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    Coach Scott Linehan--Monday, August 21, 2006

    (Opening statement)

    “It was good this morning, we were able to get a good lift with the whole group on our one-a-day schedule that we basically used through training camp. Then we got some conditioning in this afternoon so we could get that done. We were able to knock out both of those, which is good after a game. You want to be able to get them back running. It alleviates the soreness, gets us ready for this week. We’re going to use this week as our first in-season schedule, kind of a mock game week schedule with our players. Do an installation tomorrow and Wednesday-like format practice with both groups and special teams and we’ll continue to do it that way. So tomorrow’s Tuesday is like a Wednesday during the year, and then we’ll do Wednesday like a Thursday and do Thursday like a Friday, and treat Friday like a Saturday. That’ll be our travel day going to Kansas City. It’ll be good for us to get that in prior to our first real game week when we play Denver because we’ve been through it once and the guys will know the schedule. The last preseason game will be a modified week because of the week and getting ready for Miami.”

    (On having room for RB Fred Russell and four backs)

    “We haven’t determined that. There’s room for our 53 best players and we’ll work around that. I think that’s the best way for me to answer that at this point because I’m still not sure what 53 that’s going to be.”

    (On having someone do something in the next seven days to change his mind)

    “I think he and every other player on our roster can. They’re being evaluated daily. The games are part of it, but how we respond and perform this week and the next week will enhance, or set back potentially, a player’s chance of making this team. I want that glimmer of hope to be part of their incentive this week knowing that we have not closed any opportunities.”

    (On RB Steven Jackson not practicing)

    “He’s fine. He’s got this tendonitis type of an issue in his heel area. It’s just inflamed some. He had an MRI on it and it shows it’s inflamed. He had it treated and just checked to make sure it’s fine. It’s just kind of one of those camp deals.”

    (On DE Leonard Little’s condition)

    “Leonard’s a lot better. He looked a lot better running. He’s still got a little swelling in there but his quad’s healing pretty well.”

    (On the extra conditioning based on Saturday)

    “More on two days rest. Really we’ll run them pretty good the day after games, but we gave them the day off because we played the Saturday game on Sunday, so they actually had two day’s rest. We had a little extra just to keep our conditioning up. I think our conditioning’s very good based on what I saw on film. I don’t think our conditioning is an issue at all.”

    (On WR Torry Holt’s condition)

    “Torry’s doing good. He’s sore. I talked to him about it. He’s sore initially right there in the sternum and I think kind of fell on it on one side of his chest. He said it felt very good and we’ll evaluate it tomorrow and the next day and we’ll see how much work he’ll get.”

    (On RB Paul Smith’s condition)

    “He’s better. I don’t know if he’s 100 percent, but I asked him how it felt and he said it’s certainly a lot better than even it felt pregame Saturday night. That’s encouraging that we get a fullback back in the offense.”

    (On having one main focus going into Saturday’s game)

    “It’s all three phases. It’s really just how our team improves and the consistency level. I keep talking about in all three phases, and they’re individual plays where that’s how they control that. I think that’s more what we’re striving for more than anything. There’s no real formula as to what we want to improve on, we just want to improve our team and then we’re going to start with ourselves.”

    (On the ones seeing the most playing time in the third game)

    “They’ll play a little more. I don’t know exactly the format, and I don’t know what the tradition’s been around here before, but we’ll look at playing a little bit more with our first units in all three phases.”

    (On the progress the offensive units have made thus far)

    “It’s been excellent. I can honestly say that I’ve never been in preseason with an offense that’s come out and been so explosive early in the game as far as big plays. I’ve been in games where that’s happened. I’ve been in entire games during the regular season where it gets that way, but they’ve come out and moved the ball. I think it shows that we’re not there yet by not finishing awesome drives, but I couldn’t be more happy with where we’re at at this point.”

    (On T Orlando Pace’s condition)

    “Much better. He feels so much more confident on it. The hit he had on that kind of tweaked his ankle and his knee and his him. That took a lot out of him so he rehabbed it, we did it right. He stayed and conditioned but didn’t take the pounding and not playing him was the right thing to do this game.”

    (On CB Tye Hill settling in)

    “I thought Tye really looked much better in this game. It was different, they weren’t using the passing game as much as the team we played before so I don’t know how much more he got tested, but he certainly looked much more comfortable playing in position, and played it right. I really think he upgraded his technique from game one to game two.”

