Head Coach Scott Linehan

September 4, 2008

(Opening remarks)

“Again we will release the practice stuff as soon as we can and go from there. Really no changing from yesterday, maybe (Brett) Romberg will be on there as far as full participation. I don’t know if he missed a period but he is ready to go. Everybody else is status quo.”

(On practicing inside today)

“We needed to use some noise so we were probably going to do it anyway so we could work down the road with stadium noise. It is a lot better inside to do that. We are ready to roll.”

(On if Steven Jackson is ready to go)

“Yeah I think so. He will play a lot. I don’t know how many snaps, we don’t have a number but the other guys will play a little bit. I don’t know how much that is either at this point. We have been preparing a significant amount of plays from Steven.”

(On how he feels about this team, this year compared to last year)

“I don’t know if that would be a fair assignment. Certainly every year is different. Certainly every year you have high hopes going into the season and every year is different. Really I don’t have any comparison from last year to this year. The way I look at it, we are in Philly week and getting ready for our road opener and then we will worry about everything else after this weekend.”

(On if he is ready to finally play a game)

“Yeah I think everybody is chomping at the bit. You could feel the energy on the team and like I said there is probably 31 other teams feeling the same way about their opening game. We have come along way from OTAs to going on the road for training camp. To playing four preseason games and we have gone through a lot of roster changes and things like that. We are here and it feels like it is time to go.”

(On practice tomorrow)

“It is real similar to what we have done in the past. You really work a lot of situational football, we really have to work on getting timing on certain plays both offense and defense and also special teams and try to get ourselves a few more snaps on things we need to look at.”

“We do a walk through and practice tomorrow and then we do a walk through on Saturday before we leave. Then we fly to Philadelphia. “

(On how he feels about Fakhir Brown)

“He was out here and took every rep that we had scripted for him so I feel the same way today.”

(On how he feels about Oshimogoho Atogwe)

“Everybody looks good. I really feel the health of our team is a real bright spot right now.”

(On how CB Fakhir Brown will react to contact)

“You can’t replace the time lost as far as knowing how they are as far as tackling and being able to run with the ball and protect the ball and all of those things. You can work on a number of things. I know he did some tackling today and did some contact yesterday. It’s no different during the season when a guy misses some time, because he’s been out because of injury. Just go back in there and, last time he missed a significant amount of time, he came back in and got a couple of interceptions. I hope he is able to match that again.”

(On how he feels about QB Daunte Culpepper announcing his retirement)

“If that’s what Daunte feels is the thing to do at this point, I’m all for whatever is going to be best for him. It makes me feel a little bad that he’s not still playing just from a personal level. There’s a pretty special place in my heart for him. He’s one of the best players I’ve ever coached, ever. I think what happens is you have adversity in this game and he had a really bad injury in 2005. For whatever reason, he had a problem sticking with a couple of teams. I still think he can play. If I ever get an opportunity to talk him out of retirement one day, I’ll do it, because that guy can flat out play.”

(On if he will watch tonight)

“The first game of the season right? It’s always good to watch the opener. The way it’s set up now with the Thursday game, it really is the official kickoff of the season. I’m sure I’ll watch a few plays.”

RB Steven Jackson

September 4, 2008

(On how much he can play in the first game)

“I’m ready. I feel that I’m in shape to carry the full load, but I’m not quite sure right now what angle we’re going to take with my playing time. I know (RB) Brian Leonard and (RB) Antonio Pittman those guys worked really hard this preseason. They’ve put themselves in position to play, so whatever coach asked me to do I’m willing; if I’ve got to split the carries between three guys, that fine.”

(On what his average day was like getting prepared to play)

“I had long days; 12 hour days. I got a lot of on the field stuff, I practiced with the team, before and after practice I did some extra conditioning, went through extra plays with the coaches, listening in to the huddles so I could hear the play call because it’s a little different than reading the play yourself than hearing someone else say it, so we just went through some of those things to make sure that I’m grasping the offense and to make sure that I’m ready.”

(On if it was like a really condense training camp)

“Yeah, really condense, but I’m starting to get a lot of the work though.”

(On if he is prepared to get out there and take his first hit)

“There’s nothing that quite prepares you to take the first hit, but the scout team, the guys on the practice squad have been doing a pretty good job of thudding me up, going after the ball to make sure that when I do get those surprise hits or some hits I’m not expecting during the game that my body is not going to be totally shocked.”

(On if there are any unique problems that worry him about Philadelphia’s defense)

“Very fast defense that swarms to the ball. Very aggressive, especially at home. They’re the type of defense that really feeds off the crowd so you got (FS) Brian Dawkins, the secondary is pretty much on a first and last name basis, we know who those guys are around the league. So, we just got to make sure that we protect (QB) Marc (Bulger) so he can get the ball down the field because they’re going to be in some good battles on the outside with those guys and our receivers.”

