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    Coach Scott Linehan November 8

    Head Coach Scott Linehan

    (Opening Remarks)

    “The winner of the Ed Block Courage Award for us is Dane Looker. There are pretty impressive Rams on that list. We announced that to the team today. They have a banquet and recognized these guys each year in March.

    “Dante Hall did not practice and was not in attendance today. It was a team decision. He was excused. He had a personal family matter emergency. He had to leave town, but he will be back this afternoon. He would have fully participated in practice. He’s not 100 percent. He will be a game-time decision for us as to whether he will be active, but he’s getting close.

    “Richie’s (Incognito) is out this game. He did not practice. As soon as he gets off his crutches and is able to get back here he will be back in town. Steven (Jackson) was full participation in practice. He did a little bit more today. Brett Romberg was limited in practice. Aaron Walker did not practice and is out.”

    (On if C Brett Romberg’s ankles are not responding to treatment)

    “It’s the second ankle. I think the other one is ok. They’re both not 100 percent. It’s the same deal that Richie (Incognito) was feeling towards the end. It’s just his cutting certain ways. He’s closer to playing than Richie was a week before we decided not to play him. We have to see him do a little bit more tomorrow and possibly work him out prior to the game on Sunday.”

    (On what difference it will make for QB Marc Bulger to play without a rib injury)

    “He was playing with a lot of discomfort and it was bothering his ability to throw the football, especially the intermediate, deeper throws. It feels better knowing, when you’re back there, that you’re not having to protect yourself so much, which you have to do anyway. When you’ve been popped a few times in the ribs and when you have broken ribs there’s not a lot more things painful than that. I know that it helps his confidence level as far as being able to stay in the pocket. He stands in there anyways, but it wears on him.”

    (On Bulger’s thumb injury)

    “It is a lot better today. He threw on Monday. It looked like it was still bothering him. Yesterday he threw fine, but I could see it was still bothering him. Today I thought he didn’t have any real problem from it. It was a pretty significant bruise. During the off week his thumb was twice the size. I could see why he felt like he possibly could have broken it when he hurt it originally.”

    (On if it is realistic that C Dustin Fry can play on Sunday)

    “We’re getting him ready. We have to be ready for that because (Brett) Romberg is still a real question mark.”

    (On WR Dante Hall playing Sunday)

    “We are going to make a game-time decision and see how he is tomorrow. There are certain lateral cuts – he looks real good straight ahead. That’s not the problem. There are certain lateral cuts that are still causing him to be uncomfortable. We’re hopeful, but it’s not a guarantee for sure.”

    (On WR Dane Looker receiving the Ed Block Courage Award)

    “It encompasses a lot of things, the commitment to the team. It does go to somebody that is overcoming some kind of adversity. I don’t think anybody has seen anything quite as ugly as far as the bruise and what he went through. He played two quarters with it and never said anything. You had to drag him off the field. That’s that mentality you wouldn’t necessarily recommend. If you’re hurt you have to come out of there, but these guys like Dane are inspiring to people. t’s a great tribute to him. I was glad to hear that he was voted as the winner this year.”

    (On who votes for the Ed Block Courage Award)

    “Players vote and the trainers are involved as well as the coaches in explaining the award and the criteria for voting.”

    (On Ed Block being from St. Louis)

    “I didn’t know that. I remember the guys that won it in Minnesota and Miami. Last year Pisa (Tinoisamoa) was our winner. It’s one of those awards that deserves a lot of recognition.”

    (On OL Todd Steussie)

    “Well from what I understand until he resigns with us, he can’t be here. I actually ran into him on a Friday, his kids go to the same school as my kids do and he is rearing to go. He is close to 100 percent. I wish it was this week and not two weeks from now.”

    (On how the Saints wide receiver corps stacks up against the Rams defensive backs)

    “I think the Saints receivers are playing, as a group, very, very well. The rookie last year that’s in his second year and that’s had a slow start is having a great run here in the last four games, (Marques) Colston. So we go against a guy that is similar to the guys we see in Arizona – bigger type of receiver match-up. That is a match-up that we have to try and have a stale mate with. It is going to be tough. They have some real veteran guys that have been around. I know (David) Patten has been on some Super Bowl teams and been around the league and he is playing real well for them. They have Devery Henderson who has speed, so they have a nice variety of different types of receivers and all of them are pretty effective. The wild card is No. 25 (Reggie Bush). He is whatever they want him to be. He is a running back, he is a scat back, and he is a receiver. Kind of the ultimate weapon and the tight ends are having production so they are playing really well.”

    (On what they will do if Brett Romberg is unable to play)

    “I don’t know. We will consider Nick (Leckey) again and we will consider Dustin (Fry), we will consider (Rob) Petitti so I don’t know.”

    (On if defensive coordinator and former Saints head coach Jim Haslett can offer any insight into the challenges presented by the New Orleans defense)

    “Yeah, especially on the front; they brought all of those front guys in, other than Hollis Thomas and Jim knows about him and what there strength and apparent weaknesses are. It’s hard to pick on too many weaknesses. You look at some things. Their back end and linebackers for the most part are different, but their front guys…I think there’s a lot of helpful things that we’ve been trying to gather from Jim and the defensive staff on what those guys do in certain situations.”

    (On if he’s gotten any sense that this game has special meaning for Haslett)

    “We met as a staff on our bye week about how great it would be for us to not only get our first win, but to get it down in New Orleans for the New Orleans guys (on our staff). Jim had some really good years down there, too. People remember he was Coach of the Year and he had some great battles here in St. Louis with some teams, so I know he has a lot of great memories about his time there. Unfortunately at the end sometimes that kind of taints it a little bit, but I don’t think it does with them. They had great experiences down there and he hung his team together in probably the worst year in franchise history when it comes to adversity off the field.”

    (On if Saints assistant head coach Joe Vitt’s familiarity with the Rams affects how they game plan)

    “I think he knows about the mindset of the guys that were here and on offense there are still a number of them, so you know that plays into their game plan more so than it would normally.”

    (On generating a pass rush with DE Leonard Little out)

    “Hopefully we can do it with the guys we have playing. We bring a lot of pressure, so that’s one way, but we have to do it with a four man rush. The guys that are playing are going to have to get it done.”

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    Re: Coach Scott Linehan November 8

    Congrats to Looker!
    Makes me nervous hearing that Bulger is still having some problems with his thumb though.

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