After all the talk during pre-season, about the committment to improving special teams, I find it very disturbing that the Rams open the season where they left off last year.

Major bonehead play by Chris Johnson on the opening kickoff !! The ball was going to go out of bounds and he grabs it within three feet of the sidelines. A complete lack of discipline by an NFL return man. To add insult to injury the Rams braintrust decides to challenge the play. In my opinion Johnson deserved a seat on the bench rather than a challenge to a dumb mistake.

I thought he had a subpar performance. He seemed to be off with his reads and he held the ball too long on the majority of the sacks he took. The interception on the final drive was a microcosm of his errant throws throughout the game.

Rex Tucker:
If he can't get the job done against Bryant Young, then we could be in trouble again this season at the RT position.

Adam Timmerman:
He is very slow and totally ineffective when he pulls as the lead blocker on the counter run plays.

He is not a FB. He seems to make a half-hearted attempt as the lead blocker for Jackson. I did notice Hedgecock was not much better during his limited action.

I know his name, but after yesterday I wish I had not seen it on the back of a Rams jersey. Free Safety? me!!

This guy is a NFL punter? One thing is certain, when it comes to making a tackle he is no Jeff Wilkens. Knowing this, I think if I were Bob Liga-whosky, I would leave another player back to make a saving tackle.

S. Jackson:
Yeah he is good and powerful, but he needs to improve in reading his blocks and seeing the holes.

Red Zone:
Rams offense found a way to make critical mistakes and keep themselves out of the endzone during the entire first half.

Special Teams:
Where do I begin? Oh yeah, the opening kickoff.....grrrrrr. Better question - When will the mistakes end?

I have seen worse. Bruce was hammered at the goal line on a sure TD. Granted he still should have caught the ball, but the defender was all over his back before the ball arrived. Fisher was called for less during the second half. Holding on Pisa during a botched extra point by the whiners? Cmon, bogus call !!!!!! Morton did not control the pass that was ruled a catch and gave the whiners a first and goal.

Martz watch:
I thought he wasted a challenge on the opening kickoff. Going for two when the Rams were down by 10 pts. was questionable in my mind. I think I would have kicked for the point to get within nine. Otherwise I thought Martz coached a good game, however, I am not warming up to the idea of Manu at FB.

Our Rams dominated the whiners and yet they found a way to lose from their own mistakes. I often found myself shaking my head in disbelief. I have no doubt that we have a good football team and I still think we can go deep into the playoffs.