Posted >Tue, May 18, 2010 03:15
by Nick Wagoner

- Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo discussed a variety of topics after Tuesday's practice. Here's the transcript from that conversation.

(Opening remarks)
“Let me hit you with injuries. Roger Allen didn’t practice. You know about him. Danny Fells, that’s from the end of the season. You guys know about Steven (Jackson) and Chris Massey. Jacob Bell was the one that was not out there. Last week, Monday or Tuesday during our running program, (he had) a little issue with his knee. He had an MRI, so they did a scope on it today. Now he’ll probably miss four to six weeks, which means he won’t be in the OTA’s but he’ll be fine for training camp. So the thought was get it taken care of so we’re okay for training camp. Everybody else was either limited or participated full. I thought they got after it pretty good. The Good Lord cooperated with the weather, and it was just great to be out here. Having said that, I’ll open it up.”

(On Bell’s specific injury)
“It’s a knee, I can’t remember whether it was left or right. The way it was explained to me was there were just loose bodies in there. He’s had…I think prior, before he came here he had an issue with it, and it was more of a cleanup than anything else. But it was bothering him and we figured we’d do it now.”

(On Steven Jackson’s timetable)
“We’re hoping to get some OTA’s at the end, but not going to push anything. We’re going to tread lightly. He’s done great. He’s been out there, he’s been in the pool, he’s been rehabbing. He’s done everything you can do except for be out here and do the football, but we’ll basically, I hate to sound redundant, but we’ll go day to day on that.”

(On if Jackson will be ready for contact by training camp)
“That’s what we anticipate, yeah.”

(On if Jackson hoped rest alone would help his back recover)
“It was one of those things you hope you go… I think we’d all want to do that, and it has worked that way before. It just didn’t work this time, so he had a procedure done.”

(On Bradley Fletcher’s status)
“I don’t think I mentioned Bradley. He’s a limited guy right now, so he was out there doing some individual but didn’t do any of the team stuff. So he doesn’t get in anything competitive. But he’s just starting to do change of direction and hopeful that… I can’t really say that. I don’t know where he’ll be for training camp. We’ll just wait and see.”

(On how WR Brooks Foster is coming along)
“Great. I’ll tell you what, he’s had a tremendous offseason. I told him the other day he just looks like a different person. He just looks like a different man. These guys come here young looking out of college, but he looks like a man to me. I can’t tell you how he did today, just I can’t see all of it, but I thought he had a great offseason so far.”

(On how Foster figures into the mix at receiver)
“Yeah, he could jump right in there with the rest of those guys.”

(On his impressions of QB Sam Bradford on his first day working with the veterans)
“Good. I think he’s probably tell you, you’ll get to talk to him in a little bit, I think he’ll probably tell you the speed picked up a little bit from the rookie camp. I thought he threw some nice balls. He had a nice long ball down here that everybody was impressed with, but he did some good things.”

(On how WR Laurent Robinson looks)
“Great. He made a nice catch - some of these just kind of stick out – he made a nice catch on an under route. He’s another guy (Head Athletic Trainer) Reggie (Scott) has done a great job with rehabbing. He’s gotten himself ready to play in these OTA’s, which is what we wanted.”

(On if they’re limiting Robinson at all)
“No, he’s full. He’s not limited at all. He did everything.”

(On how he plans to devide the first-team reps at quarterback)
“Right now A.J. Feeley is getting them all, and then Sam and Keith (Null) kind of mix in with the two’s and three’s, and that won’t change until… somewhere in there we’ll give both Sam and Keith some reps with the first group just to get them used to it, but right now, all the reps are evenly split. It’s not like the one’s are getting more than the two’s or three’s. You want everyone to get a chance.”

(On Bradford’s command in the huddle Tuesday)
“I got no reason to think that today was any different than the rookie minicamp, but he’s doing a nice job with it. (joking) I’ll keep you posted if he messes up.”

(On S Oshiomogho Atogwe’s health)
“I talked to O.J. - it’s been a little while now, I’m going to guess a month ago – and he looked like he was doing good to me. He says he’s doing great. The reports are he’s doing really good, but I have not seen him in a while so I don’t really know.”

(On WR Mardy Gilyard being robbed Monday night)
“(Senior Director of Communications) Ted (Crews) just told me something when we were walking over here, so I don’t really have any details. I can get back to you on that on Thursday.”

(On if he’d like to see the NFL policy change so that players like Gilyard could join their teams before their colleges finish classes)
“I’m staying away from that one. The rule is there. It’s there because you want to respect the college graduation process. We’ll honor the rule, and Mardy’s honoring it, too.”

(On the importance of OTA’s for a team that has so many new faces)
“I think they’re important for everybody, every team. They’re certainly to us. It was just great to have the rookies and vets together. I mean, the last minicamp was rookies. I think they’re valuable. I believe that. I mean, the more time you can practice, the more time you can get out here and get used to each other, especially quarterbacks and receivers, DB’s talking to each other, linebackers… the whole communication thing, I think it’s real valuable. It’s not ‘real football’ because you don’t have the pads on, but I think there are a lot of things we can get done.”

Rams OTAs Underway
Posted >Tue, May 18, 2010 01:30
by Nick Wagoner

- The Rams kicked off their version of organized team activities on Tuesday morning with nearly a full complement of players available.

- Tuesday's practice was the first of 19 over the next month that will include a five-practice minicamp in mid-June.

- Guard Jacob Bell was absent from practice. He had a scope on his knee last week and will be out four to six weeks. Spagnuolo described it as a "clean up" and the Rams expect Bell back in the fold for training camp.

- As expected, Rams not participating in the workout included running back Steven Jackson, safety Oshiomogho Atogwe, tight end Daniel Fells, long snapper Chris Massey and guard Roger Allen. All are coming off injuries and/or surgeries.

- Cornerback Bradley Fletcher, receiver Keenan Burton and end C.J. Ah You were limited in their participation as they too rehab from injuries.

- Among those back in the fold after recovering from injury are DT Gary Gibson, WRs Laurent Robinson and Brooks Foster, G Mark Setterstrom and OT Jason Smith.

- One player coach Steve Spagnuolo said to be on the lookout for in the coming weeks is Foster. According to Spagnuolo, Foster had a really strong offseason in his rehab as well as in the conditioning program. For the record, Foster is No. 89 in your program.

- Speaking of numbers, some news on that front for those that keep track of that sort of thing. Allen has switched to the No. 70 that became available on the trade of Alex Barron. Mark Lewis now wears the vacated No. 62 from Allen.

- As for the new additions, it goes like this: LB Bobby Carpenter (52), LB Na'il Diggs (53), QB A.J. Feeley (4), S Kevin Payne (30), CB Kevin Dockery (35), G/C Hank Fraley (65), TE Darcy Johnson (87) and DT Fred Robbins (98).

- Be back with more later.