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    Coach/player comments

    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    December 6, 2006

    (Opening statement and injury report)

    “There are really no changes from Monday’s injuries. We just added O.J. Atogwe to the report. He had some complications from getting his bell rung a little bit. He was held out of practice today, but he should be fine and it wasn’t anything alarming. He didn’t feel well and was having some migraines and we’ll kind of take it slow with him, but he should be able to do some more tomorrow. Everyone else is pretty much status quo with no real changes from where we anticipated them being.”

    (On S O.J. Atogwe)

    “He’ll be listed as questionable because he didn’t do much other than walk through reps, but he should be upgraded by tomorrow.”

    (On the results of QB Mark Bulger’s MRI)

    “It was fine. It didn’t show anything significant other than that he had bruised ribs.”

    (On getting past the comments made by Bulger after last Sunday’s game)

    “We have turned the page. It’s Wednesday, we’re getting ready for the Bears and that’s really the focus of anything anyone wants to ask me today.”

    (On DE Victor Adeyanju’s chances of playing in Monday’s game against the Bears)
    “He looked like he has a chance. I don’t think after one day you can make a decision or upgrade him or anything. He’s very willing and actually has function and use of his fingers with that cast. I haven’t talked to him about it, other than on the field a little bit, but he seems to feel that it might work, if not this week, he has a very good chance next week.”

    (On Adeyanju’s activity in today’s practice)
    “He took some reps with the show team just to get his hands on guys. I didn’t notice that he was favoring it or that it was a problem. We have an extra day and we have a couple more practice.”

    (On today’s practice and what the Rams are focused on)

    “It was great. Our focus is that we have a four-game season ahead of us and the opener is Monday night. I know we feel like we have a lot at stake and I think that our guys are ready to get off to a fast start this Monday.”

    (On LB Jon Alston)

    “He’s gaining ground. He got off to a slow start by missing the entire offseason and that’s hard to catch up. Rookies tend to take time and he’s in a position where we’ve been relatively healthy, especially at the outside linebacker spot. He hasn’t been called upon, but he’s getting closer. One of the reasons we brought him here was to be a special teams performer for us.”

    (On Bears LB Brian Urlacher)

    “One thing about a middle linebacker is that you know where he is. He affects the field from sideline to sideline, so you’re aware of him and you know he’s going to make a number of plays. He’s probably the best at his position and could be the best linebacker in all of football right now. The biggest thing is, I think you can over plan for somebody. Other people tend to hurt you if you’re putting too much emphasis on one guy, but if you’re ever going to put you attention on somebody, it’s going to be that guy because he plays at a level different from everybody else.”

    (On the Bears defense)

    “Their defense is outstanding. What they do the best is, they run, they get 11 guys to the ball, and it’s like a competition with their offense to score. They get to the ball and they tackle as a team. Very rarely do you see on a tape one guy bringing a guy down without somebody else there.”

    (On Bears QB Rex Grossman)

    “Rex is like any quarterback in this league, he’s going to have his ups and downs because he’s going to face some people who are pretty good defensively. I’ve seen Rex when I was at Minnesota and he was a rookie and playing. I think he’s an excellent quarterback and it’s not surprise to me that they’re hanging with him, that’s what you do. He’s still got a great record and the last time I checked, that’s how you evaluate the quarterback position. Their running game is pretty dangerous. They have a very good offensive line and very good depth in their backfield, so like any other game, we have to defend both.”

    (On playing fast vs. executing)

    “I think our guys are playing fast, we just aren’t executing well enough early. That’s part of a fast start because it’s not so much about how fast you’re playing, it’s how well you’re executing, and a fast start is based on that. We’re searching for a number of things and I think execution throughout four quarters is going to be the key to winning football games.”

    (On G Adam Timmerman’s ribs)

    “It’s the same. He does have three cracked ribs and I don’t think that is anything that’s going to improve dramatically, even with the rest. He seemed better, in my opinion, going into this game than he did the week before. I think, slowly but surely, by doing this he should get closer to 100 percent.”

