Head Coach Scott Linehan

December 27, 2007

(Opening Remarks)

“We had two guys that didn’t practice. Brandon (Chillar) and Fakhir (Brown). Fakhir is going to be fine. He has a stomach ailment and was cramping today, so he wasn’t able to go. Brandon is questionable with his calf. We are going to have to know more about how he feels tomorrow to make a decision.”

(On if he is less optimistic about LB Brandon Chillar playing on Sunday)

“I’ll wait until tomorrow because he was feeling pretty good about it Monday. Yesterday he did not feel good about it and today he didn’t. Some of those kinds of things get to feeling better. Right now we’re planning on having Quinton (Culberson) start if he isn’t able to go.”

(On how Chillar was injured)

“We talked about it. He doesn’t really know. You can’t really see it on film. He thought he sprained his ankle initially, but it was more of a strain on the back of the lower part of the calf. Unfortunately it’s pretty painful and not coming around very quick.”

(On how prepared LB Quinton Culberson is to play defense)

“He doesn’t have that much experience there. He got 11 snaps in last game, so he’s been in the games. He’s been playing primarily special teams. It’s always helpful to take all the snaps during the week of practice. If he’s called upon he has a whole week of practice to get ready. It would be exciting to see, if it does happen, how he plays. He played very well for us in preseason.”

(On having three linemen on the Rams roster who were on Arizona’s roster earlier this season)

“They bailed us out on the offensive line. One came during training camp, Milford (Brown). Then (Nick) Leckey and (Brandon) Gorin came at the same time when we had rash injuries. They’ve been able to fill in very nicely for us. We actually have five ex-Cardinals on our team that were with the team at different times. When we signed Hanik Milligan, a little bit after the other guys. Corey Chavous was drafted by the Cardinals. Some of these guys are going back to where they started their careers.”

(On if Chillar can’t play Sunday the state of the linebacker position)

“We’d be a little light there (linebacker position). It’s going to be fine if we don’t have more than one guy have any problem during the game. We’ll probably end up, if we have to go that way, carrying an extra defensive player at some point whether a D-lineman or a secondary player for special teams.”

(On using a lot of the linebackers on special teams)

“We’ll have to make up for that with somebody or a couple of players at different spots that aren’t going to be linebackers.”

(On if Arizona’s defense has changed since the first meeting this season)

“They’re playing good defense. They’re adjusting some since they lost (Adrian) Wilson. They have great speed defensively. Probably a little less blitzing now, than they were doing last time we played them. They still have a pressure package that we have to prepare for. They’ve been tough to run the ball against. They gave us some points last game, but they’ve been playing some good defense in spurts, especially in the last half of the season.”

(On the Cardinals not having a player who does what Adrian Wilson was doing)

“It’s just like anything else. You can’t replace a guy like that. They have guys that are filling in and they’re still running their blitz packages. We had a pretty good idea who was coming if they were going to bring a safety, when we played them before. Now they mix it up a little bit with different guys.”