Head Coach Scott Linehan

November 15, 2007

(Opening Remarks)

“Everybody that was on the injury list yesterday were all full-participation, except (Brett) Romberg was still limited. We’ll assess him tomorrow and possibly have the same thing we did last week for the decision whether he’ll be active or not for Sunday.”

(On if C Brett Romberg will start on Sunday if he is active)

“Not at this point because of his status. He will probably backup up both spots at guard and center.”

(On if WR Dante Hall is ready to go on Sunday)

“Yes, he’s ready to go.”

(On what it will mean to have Hall back returning punts and kicks)

“He was really starting to get into a rhythm when he got hurt. The Arizona game was the last game he played. It was becoming apparent that he was getting a good feel for what we were trying to do. He had a touchdown against Dallas and a couple of good returns. The last time he returned the ball was a big return for us, against Arizona. That’s been missed, but Brandon (Williams) has done a nice job. We were lucky to have a guy that’s returned in this league during the interim. He did a nice job and earned the right top stay, but Dante gives us a threat to score.”

(On WR Brandon Williams role)

“He’ll be the backup returner. He’ll start learning the offense a little bit more and spend a little more time learning his true position as a receiver and still work on being ready if we need to call upon him.”

(On if Romberg has played guard before)

“No. It’s different than where (Nick) Leckey was a week ago. One of the positives about having the centers out there playing is they all do the communicating. It’s good for the rest of the group – centers playing guard are a plus for the center; especially on the road, with all the communication things that have to be passed on. He’s been working there and preparing for that spot since we had the injuries. We were planning on playing him at guard last week.”

(On if C Nick Leckey will start on Sunday)

“It will be the same setup as we had last week.”

(On a danger to using the blitz too much)

“It’s risky. People will tend to game plan for it if they know you’re going to do it and do it more. The threat of the blitz is always the biggest bonus. Sometimes you can bring up more and have success with it and sometimes you change up and show it and don’t bring it, that’s part of the cat and mouse game you have to play. That’s the style of defense that we’ve been wanting to start to establish. Some of it’s been forced based on losing Leonard (Little). A portion of it is to create different ways to rush the passer.”

(On if the Rams defense will have to adjust to the ***** running game)

“It doesn’t mean they can’t hurt you in the passing. They hit a big pass on us last time and a critical run situation where they called a different call and created a big play for one of their scoring drives. You have to be smart about it. We know they’re going to come and want to establish the run right away, from the get go. It’s going to be key to our game, at least containing the run game.”

(On if San Francisco’s defense looks different than it did when they played in Week 2)

“They’re running the same thing. You make adjustments. We’ve had to make them on our side. They’ve made a few with the loss of Manny (Lawson). He was a playmaker and a guy they drafted specifically for that defense. They’re playing good defense. They add some really good players that have made a difference. We’ve been watching the last couple of ballgames and they’re struggling some on their win-loss record, but their defense is playing really well.”

(On ***** LB Patrick Willis)

“He’s a rookie and normally you tend to be a little ‘wait and see’ with rookies, but this is a guy who’s playing at as a high level as any player in football and he’s just a rookie. He’s made an impression on me and I’m sure everybody else across the league.”

(On Willis being a player the Rams liked a lot heading into the draft)

“We liked him a lot. I didn’t know exactly where he was going to get picked, but I think it became pretty apparent as we were getting into the draft that that was probably where he was going to go based on what everybody was saying with San Francisco. The name would have definitely been right there for us had they gone the other direction because I think they were thinking about the same player we picked (Adam Carriker) at the time. A lot of times middle linebackers take a while like receivers and things like that to learn, but this guy looks like he’s been playing in the league for 10 years.”

(On if RB Antonio Pittman has the potential to help form a one-two punch with RB Steven Jackson)

“I think it was really encouraging last week. He didn’t get a lot of carries, but he took advantage of the ones he got. He had a couple really good cuts and efficient runs and then when he had his opportunity to make a great cut and make a big run that was really a momentum play he did it. That’s what you want to see. You have to give the guy an opportunity to do it and then once he gets it he has to take advantage of it. Now I think it’s close to what the plan is – having a guy that can come in and play in that spot.”

(On how he senses that a player is ready)

" wasn't with us for training camp or the offseason, so learning the offense is a big part of it. He knows the timing was good. He had been preparing. What he doesn't practice has a lot to do with it. He improved dramatically the last couple of weeks, up until the last game. I like it when you have an incentive game like that for a guy like him who is going in and playing against a team that decided a free agent was better than him. That tends to put a little bit of a bur inside a guy's saddle. I wanted to give him a chance and he took advantage of it. Hopefully, he will continue to build."

(On if Pittman showed him something in his 43-yard run)

"That was the one thing we were impressed with him coming out of Ohio State that he had the ability to make big runs. He did that there. He was playing against a high level of competition and making those kinds of bursts and runs. That's what probably impressed us the most other than his running ability."

(On if Nick Leckey has been a surprise considering his lack of ideal physical characteristics for the guard position)

“Definitely. Like I said, it’s not all about what you are physically, it’s what you have inside of you. The competitive spirit that a guy has probably plays more in the interior line than anything. I think he’s going to be one of those guys who’s always hanging around because he just really gives you great effort. When he played in the game against Cleveland, even though there were a few plays where maybe he was overpowered or had not played there, he was giving great effort and straining and doing all the things that (are associated) with what we call winning football. He gave us great effort last week at a spot that he hasn’t played a whole lot.”

(On how much protecting QB Marc Bulger has been stressed this week)

“Our ability to be able to run the football and be effective running the ball and what we do on first and second down is going to be a key in this game. It’s also going to be a key for being good on third down. We weren’t able to really establish the run as much as we would have liked (against San Francisco in Week 2). We had a lot of big plays in the pass game last time, but did not produce the points we needed to win. I think that created some pressure on our pass protection. If we’re able to get the run game going and keep it going then it will hopefully be a different story as far as protecting Marc.”