    (On this week’s modified schedule)

    “We’ve got so many things that we have to work on. We do need some rest, we modified some things, and we’ve taken the pads off quite a bit in practice. We’ll basically have two Fridays. We have a normal week and stay on our normal schedule then work another Friday type schedule on Saturday and then go into our 48-hour period prior to the Monday night game. We’ll probably do things here a little later on Saturday and kind of stay on a night schedule to get ready for Monday. We basically just don’t have a Monday preparation for the next game, so we just move into next week starting on Wednesday.”

    (On this game possibly being more important because it’s a Monday night game)

    “I suppose, but we just look at it as a big game. Anybody needs a win that is a football team at this point, and there’s no better place to do it than at home on Monday Night Football. It really isn’t about who we’re playing, although we know and have a lot of respect for what the Bears are doing, but I think our focus is more on playing on a high level on Monday Night.”

    (On Bears KR/PR Devin Hester)

    “He’s the story when it comes to the specialists this year. That kind of breakout season you can only do by scoring touchdowns as a returner. A second round pick for a guy who just returns says a lot about his ability. When you can have a guy that can score touchdowns and you have the opportunity to get him, it doesn’t matter where you get him. I think that’s proving that specialists have a big place in what we’re doing. He’s a big time player.”

    (On the Rams being aware of Hester)

    “They’re aware of it. We practice those situations based on what he did weeks ago, because they put a guy back a lot of times when you have to kick a long field goal. I don’t think you take anything for granted with this guy, when he has the ball in his hands he’s dangerous.”

    (On the prestige of Monday Night Football)

    “I think all of us in here grew up watching Monday Night Football and it was the thing you looked forward to. It was the only thing I liked about Monday’s growing up. Monday’s was a day nobody really looked forward to and I looked forward to them. I grew up with it like everybody here and it’s special to be on it, it’s not just another game.”

    (On what the Rams need to do to get back on track)

    “It’s make or break time for us. We have to get on a run here if we expect to have a chance. We look at it like it’s the most important game of the year and there is a lot riding on it, that’s for sure.”

    (On why the Bears defense has created more turnovers)

    “I think they do an outstanding job of getting 11 guys to the football and all of them are trying to create turnovers by getting their hands on balls. They get a lot of tipped interceptions and they’re doing a great job of hustling to the ball. If you have more guys around the ball, the luckier you tend to be. They’ve had a number of those. They have guys that play the ball very well and play it like an offensive player as far as catching the ball. They strip the ball a lot and get a lot of guys around those balls that get on the ground and that’s why they recover the fumbles.”

    (On DE Leonard Little saying that the Rams might not be able to get much pressure on Bears QB Rex Grossman because he thinks the Bears will run the ball on the majority of their plays)

    “The plan will be that it’s not the case, so I think Leonard will have more chances than he thinks. You have to force a team to use both parts of their system, offensively and defensively. I know we’ve devised a gameplan that will require them to do that. Our plan is that it’s not going to be the case, but we’ll see on Monday.”

    (On the Bears’ defense)

    “It’s the same. I guess that’s the base structure and the first thing they put in when they first get their rookies in, but they don’t play a lot of Cover 2 unless they are pretty darn sure that you’re passing the ball. I think it’s a little more of an eight-man front, single safety defense. That’s one reason why they’re so good against the run and they have guys that can cover, so they feel very confident in their ability to cover guys one-on-one no matter who they play. He’s just done an outstanding job. He came to Chicago during my last year in Minnesota and you could definitely see a big change in their football team. I think they were 5-11 his first year. It took a while to build that entire team, but especially they’re defensive team with some really good players in the last couple of years. Those guys are doing a great job because they are playing around guys like (Brian) Urlacher and they have some really good young players playing for them.”

    (On Bears head coach Lovie Smith)

    “I actually do know Lovie (Smith) because I coached against him when he was an assistant. I have nothing but respect for him. I think he’s doing as good a job or maybe a better job of anybody in all of football right now as far as how his team’s performing and a lot of the credit has to go to him.”

    DE Leonard Little

    (On the team’s current attitude)

    “We know we have to win games and we can’t let the past bring us down. We lost a lot of games, but we do have four games left, so we just want to go out and try to win each game. We’re concentrating on Chicago this week and hopefully we can play better than we did last week.”

