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    Coach Scott Linehan November 16

    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    November 16, 2007

    (Opening Remarks)

    “The injury report is the same as yesterday. Isaac (Bruce), Dante (Hall) and James (Hall) were all full practice and probable for the game. Brett Romberg is questionable. He’s still limited. We’ll have the same decision to make for Sunday as we had last week.”

    (On the San Francisco’s quarterback change)

    “We anticipated it. We knew Alex (Smith) was having a problem with his arm. You always prepare for what you could see. In this case, from what we knew in the onset, that there was a good chance we’d see the second quarterback.”

    (On ***** QB Trent Dilfer)

    “The reason he’s been around this league for so long is because he’s real smart. He has great game management. He has a Super Bowl. You know the guy knows how to win. I remember him in college. Willy Robinson recruited him out of high school. It’s a small world when it comes to the background people have with people. He was a great player at Fresno State. He was a top-round pick. I’ve seen him. He played at Seattle. We played a game where he played at Seattle. He played some against us when I was at Miami and he was at Cleveland. It’s amazing, if you move around enough in this league you might face the same quarterback.”

    (On if having a veteran quarterback will stabilize San Francisco)

    “I think that’s how they see it right now. He’s a great leader. He’s going to be a guy that’s going to promote what they’re trying to get done. The adjustments they feel like they have to make, he’s going to support all of that. Veteran quarterbacks are great about that.”

    (On difference between QB Alex Smith and Dilfer)

    “I don’t think you’re going to see a lot of scrambling with Trent. You don’t want to sell him short. He has a way of making plays. He’s won a lot of games in this league.”

    (On if the atmosphere at Rams Park has been different this week)

    “The perspective is there. We understand where we are and how we got here. We’re focused on the second half of the season. The bye came right in the middle. We couldn’t have started the season any worse. Our goal is to finish the season much better. We go into every game to win. If we can find a way to flip the result of the second half (of the season) from the first half, it’s going to continue to improve the atmosphere around here.”

    (On San Francisco being a tough opponent)

    “Alex has a 4-1 record against us. Even in his first year he had success against us. We have not had our way with them. They’ve won the recent battles. We had to come from behind and win in the last minute last time we beat them. We have a lot of incentive not just because of where we are and our record, but to go and prove our performance against them.”

    (On it being a winning streak if the Rams win two in a row)

    “That’s a winning streak. One in a row is a winning streak.”

    WR Isaac Bruce

    November 16, 2007

    (On how big the rivalry is with the *****)

    “It’s big.”

    (On the ***** winning the last four-of-five meetings with the Rams)

    “I didn’t know that. I didn’t know that they had won four out of the last five. They have had our number the last two I can remember so they have gotten us pretty good.”

    (On needing 15 receiving yards to move ahead of wide receivers coach Henry Ellard for sixth place on the NFL’s all-time receiving yards list)

    “In passing we have mentioned it to each other. It is a pretty big deal for me so I’m looking forward to it.”

    (On if the atmosphere has been any different after earning their first win last week)

    “It seems to change a little bit when you get a win. The players are more lenient towards some things coaches may be a little bit more lenient. Just winning in itself changes the entire atmosphere.”

    (On if the hamstring is ok)


    (On speaking to Ellard about the receiving mark)

    “Yeah just in passing. We kind of mentioned it that I was pretty close and definitely one catch away. I am more focused on James Lofton right now.”

    (On all the receiving yards that have been accumulated between himself, Torry Holt and Henry Ellard)

    “It’s a lot. It’s a lot of numbers to retire and we are going to be missing some numbers but I’ve always said that if we retire that #80 jersey, you have to give him (Henry Ellard) the eight and me the zero. He has done a lot of great work with that jersey and there has only been two guys to wear it in the last 23 or 24 years. So that is special.”

    (On if Ellard is still able to teach him a thing or two with him being the league for a long time and seeing most everything)

    “He has seen it all as well and he sees it even more now that he is standing on the sideline. He watches a lot more film than I do. It makes my job a whole lot easier just listening to him and going out and doing what he is coaching me up to do.”

    (On Torry Holt possibly catching him on the receiving list in the future)

    “It’s there to be caught. The guys ahead of me are there to be caught. I am going to push it up as high as I can and let him have it.”

    (On him still wanting to play for a while)

    “Definitely, definitely. I’m thinking 17 or 18. Thousand yards that is, not seasons.”

    (On that being around three or four more years and if he could do that)

    “I could. Easily.”

    WR Torry Holt

    November 16, 2007

    (On if that atmosphere has been different after beating the Saints)

    “I guess it’s been somewhat of a difference. It should be. Winning always helps. It always inspires you, gives you a little more bounce. You’re just a little bit more chipper. You’re just a little bit more excited about coming to work and getting ready to go into the next week. I guess the mood has been change a little bit, but at the same time there also has been a level of focus and a level of perspective, which is the most important thing for me that I wanted to see from this football and I think I was able to see that this week.”

