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    Coats Blog--11-5-07

    Cornerback Tye Hill wasn’t doing much complaining about his injured left wrist after Sunday’s game. Yet barely 24 hours later, he was undergoing surgery. Further delay might have resulted in serious nerve damage, according to coach Scott Linehan.

    “It ended up becoming a more of an emergency-type of situation,” Linehan said. “He didn’t know he hurt his wrist as bad as he had; he dislocated his wrist. It developed a lot of swelling and he started to lose feeling in a couple of his fingers. . . . When that happens, you have to get in and correct it right away. We decided to do the surgery Monday night and were able to fix the problem and get things functioning and start the healing.”

    Hill is done for the season; full recovery could take as much as five months. Hill watched practice Wednesday wearing a large cast and a sling. He didn’t speak with reporters.

    “I’m glad he was able to get that done and there weren’t any complications from it,” Linehan said. “You don’t mess around with those kinds of things.”


    Quarterback Marc Bulger, who missed last Sunday’s game after suffering a concussion the week before, is back at practice. He expects to play Sunday in Cincinnati, but he stressed that it’s not guaranteed.

    “If you’re in the NFL, I don’t care if you’re Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, you’re going to get hit, simple as that. Weighing on the decision will be the fact that I will get hit,” Bulger said. “As long as all the doctors I talk to understand that I’m going to get hit, there’s going to be some head trauma and everything will be fine, I’ll be fine with going. If I have one doctor think that’s not going to be the case, I’m not going to risk it.”

    Bulger is gathering opinions from several specialists.

    “If you’re going to buy a car . . . you don’t just go to the first car dealership and accept it. I’m certainly not going to accept it with my head,” he said. “I’m trying to walk a fine line between being selfish and being that team guy. But when it comes to long-term health for the rest of my life, my due diligence is going to be 100 percent and I’m not going to risk anything.”


    Notes & quotes:

    >>Bulger was unlimited at practice Wednesday, as were CB Fakhir Brown (back), RB Brian Leonard (knee) and C Brett Romberg (ankle.)

    >>Linehan indicated that Frerotte, who doesn’t need surgery for his partially torn labrum, could suit up Sunday as the No. 3 QB and play in an emergency.

    >>Rams RB Steven Jackson and Bengals WRs Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh are Oregon State products.

    >>Hill is the 10th Rams player, and sixth starter, to land on IR.

    >>A decision on who will fill Hill’s spot on the 53-man roster hasn’t been made yet. If Linehan wants to stay in-house, he could promote Darius Vinnett or Justin Phinisee, both CBs, from the practice squad.

    All for now. . .

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    Re: Coats Blog--11-5-07

    10 players on IR and 6 of the 10 were starters. Nice going Linehan!

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