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    Coach Spags

    Hi guys...

    Well I've waited to make this particular post since I joined this board, but after today's victory I just could not keep this in any longer.

    I've been a fan of coach Spags since the day he came to St. Louis and although I've done plenty of questioning since that time I've still always felt that he would turn out to be a really good head coach for us.

    In light of the fact that he has taken quite a bit of heat on this (and all of the other Rams boards as well) I ask you all to consider this:

    We have a coach who has taken a group of young and inexperienced players and has them playing at the absolute top of their ability.

    We have a coach who is working with a team that is so beat up with injuries that he was concerned about being able to field a quality team for today's game.

    Basically what we have is a coach who is able to make, what the rest of the league, considers to be a group of average players and have them playing some really great football. This is something that is amazing to me.

    When Dick Vermeil and Mike Martz were in town they had a group of exceptional football players who played exceptional football. It was a really fun time but was it really all that surprising?

    From what I've seen so far this year......not just in the last two games, but this entire a coach who knows what he's doing with his players and it is now showing in the win column.

    Do I expect Spags to do some things going forward that I don't agree with? Yep, I certainly do, but all in all I'm very impressed with what he has accomplished so far and feel that we just might have found the head coach who will take us back to our glory days.

    Oh yeah..... Bradford hasn't hurt either. :-)


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    Re: Coach Spags

    That's what makes Spags special, he can mold defenses out of nothing, seeing how he was capable of having his Giants defense sack Brady 5 times in the Super Bowl. Selvie, Robbins, Long, and Hall put the pressure on Hasselbeck and now he looks capable of molding players outside the D-line.

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    Re: Coach Spags

    All you need to look at to evidence the "Spagnuolo Effect"
    Look at the stats for the Rams and Giants defenses this season
    I bet New York are wishing they never let him leave
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