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    Re: Comes down to the last two

    I have to be honest. After the way we played today I dont want us to make the playoffs. I mean today was supposed to be a playoff atmosphere and the stadium was half full of Chief fans. Not to mention we played our second worst game of the year today. While I would love for ou Rams to be in the playoffs I don't want to see them get embarrassed on national tv by a team that deserved to make the playoffs. Our Rams have improved but they are not in any way what so ever ready for success. If they were ready for success they wouldnt have laid such a big fat egg against a mediocre Chiefs team today.

    Also we finally get back in the game and what do we do lay down on defense and give up an 80 yard run, way to let the air out of the building. My expectations did elevate a little the last few weeks because this team was fighting. Today however they have deflated my expectation baloon to looking forward to the off season and draft.

    Shurmur sucks, no doubt about it. For gods sake we have average wr's but at least try for crying out loud. He is so freaking predictable its rediculous. I don't know if he's protecting Bradford or just flat out scared to open up the offense even a little bit. The problem is will bringing in a real offensive co-ordinator hurt Bradfords growth?

    Do we need wr's? Yes we need a few. Amendola,Gibson,Alexander and Robinson all make decent 3rd or 4th string wr's but none of them are starter material. This should be prority number one along with a back-up running back as well.

    Aim high Willis, Aim High!

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    Re: Comes down to the last two

    Quote Originally Posted by JKramsfan View Post
    If they don't play better than they did today winning the last 2 games isn't going to happen, I think they can and will win both but it won't be easy.
    Agree 100%. The Rams CAN play considerably better than what thet did today. It's come down to the wire.

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