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    Coach Jim Haslett October 20

    Head Coach Jim Haslett

    October 20, 2008

    (Opening Remarks)

    “(WR) Drew Bennett will be out this week. (QB) (Marc) Bulger’s finger will be ok. (WR) Keenan Burton’s knee is fine. (DT) Adam Carriker had a low ankle but he will be day-to-day and probably questionable for the game. (LB) Quinton Culberson’s hamstring was ok. (CB) Tye Hill’s knee, he is going to work this week and we will see how that goes during the week. (RB) Steven Jackson had an MRI today on his quad and it was a slight strain and he will be limited this week but fine for the game. (S) Todd Johnson, which I did not know this until last night, was taken to the hospital yesterday. Last night he had some blood from his urine. He stayed in and he will be in the hospital for a couple days. He has a bruised kidney and he will probably be out at least a couple games. (T) Orlando Pace worked today and we will see how he is Wednesday. (RB) Antonio Pittman will dress and play this week. (WR) Derek Stanley will get a sight test today on his head but he should be ok. He looked good today and we will evaluate him tomorrow and then go from there.”

    (On when S Todd Johnson got hurt)

    “Actually it was on the same play when (WR) Derek (Stanley) got hit. They had a couple guys down and (S) Todd (Johnson) got hit in the back. He was up further by the 50-yard line. I was over talking to him and I thought he was fine. Last night he called (Head Athletic Trainer) Jim Anderson and said he was going through some pain. They admitted him into the hospital and he has a bruised kidney. He will be alright but he is going to have to let it settle in for a couple weeks.”

    (On if the helmet-to-helmet contact WR Derek Stanley took would be a fine against the Cowboys)

    “I don’t know. I am not sure how that works. If they fine everybody for every little hit, everybody’s helmet touches a helmet then nobody is going to get paid in this league. So I don’t know but it was a good hit. He put one on him.”

    (On if RB Steven Jackson’s test results are good news)

    “I would say it is good news. Actually, that play that he got hurt, I told them to get (RB) Steven (Jackson) out of there and he got hurt that play. He said he felt good, it is a little tight, a little stiff but he felt good about it today. Obviously the MRI showed a slight strain but that is good for us.”

    (On how RB Steven Jackson got hurt)

    “He went to plant on it and it was an awkward plant.”

    (On how will he go about monitoring RB Steven Jackson this week)

    “We will see how it goes. He probably will not do much early in the week and hopefully we will increase the load as the week goes. It will give (RB) Antonio (Pittman) some work so that will be good for him.”

    (On if it is realistic that RB Steven Jackson can have a regular work load on Sunday)

    “I would think so based on what I hear but I will see how he feels Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.”

    (On how will he divide the reps for the running backs this week)

    “We will probably split it up between the three of them. Between him, (RB) Kenneth Darby, and (RB) Travis (Minor). I thought (RB) Travis (Minor) played exceptionally in the running game so we would do those three.”

    (On if he thought about taking RB Steven Jackson out of the game earlier than he did)

    “Yeah, I kind of screwed that up. I wanted to get him out, I wanted to get (QB) Marc (Bulger) out, I wanted to get (RB) Steven (Jackson) out, (WR) Torry (Holt) out, I wanted to actually get a couple of the guards out and get some of the younger players in. We had a big enough lead that we actually could have got a quarter’s worth of work with those guys. It would have been nice to get some work in, so I kind of screwed that up.”

    (On if he had the mentality that it’s not over until it’s over during the game yesterday even though they had a big lead)

    “That was kind of the thought, ‘can you score five in 10 minutes?’. I’m like come on guys, let’s go. But, we took (DE) Leonard (Little) out on the other side and we took some guys and we played (DE) Eric Moore and got (DE) Victor (Adeyanju) some quality (playing time) and we did some other things inside. We actually should have done that and that’s my fault for not getting him out of the game.”

    (On what he saw out of RB Kenneth Darby last week in practice and if he has an understanding of the offense)

    “I think he does. He played in a similar system with all the motions and shifts. He’s a powerful guy that runs hard, he’s got a great body lean, great kid, works hard, and it would have been good to give him a few reps just to see him run, but I’ll take the blame. I screwed that up.”

