Head Coach Scott Linehan

December 7, 2007

(Opening Remarks)

“(Eric) Bassey is out. The questionables as of now are (Marc) Bulger and (Brandon) Williams. The probabables are (James) Hall, (Brian) Leonard, (Brett) Romberg and (Will) Witherspoon. The doubtful is (Gus) Frerotte. If he was up, it would only be as an emergency. With the situation with Marc and Gus being what it is, we really don’t have a third quarterback because Marques Hagans will be one of the active receivers.

The whole process we’ve gone through with Marc is a process. Although looking favorable in a baseline test, it’s still time we have to consider. He was able to pass his baseline test. It put him in position to practice. He had two really good practices Wednesday and Thursday, but that’s the objective part. The subjective part is he didn’t feel real good after afternoon meetings. I met with Marc in the afternoon, after yesterday’s practice and because of that it’s put some question in my mind as to whether or not he should be cleared to play. That’s a doctor’s, coaches’, trainer’s and player’s perspective all together. We’re not going to put anybody that’s not 100 percent in harm’s way. After I gather all the information in the next 12-24 hours, we’ll make the decision as to whether he’ll be our starting quarterback or if he’s going to be up at all. I want to talk more with the doctors again and the trainers. There was no reason until yesterday afternoon to believe he wasn’t going to play. Based on how he felt physically, it changed. I told Brock (Berlin) to get ready yesterday afternoon, at the end of the meeting. He took a number of snaps today. He’s prepared to play. We brought in Todd Bouman who was originally going to be our third quarterback going into this game, but he could even possibly be active. We’ll know after I get all the information in the next 12-24 hours.”

(On what QB Marc Bulger was experiencing when he didn’t feel well)

“He said he didn’t feel right. He said he was close to 100 percent. He looks great out here. It had nothing to do with practice. It had nothing to do with anything we’re doing. He had one of his best week’s of practice all year which is the odd part. He didn’t feel very good in the afternoon. That changes things. We’re not going to put a guy out on the field when there’s any doubt when it comes to these kinds of injuries, any injuries, but we’re talking about injuries to the head. There’s going to be no gray area when it comes to whether he plays or not. If he’s not cleared and we don’t feel he’s 100 percent, then he won’t play.”

(On if Bulger participated in practice)

“He did participate in practice, but not fully.”

(On if QB Brock Berlin received a lot of snaps in practice)

“A lot (of snaps) today. Not many yesterday. It was looking better yesterday. Things were looking pretty favorable from Wednesday to Thursday. It was a pretty normal week. This is where things can change when it comes to this. I met with Marc after our afternoon meetings and he told me he didn’t feel quite a 100 percent, so that changed it for me. I didn’t anticipate it, but like anything else, the right thing to do right now is to make some alternate plans.”

(On if it helps that QB Todd Bouman is familiar with the Rams’ system)

“It definitely helps (that he’s familiar with the system). He wouldn’t have gotten a lot of snaps this week anyway. He knows a number of things we do. We’ve changed a few terminology things. I can translate them for him. He came out here today and took a lot of the show-team snaps. We even gave him a series at the end of practice with the first unit. He’s in that position. He’s a lot like Gus (Frerotte). He hasn’t been around as long, but has been in the situation before where he’s had to prepare without any snaps for games. He did the same thing for me in Minnesota six years ago.”

(On how QB Gus Frerotte feels)

“Gus is feeling fine, but Gus’s injury is different. His shoulder is quite sore. He’s availability would be emergency only, but probably not much more than handing off. He wouldn’t be ready to throw at all.”

(On if the injuries at quarterback have forced him to change the game plan)

“Not really. Maybe some of the thoughts of what you would do where. You more so stick with the game plan. There’s a reason why we have the plan the way it is and there are certain things that I am comfortable with if Brock (Berlin) were to be the guy that I would go with.”

(On if Bulger has to take anymore tests)

“Today is part of the test. Tomorrow is part of the test. How he feels this afternoon. I suppose he could wake up tomorrow and feel 100 percent and ready to go. What’s happened in the last 24 hours is still going to affect our decision. We have to be smart about it and make the right decision. Every day will be part of it, even Sunday. Whether he plays or not will be part of it. If we need to take another test, I don’t know how many makes it right, but if it takes 10, we’ll take 10.”

(On if Bulger will be a game-time decision)

“I’ll make (the decision) before. I do need to put some thought into it before I make the final decision.”

(On if the decision to play Bulger is all or nothing)

“If he’s ok he starts, if not, he’s not up.”

WR Torry Holt

December 7, 2007

(On his post-practice conversation with QB Brock Berlin)

“We were just chatting and trying to go over some things – just trying to have some clarity. He’s taken well to it.”

(On how Berlin performed in practice)

“I thought he looked good. He has a big arm. He has such a big windup. The thing about him is he feels like he’s a number one guy. I know some people will say, ‘Why? He hasn’t touched the field,’ but this guy feels like he’s a number one guy. It was cool to get out there and kind of get some continuity with him and get some work with him.”

