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Thread: Cog vs Rogers

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    Ahbatu Ujeema Guest

    Cog vs Rogers

    Quite a measureing stick for the Cog in his young carreer but just the same, my money is on the Cog.

    I am sure it will be a battle and Rodgers exp will show , at first, but I have confidence as the game goes on my money is on Cogs :l :l :l

    GO RAMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Cog vs Rogers

    As many said after the draft, the COG, as you call him, could be the steal of the draft if he stays out of trouble.

    So far, he's been well worth the risk. He looks like a nature. :l

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    MSRamman Guest

    Post Re: Cog vs Rogers

    Incognito has great natural ability, but he is playing a position he has only been playing for two weeks. Granted, he has done well considering, but what I'm afraid of is if Rogers exploits Richies inexperience and starts getting the better of him, we'll start seeing some mistakes and penalties on Richies part that will put us in a bad position; ie. Personal Fouls... just a thought... Then again, this may be the game where he asserts his dominance, but this will be one of the better D lineman he will face this season, it will be an interesting test...


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    Re: Cog vs Rogers

    Is Richie not still starting or something? Why are we worried about Incognito? Plus...he really hasn't done anything too bad, except that one high snap in shotgun last game, other than that, he's been great imo.
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    SFCRamFan Guest

    Re: Cog vs Rogers

    Other than playing out of position, this is what we got him for; his nasty attitude and strength and ability. I know that playing out of position is a big deal, but he has performed well as essentially a "rookie" since he did not play last year. I think that after some adjustment and learning during the game, he will perform just fine. I worry more about Goldberg & Stuessie...
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    Re: Cog vs Rogers

    Richie will take care of business in the middle.....we'll need divine intervention on the left side with Stuessie and Goldberg.

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    Re: Cog vs Rogers

    [RCKing, nice avatar. I'm a Chevelle man but love American Muscle Machines!]

    Incognito should be getting some expected help from Goldberg on a good number of plays to double up against Rogers. Also, I understand Rogers has a bad knee as of late -- not sure how much that plays into the battle of the trenches tomorrow.


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