    (On if TE Daniel Fells is working himself into the mix)

    “Yeah, I like him, I like what I see out of him. He’s a big body guy that’s a good blocker. He runs pretty good, plays faster than his time, his 40-time, but I kind of like that. And that’s another guy we could have got in the game just to see him play 15, 20 snaps and again it’s a shame because I would have liked to see him and (RT) (John) Greco and a couple of those guys play and we didn’t get him in.”

    (On RT John Greco going in for a few plays)

    “He came in three snaps.”

    (On if RT John Greco came in by design or did something happen to RG Richie Incognito)

    “We just wanted to get him a couple snaps.”

    (On how if he was surprised being up 24 points in a game)

    “Well, I never thought we’d have a five score lead, to be honest with you. But those situations do come up and I have to handle them a little bit better. It’s going to come up some where down the road again, hopefully sooner than later or the role’s reversed. Someone’s going to have a lead like us and again in that situation if we’re losing I like to get those young guys in and play some. We already talked to the coaching staff about it and that’s something we can work on.”

    (On if he has to work on his “24-plus” strategy)

    “Yeah, that doesn’t come along too often.”

    (On if he is surprised at how well the team is playing)

    “I don’t know, I don’t think anything surprises me in this league. I do think the guys have kind of bought into what we’re trying to do and they feel good about themselves and they’re taking ownership in their team and you have to like that. I like what (QB) Marc Bulger’s done, I kind of like what the defense had done. They’re doing a lot of things together and I like what I see and it’s going to come to a point in the road down here that we’re not going to win all these games, we’re going to lose a game, so how are you going to handle that adversity. Again, hopefully it doesn’t come up right away, but (if) we keep doing what we’re doing, hopefully we’ll win some more games.”

    (On how much of the change in this team is the Xs and Os and how much is it the emotional side)

    “It’s not the Xs and Os, we’ve been doing the same thing for a couple years on defense and obviously on offense I think they’re getting a better feel for (offensive coordinator) Al (Saunders). I thought Al and (defensive coordinator) Rick (Venturi) did a great job yesterday calling the game. There’s a lot of things that are going in to the offense right now. (QB) Marc’s (Bulger) settling in. (RB) Steven’s (Jackson) coming off the training camp hold out, he’s settling. You have (WR) Donnie (Avery) that missed all of training camp, he’s starting to settle in. We finally got (WR) Keenan (Burton) back. The line is starting to get solidified, so there’s a lot of good things going on on the offense, so it’s a little bit of both on that side of the ball. I think Al’s getting a feel for what our guys do best in the running game and also in the passing game, so I think it’s kind of a mutual thing on that side of the ball. And the special teams have been outstanding. I’m going to say that again because you kind of forget them. And they had the one kick out of bounds and a return, but they gave us hope the last three games, they’ve been outstanding.”

    (On why he thinks the team’s execution is working now)

    “There’s a lot of things in football, I can’t answer that to be honest with you. They’re working, so take advantage of it. I don’t know, the guys are into it. They’re flying around, I mean you’ve seen us practice. We practice hard, they have fun when they’re out there and that’s the way it should be, so as long as we keep that up we’ll be alright.”

    (On if he gets the players revved up by design or does it just happen)

    “I’ll write some notes down and some thoughts I have, but I just kind of…I’ve been the league long enough, I played in the league and I’ve coached in the league long enough that I kind of get a feel for guys and what they’re thinking and what they’re going through and I’ve been in there on that side of the ball, and all I said to them yesterday was it’s not who we’re playing, it’s still a game. Go out there and have fun, don’t worry about the team you’re playing, don’t read about all the hype and all the bull that you read about this team, ‘America’s Team’, and all that just go out and play and play hard, good things will happen to us, without all the other stuff mixed in.”

    (On if he thought the locker room was tight)

    “I thought there were guys sitting around, worrying about it. I never was like that when I played either. I just thought that you go out and play the game. It’s still a game and go out and have fun doing it and let it roll and see what happens.”