    (On what RB Fred Russell brings to the table)

    “I think Fred’s like a lot of guys, especially who are fighting for roster spots. He does bring an ability to make yards when nothings there. It’s hard to coach that. I think it’s one of those things he’s been doing his whole life. He’s certainly showed up a number of times here, in scrimmages, in practice, and a couple of times in the games so far. He’s accentuating his strength, which is his quickness and ability to improvise and make some plays there. You can talk all you want about his stature and how big he is but I think he’s really putting in most of his effort and accentuating his strength as a guy that can make plays.”

    (On Russell being one of his biggest surprises)

    “I think everybody’s been good. I totally mean that based on our approach. I think Fred’s an example of a guy that can come in with not a lot of fanfare and kind of open some eyes and say ‘Yeah, he brings something to the table. We’re going to give this guy another shot this next week.’ That’s what training camp, and guys trying to make this team who are considered long shots…that’s what it’s all about. That’s the exciting part of what we’re doing right now.”

    (On passing being the main reason the offense has been so explosive)

    “We were behind this last game so we probably threw it. We ran it 41 times the game before, so I would not say we are passing it more than running. When you’re behind, you tend to throw it a little more than you run it. I’d say we’re probably close to 50-50 in two games. We’re making strides there. It’s just, last game, the team played kind of vanilla, played a lot of vanilla coverages and it was more conducive to run it. The last team watched the game film and said we’re not just going to let them do that this week so we went to the ‘take what they give you’ theory and threw it a little more.”

    (On what CB Travis Fisher did to earn the number one spot and keep it)

    “He’s played very consistently. He’s embraced the system. He’s taken on that nickel role which is so big in this business now with the way the offense is getting with these three wide packages and you need to have a coverage guy that can move inside and can also play the run and blitz and do those things. He’d never done that, and that right there just shows 100 percent buy into what we’re doing. He got his weight down a little bit, he stayed more healthy. He’s just one of those guys who’s just basically bought exactly into what we’re preaching.”

    (On the importance for Fisher to stay on the field since he’s had some serious injuries)

    “That’s the key to consistency. Being able to stay out there and stay healthy. It’s hard to do in this game and that’s been kind of his nemesis in his early part of his career. He’s shown flashes, but he hasn’t been able to say healthy. Knock on wood we keep that going with his new conditioning and his new weight and his new system he’s running with us.”

    (On Fisher losing weight)

    “It was our determination as we talked to him about it. We thought it was best. It is one thing to say you’re going to do it, but it’s another thing to actually do it. He took on that challenge full-force, and looks great, is in great condition, and I think he works hand-in-hand with our strength and conditioning program and it’s paying off on the field.”

    (On the depth at cornerback)

    “I think we’ve shown that we have some depth there. I’m really happy with how our secondary is coming along. I think we’ve added some really good additions to it, with Corey (Chavous) and Fakhir (Brown) coming in with the rest of the guys that were here. I think it’s a really good group and they’ve developed a really good chemistry over there too.”

    (On the problems with kickoff and punt coverage)

    “The one time our right side basically got washed down, which you can’t do. It doesn’t matter what group is in there. I’ve referred to pulling our one’s out for the first quarter. It really doesn’t matter if our threes are out there; you still have to cover. We just had a couple of issues with groups that didn’t have enough experience covering punts or kicks in a game. I felt much better about our progress with the first unit. I just think our second and third units have to step it up a notch too, especially in these preseason games. They’re no different than our offense or defense. We’ve got a ton of things to improve on. We have to cover a little better and get of blocks better. We get a misdirection return on us in the Indianapolis game and guys are paranoid. They’re coming down there and looking for all that stuff. We still have to come down there full speed and cover and just trust our discipline of our lanes and things like that. That’ll help us improve a bunch right there.”

    (On the third quarterback battle)

    “I think it’s just too early, two games. We put them in two different situations and I think both of them responded well. I think that this week in practice and these next two games are going to be a determining factor. I think that we’ve put them in a position where we can let them battle it out for a two games.”

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    Re: Coach Scott Linehan--Monday, August 21, 2006

    Quote Originally Posted by RamWraith View Post
    (Opening statement)

    (On the third quarterback battle)

    “I think it’s just too early, two games. We put them in two different situations and I think both of them responded well. I think that this week in practice and these next two games are going to be a determining factor. I think that we’ve put them in a position where we can let them battle it out for a two games.”
    I think Fitzpatrick has looked far better in both games than Ragone has. Fitz looked good with the two's and the three's.
    Aim high Willis, Aim High!


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