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    Coach Jim Haslett October 30

    Head Coach Jim Haslett

    October 30, 2008

    (On RB Steven Jackson’s injury status)

    “He did some work today, I think he’s going to be a game time, again, decision, but he worked a little bit today. He feels a lot better.”

    (On T Orlando Pace)

    “Yeah, we’re just taking some reps off him. As a matter of fact, we worked (T) (Adam) Goldberg at tackle then he took some reps at both guards, then the other tackle spot.”

    (On if RB Steven Jackson will work more tomorrow)

    “We’ll see. I’ll see how he is today. See how he is after practice and then tomorrow morning.”

    (On if DE Leonard Little is making progress with his injury)

    “No, Leonard did some individual and then took a couple reps and that was it. (DE) Adam (Carriker) did a little bit also. Again, I think they’re all 50/50 game time decisions.”

    (On how difficult it is preparing for a team with two good receivers)

    “Well, with Dallas we had (WR) Roy Williams, (WR) T.O. (Terrell Owens), (WR) (Patrick) Crayton, We’ve played some pretty good receivers. I think this group’s special just because of the size of them. They’re hard to bring down, they’re hard to tackle because they’re so big, they run hard, they have great hands, so this will be a great challenge for (CB) Ron (Bartell) and (CB) Fakhir (Brown) because those two guys are pretty big, but this will be a good match up for Ron to see where he’s at.”

    (On if he expects the Cardinals to make a lot of throws)

    “That’s not just last week, that’s every week. They do a great job that’s why (Cardinals QB) Kurt’s (Warner) 70 percent throwing, they have over 2,000 yards passing. With the players they have, I would expect it.”

    (On how he balances telling the team how much is on the line with this game)

    “I haven’t even brought it up, I think they know it. I told them the environment is going to be great because our fans will be there, enjoy that and take care of business when you can, when you’re in situations.”

    (On how you prepare defensively for Cardinals QB Kurt Warner)

    “Well, he’s hard, you have to try to mix it up on him if you can and try to get him different looks, but the guys probably seen everything imaginable, he gets the ball out of his hands extremely fast, so we’ve played him a bunch of times before when he was in St. Louis and out there that we have an idea, but honestly, all the films that we’ve watched this year nothing’s really working on him.”

    (On if DE Leonard Little will be a game day decision)

    “Yeah, all three of those guys will be in the same situation.”

    (On if it was better for RB Steven Jackson to sit out last week so he could come back in full this week)

    “I don’t know, I’m not a doctor so I can’t…that’s something that I’m going to have to wait and trust those guys that they’ll give me the right information.”

    RB Steven Jackson

    October 30, 2008

    (On if he feels better this week)

    “Yes. All week I have been able to practice. Even on Monday and Tuesday I was here rehabbing with the trainers. We have done a good job of monitoring the quad and making sure that it is going in the right direction. The strength is there and we are trying to get the on-field work in and everything has been going well.”

    (On catching pain in his leg)

    “It is not 100-percent but it is not something that is unbearable like Sunday. I would not have been able to be myself out there and we felt that taking a week off would have probably been the best thing as far as for the rest of the season. That is great management by the team and the rest of the trainers.”

    (On if he will play Sunday)

    “I am practicing so I can play.”

    (On the importance of him playing in Sunday’s game against the Cardinals)
    “You go into the season trying not to miss any games. If you can keep it to one game then that is still in good shape. You want to do what is best to help the team win and me being 50-percent is not what is best for the team. (RB) Antonio Pittman did a good job last week and there is no doubt in my mind, whatever we decide to do as a unit, my backups and the guys surrounding me on offense will pick up the slack.”

    (On if it was frustrating to miss the game last week)

    “It is very frustrating to have to sit out anytime especially a close game like that, you never know if I could have been the difference maker. New England was missing some key players as well. Going into this week, we just wanted to make sure everything was good. I am able to play at a level that is positive and may lead to big scores.”

    (On how RB Antonio Pittman played last week)

    “I think he did a good job. I think he handled himself well against a tough opponent. It is a sound defense that makes you take 3 or 4 yards and the big runs will come later and he had a couple big ones. In his debut, I think he did a really good job and he handled it well.”

    (On if he will undergo a more extensive test tomorrow)

    “The test is Sunday. You don’t know if you go too hard Friday, will it tweak it and frustrate things. If I had to tweak it, I’d rather tweak it in a game than in a Friday practice.”

    (On if he feels it is getting better day by day)

    “I really do. I was able to run routes. I ran some running plays with the offensive unit, so I was out there on the field getting some looks from the scout team. I wasn’t just on my own, I was doing some team stuff the last two days.”

    (On what he sees from Arizona’s defense)

    “They’ve really bought into (Cardinals) Coach (Ken) Whisenhunt. You can see that in his attitude and the way they attack the ball on defense. I think all three levels, defensive line, linebackers and secondary, are really solid in their scheme. They are an aggressive defense. They want to create confusion and havoc in our protection, so we have to be sound in that area. We have to be able to win games at home and that’s what it really boils down to. Being two games or a game-and-a-half back, we have to put our home games away and fight hard on the road. This is a good test, a good stiff test, because they have a potent offense, so it’s going to take us putting touchdowns on the board and not threes.”

    (On how important it is to the offense to have a productive Torry Holt)

    “It’s very important. I think he’s probably the staple guy. When you think of the St. Louis Rams, you think of Torry Holt, in my mind. He’s a Pro Bowler year in and year out and his continued leadership on and off the field has, I think, really kept the continuity in the locker room together. We have to get him the ball. I know he’s the leading receiver, but with Donnie (Avery) emerging, I think that will really open it up a little more. Torry (Holt) is a guy, he’s not worried about it. His numbers will come if that’s what you’re alluding to.”

    (On if he thinks the team is well aware of what is at stake this weekend between being a playoff contender and being all but out of the playoff race)

    “I think so. I just think winning those two games, then losing last week against New England, I think you can really tell the difference. We want that winning spirit around in the locker room. It’s a different feel throughout the week. I don’t even know if first place wasn’t on the line, I think guys would still come out playing hard. We just want to get that bitter taste out of our mouths, having a chance to experience it two weeks in a row, I think that changed a lot.”

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    Re: Coach Jim Haslett October 30

    (On if he will play Sunday)

    “I am practicing so I can play.”

    Thats what I like to see

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    Re: Coach Jim Haslett October 30

    Good to hear him say that.

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    Re: Coach Jim Haslett October 30

    We really need Jackson out there come sunday. Even if it's a half...we need him out there to try and get us up on the scoreboard.

    We also need Carriker and Little out there. I know Long is emerging to be a good player, but Little is a very good player too...

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    Re: Coach Jim Haslett October 30

    I'm more concerned about Carriker and Little than I am about Jackson. The way to beat the Cardinals is with sound solid defense. Having Little and Carriker on the field improves the entire defensive unit.

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    Re: Coach Jim Haslett October 30

    Quote Originally Posted by laram0 View Post
    I'm more concerned about Carriker and Little than I am about Jackson. The way to beat the Cardinals is with sound solid defense. Having Little and Carriker on the field improves the entire defensive unit.
    I couldn't agree more. We need pressure and we need to force the Cardinals hand. If we can pressure Warner into making a few mistakes, that could be the difference in the game. Not making light of Jackon's ability and contribution at ALL, but I would rather see Pittman out there making half of Jackson's contribution and Little and Carriker shoring up our front line than the other way around. But hell, I'm greedy, I want them ALL in there laying it on the Cards!!

    What you see is what you get, but what you see depends on where you stand.

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