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Thread: Coach's job

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    Coach's job

    It is the coach's job to get everyone on the same page. The NFL has so much talent that there is such a fine line between putting a star on the field and fielding an average player. It is the coach's responsibility to to inter mesh this talent and to game plan to exploit it. It is the coach's responsibility to motivate and prepare a team to play each and every Sunday. It is the coach's responsibility to physically and mentally prepare players for a long grueling season. It is the responsibility of the coach to get the entire community to rally around a team when the chips are down as much as it is when things are going well.

    Linehan has been tested in every way the last 2 years and it is my opinion that he has failed miserably in every task. There is nothing at this point and time that makes me have any confidence in him at this time.

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    Re: Coach's job

    boo linehan.. hoorah martz

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    Re: Coach's job

    It's something i've been wondering myself for a good few weeks now...

    Is Linehan up for 'this' job.. or simply HC material?

    To follow on from Ramwraith's post....ask yourself... for the LONG TERM, which means taking aside injuries/suspentions etc etc

    Linehan was appointed the Rams head Coach on January 19th 2006 it's now 1st October 2007 thats 619 days OR 20 and half months = 2 full off-seasons, 2 NFL drafts, 2 training camps, 2 preseasons.

    Ask yourself this - In the time i've mentioned above, has Linehan IMPROVED or DEVLOPED our team? OR more importantly - In the 619 days of his leadership, ARE THE RAMS A BETTER TEAM?

    If not... just how much longer does he need????

    Think about it?
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    Re: Coach's job

    I don't even know if the guy was a good QB coach or OC, when he was with the fish.

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