(On if he has as much energy as he would have had if he attended camp)

“Yeah, I believe so. I think I come in with fresher legs than a lot of guys, but on the opposite side, the negative part is I didn’t get some of the hits that it took, so it’s going to be a give and a take, but I do feel fresh, my legs still underneath and going through this week or two of crashing through the books and the playbooks I feel like I’m there. I know the play call, I’m not mixing up all my assignments so that’s a good thing.”

(On if any plays might not be called due to him not knowing the whole playbook)

“There are definitely not any plays, where if Antonio Pittman is in, I wouldn’t get. I’m pretty sure that I have a good sense of all the plays in the book and with the game-plan this week.”

(On the health of the offensive line helping this year)

“It’s really encouraging. From that, last year a lot of guys got some game time, got some starts under their belt. For us to have that depth with our regular starters is a good sign. I’m just hoping that we can keep that intact. That’s really what you need. You need an offensive line that can stay together, not only through a season, but two or three years. That’s how formidable ground games get started.”

(On if his new contract adds extra motivation for him this year)

“I always keep a carrot ahead of me. I don’t play for money; I play for the passion of it. I think that’s a reflection of play here and how I’m motivating my teammates.”

(On the extra drills he did to get acquainted with the offensive playbook)

“It was just me, center and quarterback and the coaches. The coaches would just call the play in to the quarterback, Brock (Berlin) or Trent (Green). They would be out there with me and they’d bring it into the huddle and then I’d run the play, if I’m the running back or any other spot on the field that I may be.”

(On who was the center)

“It all depends on who was free or some guys were banged up. Sometimes we went without a center and it was just quarterback-running back exchange.”

(On his condition after running sprints)

“I just kind of recovered this weekend. It was good to get my legs back.”

(On the goals for this year)

“Right now, we just want to defend our home turf. Our first goal is to be undefeated at home. If we can do that, it will put us in a good position to be atop of the NFC West and go from there. We just really want to be able to compete and win our NFC West division. If we get a wild card or win it outright, we’ll get to the playoffs.”

(On the expectations of the team)

“No one expects pretty much out of St. Louis, but that’s a good thing. When you’re able to fly under the radar, people kind of overlook you and look to week two or week three, that’s a good thing for us.”

(On his goal for the year)

“The year that I want to have is just to able to play in all 16 games, healthy. If I can do that, I think that will do a number for a lot of people in this locker room.”

(On the Eagles defense and what he sees from it)

“We got a pretty good look at it. Our own defense does some exotic things, so me having that, going back to last year and coming into the last two weeks of the season, it was kind of like muscle memory. It came back to me really fast. Just getting in there and getting my head in there and keep under control. I don’t want to get too passionate and burn myself out early.”

(On what he thinks about the new offense)

“I love the new offense. It’s unpredictable. It allows for playmakers to make plays. Coach Al (Saunders), he kind of tailor-makes things around you. He just doesn’t put you in a system that doesn’t fit you.”

(On if he is more excited this year than years past)

“I am more excited. We have a lot of things that we’re trying to get done here. A lot of people are depending on this year to make things happen for them individually and as a team. For us all to be here, we have some guys who are pretty special on the defensive side of the ball as well as the offense. We really want to see it come together for (Rams Head) Coach (Scott) Linehan.”

Richie Incognito

September 4, 2008

(On the first regular season game of the season)

“Just excited to get this one over with and get rolling with the season. Before, the excitement built up a lot for the first games and now it is just a matter of getting that first one down and there is 15 more to go.”

(On the goals of the offensive line)

“We don’t want any injuries up front. It is nice to be settled in and have been playing with the five guys up there in for at least a couple of weeks now. We will see what happens during the season but for right now there is some good continuity between the front five and no injuries is our goal for right now.”

(On the new offensive system)

“I think the new system helped us learn continuity because we all learned from scratch. We didn’t know anything. We all came in with, unknown to us, what the offense was going to be. By us learning together and making mistakes together, that has brought us closer.”

Leonard Little

September 4, 2008

(On if he is ready for the season)

“I guess I am. I mean we work all camp and all preseason. So I think this team and this defense is ready to play a game that really matters.”

(On being able to play a game that really counts)

“I haven’t played a game that really counts since last October so I am anxious to get out there and start playing and see how I can do this year.”

(On the status of his toe injury from last year)

“I haven’t had any problems out of it. Hopefully that want be an issue none this year and I can go out and be the player that I know I am capable of.”

La’Roi Glover

September 4, 2008

(On what he is going to say to rookie Chris Long before his first game)
“I don’t think you have to say to much to him. They’re going to walk into that stadium and they’re going to realize what it is all about. People are going to boo them and saying a little nasty stuff to them and throwing stuff at them, things like that. They are going to see 5 (Donovan McNabb); they’re going to see 36 (Brian Westbrook). There are going to see the big offensive line and so the only thing that I am going to say to them is go out and enjoy it. Go out and do what you practice every single day.”

(On the Philadelphia fans)

“They are a little different than the norm.”

(On if he still gets excited before the game)

“Yeah, I will have butterflies in pregame. I will be nervous, all the gamut of emotions will still be there and I think as soon as those emotions leave then I am gone. So those emotions will still be there. “