Head Coach Scott Linehan

December 19, 2007

(Opening Remarks)

“(Eric) Bassey is questionable. Brian Leonard is questionable. Travis Minor is out. Hanik Milligan is probable and Brandon Williams is probable.”

(On RB Brian Leonard’s head injury)

“It was more he had headaches. He felt fine today. It was never categorized as a concussion. He just didn’t feel well. We’re just making sure he was okay. He feels much better today.”

(On who will return punts and kicks)

“Depending on how Brandon feels, it will probably be Brandon Williams)

(On if he feels the team is ready after three days of practice)

“I believe we’re ready. Both teams have the same schedule so you have to do some of your preparation before the week even starts, but also with your scheduling. Yesterday we worked at full-speed in practice and combined Wednesday and Thursday. Today we did our practice like we normally would do on a Friday, a little paired down. Mentally we’re ready. The biggest thing is to get them prepared physically.”

(On what stuck out about CB Jonathan Wade while preparing for the NFL Draft)

“Jonathan is one of those guys that has tremendous upside – a lot of talent, great speed and has pretty much the size that you’re looking for at the corner position. He just doesn’t have the experience. He was a converted wide receiver in college and really only has two years experience (at the cornerback position). At Tennessee they had a number of prospects, but he was one of the ones we were looking at. We spent a lot of time with their coaching staff and we feel like he’s going to be one of those guys who is going to develop. He has not been disappointing. He’s had his rookie season’s ups and downs. In the last month I have seen a more mature, confident player.”

(On Thursday’s schedule)

“We’re going to still stay in the hotel (on Wednesday night). We won’t do the night meetings. We did quite a bit of meeting today. Even the practice was somewhat of a walkthrough and meeting. It was a pretty long time on the field for the mental side. Tonight if they want to meet by individual groups they can. We’ll be in the hotel. We’ll have our team meeting and meet with the team and special teams and offense and defense in the morning and then let them go until they have to be in the stadium. We’ll do things a little bit like we would for a night preseason game during the week. I personally didn’t like just laying around in a hotel for 24 hours. I do like to have them there preparing and getting a good night’s sleep, but instead of doing the meeting the night before, do it in the morning.”

(On how he passes the time leading up to a night game)

“Night games are hard and always have been. It’s actually good in the sense that you can spend a little more time putting some thought into how you’re approaching the game, in my case calling the game, and put a little more film time in on game day than you normally do. You just kind of break it up that way, but I have to be honest with you, it kind of drags on.”

(On how RB Brian Leonard was injured)

“We don’t know. He came out for one series and he just didn’t feel well and was experiencing headaches. He didn’t really get a hit or anything or an incident or a play. He went back in and still didn’t feel well, so we pulled him out and because he wasn’t feeling well for the first part of the week we just kept him out of practice and waited until yesterday and then today to evaluate whether he felt well enough. As of today he’s doing much better.