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    Wink Coach Scott Linehan - The Quote Sheet - Day 9

    The Quote Sheet - Day 9
    Coach Scott Linehan
    August 4, 2006

    (Opening statement) “It was a good practice, really lively. I really think you saw the whole group, the entire team, come back and look a little fresher. Got a lot more intensity in all phases today and I was really happy with where we got as a team, in this practice particularly.”
    (On the status of the offense and defense going into tomorrow’s scrimmage) “I think we got a lot in and I think we’re now at the point where we can start refining some of the things, start putting some things on the back burner for game plans down the road and things like that, and really just focus on the fundamentals, running our base run package and our base drop back and play action packages on offense and then defensively work our base fronts and coverages. I think that’s what we really need to tune into. We’ve got a lot of the situational stuff in, third down, red zone, things like that. I think we’ll continue to work on them, we’re not there yet, but I really think now it’s a matter of playing our base systems in all three phases right now.”
    (On how long CB Ron Bartell may be out because of injury) “I think it was considered more of a mild sprain, considerable amount of swelling, but it’s down low, which is a good sign. He told me he had a high ankle sprain last year which affected him. He said it’s definitely better, which is good news. I know he’s relieved – we all were – that it’s not one of those long term deals.”
    (On LB Drew Wahlroos’ surgery) “They’re going to put a pin in that…he broke the metatarsal in the hand. Some times they don’t have to pin them, sometimes they do. In this case they’re going to go in this evening and put a pin in there and he should, at some point, be able to at least put something over that and be able to play.”
    (On the heat being a factor in training camp) “I think it’s great for our conditioning. We’ve had our pads on. There hasn’t been one practice where we haven’t had our shoulder pads on and that’s how you get in shape; you get in shape while you practice. You don’t come out and get in shape by just running. Our philosophy from the very beginning just to train our players as we practice and the heat factors in. We’ve got to be smart with it but I also think we use it to our advantage.”
    (On what he wants to get out of Saturday’s scrimmage) “Our first group’s going to be, more or less, a controlled tempo practice. Our ones are going to work against the ones, and we’re going to work situation, a little run game, a little blitz, a little red zone. That’s a pretty good idea. Those guys are pretty much going to be done after that. There’s going to be some ones that work the live scrimmage situation, which is basically going to be twos and some ones versus the defense twos and some ones. Then the threes will pretty much work against the threes and we’ll work some move the ball situations and then some red zone then we’ll work our kicking game. We’ve got to start giving the kicking game some full speed scrimmage reps, too, so they get ready for the game next Thursday.”
    (On whether the period with the first string will be live tackle tomorrow) “It will be what we call ‘thud’, which is real physical to the point of contact, but it won’t be taking ball carriers to the ground. Obviously, quarterbacks won’t be hit.”
    (On the physical play between CB Fahkir Brown and WR Torry Holt) “That’s kind of what you want. Great pros know how to compete without taking it past the point of being smart. That’s what you want. It’s going to make both guys better, no question. That’s what we want from our entire team.”
    (On the performance of CB Travis Fisher as a nickelback) “He’s done a great job there. He’s never really been a nickelback, he’s been a corner his whole life. He’s made a couple plays in the last four or five days. He’s gotten his hands on balls and caught them and that’s real good. I told Fish that when you practice like that, you’ll play like that. That’s what we always say around here. He’s certainly getting himself ready to have a heck of a year.”
    (On DT Jimmy Kennedy) “Jimmy’s playing much better. He’s one of the young guys that we want to be more consistent, but he’s had a couple of good practices and I think he’s getting himself in real good shape.”
    (On the blocking by the tight ends) “It’s coming along well. The reason is because we’re practicing. If we didn’t practice like this, we’d come out in the first game like a deer in headlights. They’re practicing at full speed and learning what they have to do and if they don’t use good technique they’re not going to win, so we’re improving there.”
    (On the offensive line’s adjustment to the new system) “I think they’re doing great. We haven’t had one day when we haven’t done either a team run or a nine-on-seven drill in pads. I think it’s where you develop your attitude as a team offensively and defensively to come out and play physical and start practice that way. I was on them a little yesterday because we had some pre-snap issues, but they came out and took care of business today and I thought they really got better.”
