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    Coldhardfootballfacts exposed gave this hypocrite a chance to retract or at least publish the fact that he acknowledges that the head slap to Warner was the difference in the game or at least a contributing factor however he has ignored our professional and courteous offer so we have no choice but to expose him.

    Kerry J. Byrne
    This writer (Kerry J. Byrne) does not realize that you can not have it both ways. First of all he is a lush that makes his living crashing bars around the world then writing articles about who has the best beer. (As if we need him to inform us on what kind of beer to drink.) Then in his spare time he writes for his own web site called This website is the antithesis of cold hard football facts and is hypocritical to say the least. While he hides behind the title of his web site “cold hard football facts what he really wants the reader to take away is just how great his favorite football team is and how everyone should worship at the Tom Brady alter. I guess I should mention that he writes for the Boston globe and types his columns with a Patriot pompom attached to one hand and his other hand is thoroughly busy while staring at a poster of one of the leagues most over rated dinkers Tom Brady. The gall of him to use the words cold hard football fact is indeed appalling when you consider this example (below) of his attack on Skip Bayless. Although Skip Bayless is another sports writer with his lips all over his favorite team when he types his articles and deserves everything he gets one has to laugh at the hypocrisy when he talks about the “tuck rule” that vaulted his favorite team past Oakland in the divisional playoffs of 2001. He completely loses credibility and makes a mockery of his web site name “” when he says
    Woodson jarred the ball loose with a vicious and illegal headslap. The great travesty of the play was that Woodson almost got away with this. Watch the video again and see for yourself”.

    Here is the snippet from that article when he gushes concern about the head slap by Woodson.

    Skip Bayless wrote:
    And who remembers now that Brady's fumble should have eliminated the Patriots in their divisional playoff game that year?

    Cold Hard football facts web site wrote
    Oh, the old “tuck rule” argument. Basically, this is the verbal equivalent of raising the white flag. It’s something people cite when they have no ammunition left in their arsenal. Suffice to say, Useless sees a fumble; the Cold, Hard Football Facts see the most brilliant playoff debut by a QB in NFL history, 32 of 52 for 312 yards in a blizzard and three clutch scoring drives in the 4th quarter and overtime; Nutless sees a lucky break; the Cold, Hard Football Facts see a guy who still had to put up two scores to win the game and who pieced together a brilliant and spirit-crushing 8-for-8 passing performance in overtime; Factless sees the “tuck rule;” the Cold, Hard Football Facts see a vicious head-slap by Charles Woodson that should have been a 15-yard penalty and that, in the confusion, never got called. Go ahead. Look at the replay, Skippy. Woodson jarred the ball loose with a vicious and illegal headslap. The great travesty of the play was that Woodson almost got away with this. Watch the video again and see for yourself.

    Redirect by

    Well here is a cold hard football fact for Kerry. New England did get away with a vicious head slap and were awarded 7 points for the cowardly act. Furthermore it was the difference in the superbowl so what is more of a travesty? Watch the video again and see for yourself. Naturally he gives his readers no link to the play to back up his claim however we back our claim up with video evidence. The hypocrisy doesn’t end there as he claims his intent is to expose sports writers who just do not have the facts straight. So my offer to him still exists that is to set this cold hard football fact straight. Think he will? Ha ha ha he’s from Boston, enough said.

    Here is another cold hard football fact Kerry. You need to change the name of your web site.

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    Re: Coldhardfootballfacts exposed

    Not since the days and nights of Pee Wee Herman has the word "exposed" been so persistently linked to one man...our man, RamTime. It's such a shame that Boston Kerry writes off the fact that Brady fumbled and the Raiders should have been in the SuperBowl. It seems that even today only the football fans of the northeast and the NFL officiating mafiaso truly believe Brady didn't fumble.


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