, 2008

    (On the differences with the New York Jets defense this year compared to last year)

    “I felt like we were making progress towards the end of last year and really my first year because we improved against the running game as the year went on. I would say the difference this year; we had those reps built up. We have been more consistent with our fronts. We are playing with better technique up front because of that consistency and the reps that we have built up. I think that (DT) Chris Jenkins has done a really nice job inside and made a difference there. I think a guy like (LB) Calvin Pace has helped, so a combination of things and I would say is the main thing and the improvement of technique and the consistency up front.”

    (On what is his approach when looking into signing free agents)

    “It is the same approach that we take into the draft. We have a core group of characteristics that we define for all of our players and it is smart, tough hardworking, competitive, guys that are selfless and guys that football is truly important to. That is one of those things that, before I took the job, (Executive Vice President/ General Manager) Mike Tannenbaum, (Chairman and CEO) Mr. (Woody) Johnson, at the time (Director of Player Personnel) Terry Bradway (President) Jay Cross, we all shared that vision as far as the people that we bring in. We don’t really want to know about the player until we know about the person and we do a lot of research there. Obviously, they need to have the ability to play but I have learned over time in my experiences in New England and the Jets before with Bill Parcels, how important character is and we have emphasized that.”

    (On if QB Bret Farve’s gambling instincts have gone against what the Jets like in a quarterback)

    “I think that (QB) Brett (Farve) has made a ton of plays. He came to us as the leader in touchdowns and the leader in interceptions and that was nothing that we were surprised about. He has had some plays that obviously he’d like to have back and we would like to have back but he has made a bunch of great plays as well. That is not different from what we anticipated, we are just trying to minimize the risk and make sure that we maximize the chances that we take.”

    (On if he was worried about if QB Brett Farve could still play)

    “I had watched tape on him the season before and we were not far removed from that at that point and he looked pretty good. After talking to him, his energy, his excitement, all those things were impressive. I did not know him at all, personally I knew about him and had coached against him but I was just impressed in what he wanted in a team. He wanted a good locker room. He wanted to be one of the guys. He wanted to be apart of that team atmosphere and I knew that was something we had and I wanted him to be one of the guys and that is what he has been since he has been here.”

    (On QB Brad Smith)

    “To me, (QB) Brad Smith is exactly what we look for in a player in terms of those core characteristics. I really like him as a player and as a person. He is extremely smart and very versatile. He has made the position change and has worked at the position change. He has become more and more of a true receiver each day because he get better each day and he brings all those things that he brought to us prior to that. He can play at quarterback. We can put him at running back and we can run reverses with him. We can do a lot of different things with him and he is developing as a true receiver so when you put him in the game, it is not just to run those plays. He can be a legitimate route runner as well.”

    (On how LB Vernon Gholston is progressing)

    “Vernon is making some progress. I talked about this a lot in terms of rookies and my experience with rookies, each guy develops a little bit differently. One of the areas where Vernon has been contributing significantly is on special teams and that’s something he’s never done. He’s now made the transition from hand in the dirt, play in and play out, to outside linebacker and there’s a lot that goes into that. He works at it and I’d say that like all those rookies that we have, each one gets a little better each week with experience with reps and with practice.”

    (On if there is anything about being a pass rusher that requires a longer transition period in the NFL from college)

    “I’d say the one thing that stands out right away is there’s nobody on the schedule from a directional school, there’s no homecoming games. There’s none of that stuff. Everybody you play against is really, really good and they study who they are playing against and they understand what you’re techniques are and what your strengths are and they counter those things. You have to be able to counter the things that they do as well so there’s a transition there. In the case of a guy like Vernon (Gholston), he’s making a complete position change so he has to be able to go from coverage to rush, rush to coverage and there’s a lot of things that go into that. That can slow you down a little bit if you are thinking about it instead of just being able to just react.”

    (On Hall of Fame quarterbacks that typically make switches late in their careers not doing very well and what he thinks it would do for QB Brett Favre’s legacy if the Jets make the playoffs)

    “I honestly haven’t given that a second of thought. I really don’t know how that would affect things one way or the other. I can tell you that I truly understand why he has been a great player for so long, it’s his approach. He’s one of the most consistently enthusiastic guys at practice. He relates well to everybody. He works the same way every single day and he has a short memory. Whether it’s success or adversity, he puts it in the past and competes on the next play. I think that’s such a strong characteristic of the great players I’ve been around.”

    (On if those characteristics helped him adapt to the new locker room better than other players)

    “He’s incredibly outgoing. He came in with a pretty impressive resume so there was no question in terms of what he can do as a player and I think the most important thing that the guys saw right away is he wanted to be part of the group, not vice versa. He didn’t want everybody to form to him and the things that he did, he wanted to be a part of what we’re doing here.”

    (On what challenges he thinks the Rams present)

    “I think offensively, Steven Jackson is impressive. He’s impressive running the ball. He’s impressive on the check-downs. Every time he has the ball in his hands, he is an explosive guy. I really like Marc Bulger in terms of his efficiency, his ability to make any throw, his ability to run the offense. They generate a significant amount of big plays. Donnie Avery, for a young guy, what an outstanding early part of his career that he’s had. Torry Holt, I did him coming out as one of the guys who evaluated him and I remember thinking I hope he goes to the NFC, because he was that impressive coming out of college. He catches anything that’s near him. Then you throw in a guy like Derek Stanley, who doesn’t get much playing time, jumps in and makes an 80-yard touchdown. That explosiveness that they can generate, it can change games in a hurry. Defensively, I worked with (defensive coordinator) Rick Venturi in Cleveland. When I actually started out as a ball boy, I was a ball boy for him. I’ve known him a long time, since ’93. I got to know him as I moved more into coaching and I’ve always respected the things that he’s done in terms of scheme and I think their ability to generate pressure with four or their zone blitz package which is a little bit different, can create some problems. I think they really challenge the receivers in terms of the coverages they play. On (special) teams, they have a kicker and punter that put the team in good position time in and time out and a core group of coverage guys who create problems.”

