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    Coach Scott Linehan December 17

    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    December 17, 2007

    (Opening Remarks)

    “There are no injuries to report other than Travis Minor had a pretty badly sprained ankle. It is a high-ankle sprain. It will put him out for the remaining two games. We’re waiting to see how guys look and feel tomorrow. It’s a short week. Tomorrow’s a work day for us. I’ll know more about guys’ status that way.”

    (On if S Hanik Milligan, WR Brandon Williams or T Rob Petitti will be active on Thursday)

    “It’s hard to say. (Hanik) Milligan is probably the closest. Brandon Williams is a possibility. (Rob) Petitti is probably the furthest away (from playing on Thursday).”

    (On when RB Travis Minor was injured)

    “It was in the second half. He tried to go again and got rolled up on. It was in the third quarter.”

    (On if Minor will be placed on reserve/injured)

    “I don’t know. He’ll sit this week for sure. With two games remaining we have to determine if he’ll be IR or just remain on the inactive list.”

    (On WR Derek Stanley returning kicks and why he returned over WR Marques Hagans)

    “We tried to give a new guy a shot. Marques hasn’t had a whole lot of opportunities either so we had a couple of young players we wanted to get on the field. We didn’t have room for both of them. Based on how things went a week ago, we were going to try something new since both of our returners were out.”

    (On if QB Marc Bulger experienced concussion-like symptoms after the game)

    “Not that I know of. I have not seen him yet today. He had no problems at all afterwards. I’m assuming he’s fine.”

    (On how difficult a short week will be)

    “We did quite a bit of preparation last week at the end – not really much other than what we normally do. The quality control person got quite a bit ahead of it. We knew it was going to be a tight week. We spent some time, you have to. A Thursday game after a Sunday game, the turnaround is unbelievable. There is very little preparation time on the field, so we are going to have to get a lot done in walk throughs and film studies this week.”

    (On if it’s possible to have a comprehensive game plan in a short week against an opponent the Rams don’t normally play)

    “It’s toned down a little, not a lot. We still have a game plan and scheme as much as you can, especially against a team like this. What I’m thinking, specifically offensively, the looks they give you on defense. We have to be as comprehensive as we can, but without putting our guys out there. It’s going to be a tough challenge with a short week going against a defense like this. Offensively, they are playing well too. We have our work cut out for us again.”

    (On if the players can physically do Tuesday what they normally do Wednesday or if they have to scale it back)

    “No we are going to try and get as much done as we can. I know that there are going to be some players that aren’t going to be able to go tomorrow based on how they feel or what we have been doing with them through the year as far as not doing a whole lot early in the week. Those that can, we are going to get as much done as we can on a Tuesday, basically combine our Wednesday and Thursday workloads as much as we can there. Walk through more than we normally would. Our Wednesday format will be scaled back as far as the tempo of practice because of the game being the next day.”

    (On if practice time this week will affect playing time during the game on Thursday)

    “I don’t know. It might. We haven’t determined how much guys are going to play, who is going to start, things like that. It could determine that but right now we are going to base a lot of it on how we feel and look tomorrow.”

    (On if his Sunday night was normal or if it changed because of the shortened week)

    “I met a little bit with Jay (Zygmunt) and John (Shaw) afterwards and we talked a little bit about how we were doing the next two weeks. There is not much turnaround time to get back here. Some of the coaches came back to get some grading done last night. To get those kinds of things we have to have done normally for a Monday since Monday, in a way, does not exist in this work week. It was not a normal post-game. I was home quite a bit later.”

    (On DT Claude Wroten being inactive)

    “It was just a game-time decision. He hasn’t played a whole lot in the last couple weeks. Just based on who had the possibility of needing more backup time. We knew with James’ (Hall) ankle being a little bit sore still, having Trevor (Johnson) up gave us a little bit of insurance there at the end spot. Based it on how the week of practice went as well. Guys I think know that they are being evaluated, especially if they are in a back up role. What kind of week of practice you had (can determine) if you are going to be up.”

    (On his frustration level)

    “You can stand here all day and describe frustration. I don’t think it’s going to do a whole lot of good. The disappointing thing was there were a lot of positive things that happened in the game and it didn’t show up in the win column. Frustration is certainly very high when you aren’t able to win.”

    (On the offense’s performance against Green Bay)

    “There were good things. It wasn’t a bad day offensively. Other than the second half – the inability to score was the toughest thing. We had two turnovers, which were tough luck plays, and other than that I think we were very aggressive about our approach and I think guys were ready to play and we were able to run the ball against a team that’s been very good against the run as of late. We got some big plays in the passing game, we just weren’t able to get anything going in the second half. Really that started at the end of the first half coming away with no points in our two minute drill. We started back after we moved down the field and had the early interception. We battled field position all day long as a team. When your average starting point in the game offensively is the 17-yard line and the opposing team’s offense (average field position) is the 48 (yard line)…I always go to that stat at the end of the game and that’s a pretty significant differential there. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a game where the offense had the ball for 14 minutes of one quarter and the opposing offense had it for one minute and got outscored 10-0, but it happened yesterday.”

    (On improving the kickoff coverage team)

    “We can tackle better. I think it was missed tackles. We’re getting guys in position. The first one was a good return by them, but again, we had an opportunity to make a play and minimize the damage. The next two returns we missed tackles right at the point of attack. It’s no different than defensively. If you’re having a tough day stopping the run as a defense, you go right to tackling. That’s been our issue a couple times this year. We’ve actually been a better coverage team up until yesterday for the last few games, but yesterday we did not get it done. I don’t think in any of our coverage, except for one punt, did we do a very good job.”

    (On K Jeff Wilkins)

    “I talk to him every week. He’s a human being. Great players have off games, off seasons, whatever you want to call them. For him, this is an off season. He’s normally right up there, but he’s the first guy to take accountability for that. We haven’t identified the problem as anything unusual, I think it’s just been one of those years. He’s no different from the rest of us. He has to go back and look at what he’s doing and what we’re doing and work to improve. The goal is to finish real strong here these last two games at all positions.”

    (On P Donnie Jones)

    “There’s nothing physically or mentally (wrong), he just hasn’t hit the ball as well as he has.”

    (On if S Oshiomogho Atogwe was supposed to stay with Green Bay WR Greg Jennings on his 44-yard touchdown reception)

    “We were in man-to-man coverage and the game plan was to stay locked on our men. There are times when we in and out coverage calls based on ‘rub’ routes and things like that. We needed to stay locked up there. Again, we all take accountability for that. It’s not, ‘OJ didn’t do what he was supposed to do.’ We have to execute that defense better. It’s a tough one when you give them a free one like that. That’s really the risk of blitzing. You can live by it, but you can die quickly by it, too. In that situation every has to be on the same page.”

    (On Jennings’ touchdown being a key play in the game)

    “There were a lot of key plays in the game. That was one of them, but it wasn’t the only play. That was certainly a big play for Green Bay.”

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    Re: Coach Scott Linehan December 17

    Quote Originally Posted by RamWraith View Post
    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    "The disappointing thing was there were a lot of positive things that happened in the game and it didn’t show up in the win column. Frustration is certainly very high when you aren’t able to win.”

    Ain't that just the story of the season?

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