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    Coach/Player quotes

    Interim Head Coach Joe Vitt

    Friday, November 25, 2005

    (Opening statement)

    “We had good work this week. We got a little sloppy in the redzone, we started the period over again. But overall it’s been a good week and it was good day today.”

    (On whether T Orlando Pace will be able to play on Sunday)

    “We’ll find out. He has a little hamstring right now. We rested him yesterday and today, and we’ll continue to evaluate him.”

    (On whether he would be fine if T Rex Tucker had to step in for Pace)

    “Yeah, absolutely.”

    (On whether it would be tough on T Alex Barron if he had to switch sides)

    “Yeah, but we’ve worked him there every day since he’s been here, so he’s prepared for it.”

    (On whether his holding individual players more accountable has helped)

    “Well, we didn’t have to keep anybody until 7 o’clock, so the practices have been better. They have been held accountable, as you can ask them. And we’ll see.”

    (On whether Pace was hurt in the last game)

    “No. It was practice two days ago.”

    (On what he thinks about Texans’ kick returner Jerome Mathis)

    “Maybe the biggest challenge our special teams have had this year as far as a kickoff return guy. He can take it the distance in a heartbeat. This guy’s a legit 4.2 guy. He can make people miss. He’s strong. He gets to the running lanes with some power. So it’s a challenge.”

    (On whether Tucker would play right tackle and Barron play left tackle if Pace couldn’t play)

    “Right, I didn’t say we’re playing without Orlando Pace. If, yes. Tucker goes to right and Barron goes to left.”

    (On whether there is a way to get DE Leonard Little more involved on defense)

    “Well, he is a difference maker. What a lot of teams have been doing over there now is put the tight end over at that side in situations like passing situations and they are chipping on him. We’ve thought about moving him around a little bit, maybe tighten up his stance a little bit and go with more bull rushes instead of just trying to get up the field. a couple different things we can do with him.”

    (On how the team avoids getting down with all the injuries)

    “I think the same way the coaches do. We’re going to play this game the way it’s supposed to be played, the best that we can. We have prepared all week long to go win a football game. We’re banged up, but that’s the National Football League. The next guy that comes in has to play, and youth and inexperience can not be an excuse to lose or fail.”

    T Adam Timmerman

    Friday, November 25, 2005

    (On how important it was to him to play last Sunday)

    “It came down to that I improved throughout the week and really even this week I have been taking a lot less reps and hopefully slowly improving. Hopefully by next week we can get over the hump and not be feeling it at all. I still feel it in there a little bit; it’s getting tight off and on. But it’s time to go. We’re a little thin too because we’re a little banged up.”

    (On how hard it is to evaluate yourself in an injury situation like this)

    “It’s one of those things where it’s me and Dr. Matava actually went back and talked about what exactly was on the MRI, what kind of risks are involved, and basically talked about if you had shooting pain down your leg or anything like that I wouldn’t let you play because that is more of a disc problem, possibly herniated. We went back and we talked about it and basically came to the conclusion that I wasn’t at anymore risk than someone with the same condition and no symptoms. So we went ahead and played. But it has been feeling better too. The muscles aren’t as tight as they were.”

    (On how the entire offensive line would change if T Orlando Pace is not able to play on Sunday)

    “It does because it moves Alex over to a position he hasn’t had a lot of reps at. Rex is back at right tackle. And the scary part is if anything happens then I’m back at tackle. So we’re getting thin, but hopefully we’ll get Blaine back next week after the concussion.”

    Orlando Pace

    Friday, November 25, 2005

    (On if he could have practiced today)
    “Yeah, I probably could have practiced today. It was a little more precautionary. We’ll see what happens tomorrow and see how it feels pushing off of it.”

    (On what the hamstring injury does to his 40-yard-dash time)

    “It probably slows it up a little bit, but I can still get out pretty good.”

    (On what he did on Thanksgiving)

    “My family and a couple guys came over. We ate. We had a good time, watched the football games and just relaxed a little bit. It was pretty traditional. My wife did a good job, and everything worked out well.”

    DE Leonard Little

    Friday, November 25, 2005

    (On if the coaching staff could do anything to free him up)

    “It doesn’t matter. I just haven’t been playing as well as I used to. They can free me up. They can do whatever they have to do, but I haven’t played with intensity like I have in the past. That’s all up to me. It’s not up to the coaches to move me around to try to beat people. I should beat people on my own. They can say what they want to say, but I have to go out there and play my game anyway.”

    (On if he feels like teams are game-planning specifically for him)

    “I don’t know. The last two games, I didn’t get chipped any. Before that I got chipped a little bit more. For the last two games, I just haven’t played well. I have to come out and have a good game this week.”

    (On what is causing the Rams problems on defense)
    “I don’t know. I really couldn’t tell you. Every player on this team has gone out there and given their all on the field, but we were making a lot of mental mistakes, myself with the offsides and I got a roughing the passer last week. We make a lot of mental mistakes, but we can account for that this Sunday and not make as many mistakes as we did the last two weeks.”

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    Re: Coach/Player quotes

    Quote Originally Posted by RamWraith
    Interim Head Coach Joe Vitt

    (On whether there is a way to get DE Leonard Little more involved on defense)

    What a lot of teams have been doing over there now is put the tight end over at that side in situations like passing situations and they are chipping on him.

    DE Leonard Little
    I don’t know. The last two games, I didn’t get chipped any.
    That's not a good sign when Vitt said he's being chipped and Little says in the last couple games he hasn't been chipped at all.

    Hopefully Little can pull it together and start playing like the old Little.


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