    (On what a player, especially those lower on the depth chart, can impress him in tomorrow’s scrimmage) “You make plays if you want to get noticed and just be consistent. I watch every drill, on both sides. Somehow you’ve got to separate yourself from the group with something. If you don’t get a ball thrown to you on offense, make a great block to spring a back. Get your hands on a ball when you might be beat by a step on a deep ball if you’re a DB, for example. I think that’s probably the only way really to get noticed or separate yourself from somebody who’s in front of you.”
    (On whether or not there’s any separation between the tight ends) “A little bit. I think Joe’s (Klopfenstein) been the most consistent. He’s certainly what we were looking for. I think yesterday wasn’t his best day, but he wasn’t awful. We talked about it this morning. I just told him that you can’t have those lulls; you’ve got to really work for consistency. Tight ends are blockers and receivers, but they’re blockers first. You’ve got to create ways to get tight ends the ball. I have no problem with Joe’s ability to be a really good receiving tight end, and he’s shown positive signs as a blocker, he just has to be consistent.”
    (On rookies self esteem playing a role in their consistency) “No doubt. It’s the toughest thing for a veteran. The veterans that are still here with the football team and throughout the league are the ones who do it most often. They know that’s the key to our ability to perform and that’s why they’re still on the team. The rookies have to really watch the guys who do it the right way and try to emulate their practice habits, their note-taking habits in the meeting room and then come out here and put it to good use.”
    (On the referee’s presence at practice) “They’re coming to three or four of our practices and they’re going to be here for the scrimmage. They’re here to really work on the points of emphasis. They’ll meet with the entire team at 6 p.m.; we always have a team meeting on a two-a-day. We’ll go through the rule changes and the points of emphasis for this year. They do this throughout the league. I think every team has a meeting with officials at some point. A lot of these guys are local guys who are NFL officials. That’s an emphasis for this practice, to really try to hit the rule changes and points of emphasis.”
    (On comparing tonight’s practice to Saturday’s scrimmage) “Tonight, this will be our first practice where we just wear our shells, which is our helmets and soft pads that we wear on the shoulders and shorts. We may install a couple things that are situational type things in the run game and in the protections on both sides. We’ll work some seven-on-seven in the red zone. Basically, it’s going to be primarily a kicking practice. We’ll work a lot of our situational kicking, get organized for the scrimmage tomorrow, and get our guys little contact, so they can be ready to go tomorrow morning.”
    (On FS O.J. Atogwe) “He’s embraced the opportunity he has. He knows it’s a great opportunity for a young player who, last year, didn’t get very many snaps. So, this is a lot like his rookie year, but he does have a year under his belt, he has had a chance to evaluate his approach to things, and I think he’s really grasping our system. He’s been really consistent for a young guy and that certainly is helping him. He has all of the characteristics you’re looking for. He’s one of those guys you trust because he really works very hard at doing his job and doing it well on the little things that don’t really get noticed by the naked eye, but he certainly is working on those things.”
    (On RG Richie Incognito) “Richie’s got a great chance to really establish himself by how he performs here in the upcoming weeks. He’s played very well and he’s competing day in and day out. He’s played through some pain: He had an infected toe and he played with it. I think he’s still trying to manage that, but he’s really shown that he has the toughness and mental toughness to fight through it. He’s really been playing pretty mistake free. That’s unusual for a young guy. It does help to be working there next to Orlando (Pace) and Andy (McCollum) because when in doubt, ask the guy next to you if he knows. He’s certainly given a pretty good impression so far.”
    (On LG Mark Setterstrom) “Setttersrom has been a very, very pleasant surprise for a rookie. He plays at the speed of a veteran. It’s not foreign ground for him to be out there playing with [the starters]. If you throw him in with the ones he’s going to play just like he would if he was with the third group. That’s just a special trait for a young guy to be able to do that. He’s a real level-headed guy that knows how to play the game. He’s one of those throwback types of lineman and he’s certainly got a chance as well.”

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    Re: Coach Scott Linehan - The Quote Sheet - Day 9

    That's good news about Ron Bartell. It's good to hear Richie Incognito is also playing well.


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