    (On Bears head coach and former Rams defensive coordinator Lovie Smith)

    “He’s going to have those guys ready. He’s not a big rah-rah guy that likes to yell, but he’s going to have his own way of getting his guys ready to play. He’s a great motivator, a great coach, and he’s one of the best coaches that I’ve played under.”

    (On Smith’s defense)

    “It’s a very simple defense to learn and that allows you to go out and make plays. Those guys really do a good job of going out there and taking the ball away and that’s what he really preached to us. It’s the same thing that Coach Jim Haslett preaches to us, and those guys take the ball away like crazy.”

    (On how much the Rams defense has changed since Lovie Smith left)

    “It hasn’t really changed. Coach Jim Haslett preaches the same things that Lovie (Smith) preaches, which is taking the ball away and putting our offense back on the field, but their getting a lot more scores out of they’re takeaways than we are.”

    (On this game being as much of a rivalry as the Cardinals and Cubs rivalry)

    “It’s a rivalry for us because it’s the next game and we know we have to win games now. I don’t think it’s really a rivalry like that, but we know they’re a good team and we have to play well to beat those guys.”

    (On what he expects the Bears to do offensively)
    “They’re not going to pass the ball. Those guys are going to run the ball as much as possible. I know he’s got the mind frame of doing that. I think they’re going to run the ball 40 or 50 times because he knows that’s our weakness and he’s going to attack that. We just have to man up this week and try to stop the run. He’s going to run the ball and it’s a definite thing that he’s going to do that, so we just have to do our thing and try to stop the run.”

    (On establishing a pass rush against the Bears)

    “You can’t really put pressure on a team when they’re not really passing the ball very much. You can play-action the team, you can line up in a run formation and play-action and it’s hard for defensive linemen to get off of a play-action pass. We expect them to run the ball, and we expect them to run the ball all three downs and maybe four downs. We just have to come out and try to stop them.”

    (On Bears QB Rex Grossman)

    “He’s made a lot of mistakes, but I don’t think all of those mistakes have been his fault. He had some tipped balls and things like that so not everything that’s going on with him is his fault and you can’t blame one person for all of the things that are going on with their offense. Like I said, he’s a good quarterback and I’ve been watching him since he’s been in college. He’s a good quarterback and he showed that at the beginning of the season, so we expect him to come out and try to do the same things that he’s been doing.”

    C Richie Incognito

    (On how his season is going with his change from guard to center)

    “I think things are going well, but obviously not well enough because we aren’t winning.”

    (On the Bears defensive line)

    “They play very well within the scheme and it’s really their whole defense that you have to worry about. They’re big up front and their linebackers like to run. (Brian) Urlacher runs a lot and makes a lot of big plays, so you definitely have to contain him if you want to do anything on offense.”

    (On if he feels like he’s a marked man with the NFL referees)

    “I really don’t feel like I’m a marked man. I just try to play physical, play to the whistle, do my job in every facet possible, and just handle business.”

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    Re: Coach/player comments

    Quote Originally Posted by RamWraith View Post

    December 6, 2006

    DE Leonard Little

    (On Smith’s defense)

    “It’s a very simple defense to learn and that allows you to go out and make plays. Those guys really do a good job of going out there and taking the ball away and that’s what he really preached to us. It’s the same thing that Coach Jim Haslett preaches to us, and those guys take the ball away like crazy.”

    (On how much the Rams defense has changed since Lovie Smith left)

    “It hasn’t really changed. Coach Jim Haslett preaches the same things that Lovie (Smith) preaches, which is taking the ball away and putting our offense back on the field, but their getting a lot more scores out of they’re takeaways than we are.”
    LL is admitting that the defense run by the Rams is simple to learn?? Than what's the problem? Talent? Desire? :x

    LL is scaring me with this.:\

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    Re: Coach/player comments

    I think LL is saying that good D's like the Bears are really not complicated. You don't want to be thinking, just react. I don’t think he is slamming our scheme by saying its easy to learn.


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