    (On if he threw a chair)

    “I didn’t throw a chair. I didn’t throw anything. You’ll know if I throw something.”

    (On if the game plan was to throw the ball almost twice as much as they passed like what they did)

    “Actually the game plan was that, to run the ball and try to get big plays. Try to take our shots, get a couple of big plays with Donnie (Avery) get a couple big plays with Torry (Holt). We kind of thought that if we could get four big plays, we could win the game. On defense, the goal is to stop the run which we did for the most part, except for that one play, and then try and get some turnovers. Try to get them where we can get some situations where the ball is going to pop into our hands. It kind of played out. Donnie (Avery) got the big one right off the bat. We missed another one, a 95-yarder. If he just keeps running, he slowed down a little bit. If he just keeps running, we’re going to get a 95-yarder. We had another one on a pump that Marc (Bulger) couldn’t get it out of his hands, he got sacked. We had another one. We took enough shots that we thought we had to get some big plays to beat that team.”

    (On the illegal shift penalty that nullified a touchdown)

    “Steven (Jackson) started shifting before everybody was set. It was the right call.”

    (On how he thought OL Adam Goldberg played)

    “I thought he played well. I thought he did a nice job. Obviously, we had to help with ‘the beast’ (Cowboys LB DeMarcus Ware) over there. The guy is a great pass rusher but, for the most part, he did a good job on him. I was proud of the way he played.”

    (On if it was a close decision to have T Orlando Pace start on Sunday against Dallas)

    “I don’t think it was close. He really wanted to play. You kind of feel for a guy that has been in the league that and wants to play the game, but we thought in the best interest of him and for the team in the long run to get him ready to play the New England game.”

    (On how the defensive line is clicking and playing better)

    “One thing, I think Chris (Long) is really coming along. You can see he’s not thinking, he’s just reacting and really, this week was probably one of his better games. He didn’t get a sack, but he had about four or five quarterback hits, was active in the run game. Obviously, it’s going to help Leonard (Little) and James Hall has a couple of sacks from his side. Adam (Carriker) has been pushing the pocket and is doing a nice job. ‘Cliff’ (DL Clifton Ryan) did a good job on the center yesterday. The young guys are starting to play like we thought, too. Remember, Adam (Carriker) is a guy who played end and all of a sudden you move him to the nose (tackle) and you move him back to the ‘3-technique,’ so he’s still kind of in his rookie stage. We moved him around a little bit and now kind of settled in to where he’s going to be, probably for the rest of his life.”

    (On what kind of impact Leonard Little makes)

    “He got a sack on a three-man rush. He beat and just turned the corner on the guy and got a sack. It’s hard to get a sack and they have seven guys blocking three and he gets a sack. That tells you something about the kind of skills he has.”

    (On T Orlando Pace doing some extra work today)

    “He’s out hitting the sleds and just doing things to make sure that his quad is going to be alright for Wednesday.”

    (On if he will watch the game tonight)

    “I’ll watch the game tonight. I watch all the games. I watched the game last night. It’s the only business in the world that you work all day and you go home and watch it at night and still enjoy it. Dentists don’t do that. Think about it. A surgeon, they don’t do that. They go home and watch somebody do operations? It’s a great life.”

    (On if he has thought about where the team ranks around the league)

    “I really don’t even know the records in the league right now, because I know we’re not in the mix so I’m not really worried about it. I really haven’t. I just watch the games. A football coach, they only watch the games. I really don’t know all of the records. I can probably give you a few because I know the teams we’ve played, but I don’t know everybody’s record. Normally, you do. Really, I think the most important thing for the team is just to keep focus on what we’re doing and try to worry about this game coming up. This will be a great challenge, go up to a team that has ‘X’ amount of Super Bowls, go on the road and play that kind of football team with a great coach. We’ll see where we’re at after this game.”

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    Re: Coach Jim Haslett October 20

    Pittman is back? That's good news. Especially with Jax the way he was.

    I really don't care about Pace anymore. We did good with out him. So I'm not going to get excited about this.

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    Re: Coach Jim Haslett October 20

    You gotta love Haslett. If I throw something you'll know about it.

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