(On what in particular he wants to let a new quarterback to know)

“Anticipation. Watching coverage. Anticipating that if they show this, this is going to happen. Sometimes that will dictate where you have to put the ball. My biggest thing with all the quarterbacks is I tell them, ‘You can throw it. I’ll go get it. Just keep it down. Don’t put it up too high. Keep it somewhere where I can kind of use my body and shield myself and take a blow, but don’t put it up there where I’m a jumping target.’ Those are some of the subtle things. Anticipation and timing are always key. And trust. Sometimes anticipating that we’re going to be in that spot and just get it up and make a play.”

(On if he’s ever been involved with such an injury-plagued team)

“No I haven’t. These last three years have been very interesting. It’s been a very interesting football team, organization and the whole bit. It’s been interesting. I’ve never experienced this, but I’m learning a lot about myself, I’m learning a lot about teammates and I’m learning a lot about this organization. My thing is just to try to come out and do what they brought me here to do and that’s to do my job at the highest level.”

(On if he would have preferred to win more games at the end of his career than at the beginning)

“That’s a good question. I enjoyed the success early. It was good. Now what I’m going through allows me to enjoy those moments a lot more. I kind of went through a situation like this in the college ranks at NC State. We weren’t a great team, but we played hard and we played well at times. We had a lot of tough times as well, so I kind of try to think back to those days and how I dealt with that and refer back to some of my old coaches and how they handled the situation and see if I can apply it to the situation now. I don’t look to go back in time. I enjoyed the times that I had when I first got here and all the success. I’m trying to muster these times here and make the best out of it.”

(On if QB Marc Bulger has looked different as he has been trying to get over his concussion)

“I don’t know, if you have suffered a concussion before, but I have, it can have you kind of woozy. We aren’t talking about an ankle or a rib or a shoulder. Now you are talking about the head. There is a lot going on upstairs so you want to be as cautious as you possibly can, I don’t think he looked over dreary or overly concerned. I think he is doing a good job of just listening to his body and that is what you have to do. We are going to keep asking him how he is doing, keep pulling for him and hopefully he can get through this thing pretty quick.”

(On if he is ok with the thought of erring on the side of caution as opposed to just toughening it out)

“Absolutely. I have been in that situation and we all have been in that situation before. Some guys say screw it and give it all they have and then you have some guys that say ‘hey, I have to trust my myself and trust my body and is it worth going out there and risking putting my team in jeopardy or putting myself in jeopardy.’ It is a tough situation. As a competitor it is tough to balance. But most importantly, whatever the decision the athlete makes it is the best one and you have to move on with it and live with it.”

(On if he is influenced on whether to take a risk with his body after seeing the press conferences with the football greats talking about how the NFL has abandoned them after retirement)

“I think so with some guys. I can only speak for myself and I have taken a tremendous risk with this game but I love the game and I know the consequences that come with the risk. It is totally up to that individual. As far as the retired players, I know I am going to be a retired player on day, so I am sensitive to the fact of where these guys are coming from and asking for and the help and stuff that they need. I am sensitive to that but at the same time if you are a competitor and you love the game, sometimes you set those tough injuries aside and you go out and do what you can to get out on the field and play and help the squad.”

(On what he wouldn’t play through)

“I’ve played through it all. I have played with concussions, bruised ribs, coughing up blood. I’ve played with bad knees, bad ankles, and bad fingers. So to answer your question, I probably do everything to get out on that football field. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for the love and the passion that I have to go out and play on Sunday.”

(On what the team can do to make Cincinnati honest if QB Brock Berlin gets the start)

“Run the football. That is the number one thing from day one to now. To keep a football team honest you have to run the football. I am not just talking about running the football; you have to run it effectively to keep defenses honest. If we can do that early and often then that will help ease some things for everybody. For Steven (Jackson) in the backfield, for the quarterback, for the guys on the perimeter it will just ease a lot. Even for the offensive lineman in the pass protection, it just eases a whole lot. Guys can settle in and then they have established the line of scrimmage and you can do pretty much what you want.”

QB Brock Berlin

December 7, 2007

(On when he found out that he would play against Cincinnati)

“I don’t really know anything. Marc (Bulger) has pretty much taken off today. We’re just going to see how he’s feeling. I’m just getting ready to play and if my number’s called, be ready.”

(On if he feels jittery about the possibility of starting)

“Football is football. That’s what I’ve done my whole life. It is what it is. If I’m called at the beginning of the game, in the fourth quarter or whenever it is, I’ll be ready.”

(On how he felt getting most of the reps)

“It felt good getting some reps today and working the offense. It got be back in the flow of things.”

(On how much time he usually gets reps)

“We still get reps with guys throughout the week – throwing routes. Live situations are different. I have been able to get quite as much in the past, but you just have to get out there and do it.”

(On if this is a great opportunity to showcase himself)

“If the opportunity comes to where I do play. I still don’t know if I’m going to play or not. If it does come then it’s a great opportunity. I thank the Lord for this opportunity if it comes. I feel very honored to be a part of this team. If I’m called on to help these guys then that’s what I’ll do.”

(On how much he has thrown to the Rams’ top two receivers)

“I haven’t thrown to them much in team settings. We’re just doing individual stuff. It doesn’t take too long to time up. That’s what we need to do. It will all work out.”

(On talking with WR Torry Holt coming off the practice field)

“Just talking through a few things. Gus (Frerotte) has been the second guy that’s been getting reps with him. I’m just trying to get reps with those guys and individual stuff. Today I got to do some team stuff. It felt good to be out there. If I’m called upon to play I’ll be ready to go.”