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Two years ago this weekend, Kent Bradford sat in a darkened New York City theater as his son’s name was announced as the 2008 Heisman Trophy winner. Since then, he’s watched his only child endure a shoulder injury, battle back from it, reinjure the shoulder, have surgery, opt to leave Oklahoma early for the NFL and be chosen as the top overall pick in last spring’s NFL Draft.

When Sam Bradford, left, visited the New York Stock Exchange in 2008, his father, Kent, right, was by his side. AP phot

Now, Sam Bradford is having a season worthy of Rookie of the Year honors. The Rams quarterback has thrown for more than 2,600 yards, 17 touchdowns and 10 interceptions.
And his father is still there watching and enjoying, just like he was that December night two years ago.

It was actually kind of a blur. As I recall, he really wasn’t being talked about much as the top choice until probably after the Tech game. Then we played Oklahoma State and his hand was hurt. Then we played the championship game, came back Sunday, had the operation, went to Orlando Wednesday, went to New York from there.
Probably after the Tech game, Martha and I are talking and we’re saying, “You know, honey, if he gets to go to the Heisman, we ought to probably buy him a suit.”
We ordered him a suit, and we had to alter it after his operation to go over his cast on his hand.
The night of the Heisman ceremony … it was probably normal and calm up until that last TV break. Then I kind of knew it was almost time. My heart was just pounding. I was going, “Good Lord, I’m going to have a heart attack here, and it’s gonna be a bad deal.” It was just pounding.
When he came over, I think I said, “Hey, man, I love you. I love you.”

It was awesome.
There’ve been a whole lot of things happen in his life. It’s gone by very fast.
I just think that probably a key to Sam is that Sam has very high expectations of himself. Probably all the other things, the press and the stories and all of that, he just tries to ignore. He tries to just kind of do his thing.

He got to play about a quarter in their first preseason game, and in that short period of time he was in there, I think he got hammered several times. I’m going, “You know, I hope this works out good,” because he was getting smoked. I was going, “Oh, Lord. Come on.”
They have now won six games which matches their previous three year total. The playoffs are out there. It can happen. I don’t know if it will happen, but hey, it might happen. It certainly might.

His games … I’m not going to miss ’em. I haven’t missed ’em up to now. Heck, he’s at the top. There’s no reason to start missing ’em now. I mean, c’mon.
I’ve always been proud of him for who he is. His sports and his quarterbacking, it’s all nice and fun, but he has truly been a great kid.
Father of Sam Bradford and former Oklahoma football player
Age: 54
Hometown: Oklahoma City