    (On the *****)

    “Offensively, I don’t think…obviously they’re not playing as well as they would like to be playing. Defensively they still look good, though. The guys up front are tenacious. Their linebackers are tenacious, fast, hard-hitters. Their secondary is a cohesive group that plays very well together. They make plays on the outside. This won’t be an easy football game for us just because they haven’t won a game since they played us. These guys will come out and play hard. It’s a divisional game, so they’ll come out and play hard. They know they need to win a ballgame and we’re next up. We have to be ready, we have to be focused and we have to go out with the mindset that we had last week.”

    (On if the rivalry with the ***** has cooled at all)

    “Probably publicly it has. I still think within the organizations and with some of the players that have been around these particular organizations for a while there’s still something lingering there. I think it’s a matter know of both football teams trying to put together a string of wins. If you’re going to use the rivalry to get yourself going, great. But if you need motivation just for the simple fact that both organizations, to turn the corner, need a win and need to put a string of wins together, then I think that’s more fitting than anything.”

    (On if he still looks forward to playing on Sundays)

    “Yeah I do. I still look forward to going out and playing. Anytime we play San Francisco, I always go to the history of the ***** with (Jerry) Rice and (John) Taylor and (Joe) Montana and (Ronnie) Lott and all those guys defensively, even the late, great Bill Walsh and what he did for the 49er organization, George Seifert and those guys, Steve Young – the list goes on and on of great players they’ve had. I always retrace the history. That’s always a great motivator for me to go out to, I still say Candlestick, and play football.”

    (On ending ***** 17-game winning streak against the Rams in 1999, his rookie season)

    “I guess that’s a day that will never be forgotten. I just remember the locker room, because I didn’t really understand it all the way, I was just a part of it. I just remember Isaac (Bruce), Keith Lyle, Todd Lyght, Mike Jones, Ray Agnew, D’marco Farr and all those guys and how excited they were and what the win meant. I was just a little young buck, snotty-nosed kid, just drafted, just hanging in there, just glad to be a part of it. For those guys, it meant a lot, so I’ll always remember that feeling in the locker room that day.”

    (On the ***** beating the Rams in four out of the last five meetings)

    “The ***** have dominated us the last four out of five games. The reason why I say they dominate is because they’ve won – they’ve won the last four out of five. To me that’s domination. We’re aware of that. That’s why I say no matter what their record is, they still feel like they can beat the St. Louis Rams. That’s the approach they’ll take this week and that’s the approach they’ll take on Sunday. We have to be leery of that and go out there and expect a physical, tough football game for four quarters.”

    (On WR Isaac Bruce and himself ‘running free all day’ in the first meeting with San Francisco, despite the ***** having two veteran cornerbacks, and if he can see that happening again)

    “We hope so. That’s our goal. We practiced that way this week. We’re expecting a little change up from those guys this week. We don’t know exactly what it will be until we get out there on Sunday. I’m sure they watched film the same way we did and saw that we had some opportunities in there where we were running free, so they’re going to try their best to eliminate that. If we’re running the ball and we’re clicking and the offensive line is giving Marc (Bulger) the time that allows us to get out and run our routes and get our depth and move guys and do the things we like to do for four quarters, I don’t see anyone just totally shutting us down.”

    (On still having a productive year despite playing at less than 100 percent health)

    “I feel good. Like I’ve always said with you guys, I’ve always tried to be upfront with the fans and with you guys and even with my teammates and the organization. I have my good days and I have my bad days. Today was one of my good days. Monday wasn’t a good day. I take it as it goes. I have to do a really good job of managing the knee and understanding and getting what it is I need for Sundays. I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered that, but I’ve come very close to getting a grip on it. I feel good. I feel good about my season coming off the knee injury. I just have to continue to build on it and continue to make plays and if I can do that, I’m helping this football team get in position to win football games.”

    (On being in the top 20 on both the NFL’s all-time receptions and receiving yards list at a relatively young age)

    “I am (a little excited about that). I’ve always thought if I had the opportunity to get to this level…I didn’t just want to get to this level, I wanted to be great at this level. So now, what I’m doing statistically, how I’m climbing up the ladder as a ninth-year player is somewhat amazing. I have to pinch myself sometimes and say, ‘Hey man, you’ve done some stuff.’ So I am very excited and I’m honored. I’ve always paid tribute to the guys who paved the way for me. I’m just an extension of them. I’m just carrying on the torch for those guys that passed it on to me and I hope they’re thankful for that.”

    (On closing in on WR Isaac Bruce in both receptions and receiving yards and whether or not he thinks he will catch him)

    “The way Isaac is going I don’t know. He looks and he feels good and he’s still going out there and making plays. Isaac paves the way for me. He sets the tempo, he sets the tone – he’s the standard here. If I can pass him, great, but if I don’t and I come close to it I’ll be that much more happy because I can say I played behind a true professional, a true Hall of Famer who gave me some tools and showed me the way and how to get it done. We’ll see. If he shuts it down here soon, then I may be able to get him, but if not it’s going to be a hell of a race.”

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    Re: Coach Scott Linehan November 16

    Here's hoping both WRs Bruce and Holt have a great day at the bay and get revenge for the Rams this Sunday.

    And may Coach Linehan enjoy a second win there too! :bash:

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