    (On his responsibilities as a ball boy)

    “All of the same stuff you see those guys doing out there in camp, that was the things I did for him.”

    (On if Coach Rick Venturi liked the job he did)

    “You’ll have to ask him. I’m sure you’ll get a shot to interview him this week. I hope so. He and I have been friends for a long time and he was great then and has been great since.”

    (On the win on the road in Buffalo last week and what it did for the teams’ confidence)

    “It was important because it was a division game and it was on the road. Buffalo has been a tough place for us historically. We haven’t had a lot of success against Buffalo in the recent past, so all of those things were important. That’s something that I stress all the time, whether we win or lose, you have to learn from it, put it in the past, and move on to the next opponent. If you get caught up on anything else, that’s when problems start happening.”

    (On if he would be invited back if there is a Sopranos movie)

    “I’m not sure whether they will invite me back. I don’t know what they thought about my acting.”

    (On what his motivation was for that role)

    “It was really the role that I was born to play, me eating dinner. I think I’m a natural there.”

    New York Jets QB Brad Smith

    November 5, 2008

    (On if he follows his college team at the University of Missouri)

    “A little bit. We get a little bit of time on Saturday, so if they’re playing at the right time I get to see them.”

    (On if he has been back to Columbia, Mo. to see the Tigers play since he’s been in the NFL)

    “If I did it was a couple years ago, but I haven’t been this year.”

    (On what he thinks about Missouri QB Chase Daniel and him breaking some of his school records)

    “I think he is a good player, a good quarterback. He’s running that team very well and they’re putting up a lot of big numbers.”

    (On how the transition to the NFL has been and the transition from QB to WR)

    “I’m still feeling it out, trying to find my spot, find my role and find something I’m really comfortable in. Right now, just going out if we need a play just trying to go make that play, whatever it is.”

    (On if after having a great preseason he hoped it would lead to more playing time in the regular season)

    “That’s always the goal to eventually become a starter and then take the next step from there, but it is what it is. We have great players, great receivers and a lot of good field players, so you try to keep working and good things will happen.”

    (On how he learns from his performance after having a good game)

    “Just like you said, you learn from it. You have some things for preparation during the week and the things you learn on the field as far as technique and things and you use that and grow on it. Things you didn’t do well, you try to get better at.”

    (On how he has transitioned to playing special teams, something he never did in college, and what teams he’s on)

    “I definitely didn’t do it in college, but I’ve been on all of them the past three years. I’ve been able to contribute on special teams and that’s a critical part of the game. You realize it more and more that games come down to making plays on special teams.”

    (On if it was difficult to start making blocks on special teams)


    (On how long it took to hone the skills needed to make blocks)

    “It’s something I’m not used to doing and getting here and my first training camp going out and blocking and hitting. I’m starting to get the hang of it now, three years later and continue to get better at it.”

    (On if he still enjoys doing trick plays)

    “I’ll do anything for the opportunity to make a play.”

    (On what it’s like playing for an NFL team in New York)

    “It’s pretty cool, we just moved to New Jersey, so it’s a little bit more laid back. Football is football and you’re focused on what happens between those white lines and that’s all that matters.”

    (On how the transition has been to Jets QB Brett Favre)

    “It’s been easy. We have one of the best players of all time and with the character he has it makes it a lot simpler to be bring him in. It’s been a pleasure being able to play with him.”

    (On if he talks to Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel)

    “I haven’t spoken with him in a while.”

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    Re: Coach Jim Haslett November 5

    Quote Originally Posted by RamWraith View Post

    (On what he knows about RB Ken Darby)

    “He’s only been here a couple of weeks, but he’s really quick, explosive."

    His 4.75 second 40 yard dash says otherwise.

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    Re: Coach Jim Haslett November 5

    Quote Originally Posted by schut39 View Post
    His 4.75 second 40 yard dash says otherwise.
    It doesn't mean he is necessarily talking about his open field running. He could be talking about how he makes quick cuts or hitting the hole quickly, and who knows, he could've improved his speed since that recorded 40 yard dash time.

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    Re: Coach Jim Haslett November 5

    Quote Originally Posted by THoltDaBest81 View Post
    It doesn't mean he is necessarily talking about his open field running. He could be talking about how he makes quick cuts or hitting the hole quickly, and who knows, he could've improved his speed since that recorded 40 yard dash time.
    Exactly. .40 times aren't everything when it comes to player evaluation.

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    Re: Coach Jim Haslett November 5

    Lions and Tigers and Lecky blocking Jenkins!! OH MY!!!!

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    Re: Coach Jim Haslett November 5

    Wow, Haslett loves Brett Favre. He thinks he is the "Best player that has ever played the game"...."he is everything you want in a quarterback"

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Coach Jim Haslett November 5

    The Haz needs to show that he can bounce back from a loss like the one we endured last week. We're going to be down to our #4 and #5 running backs for this week and that puts us in a bad spot.

    I hope the young receivers are ready to have a big load on their shoulders..

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