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    Arrow Conference calls - Arizona press

    Wide Receiver Torry Holt

    On Kurt Warner…
    “I think it’s cool, you know I am definitely excited for him to get another opportunity to play football and be a starting quarterback in the National Football League. We had a lot of great memories with Kurt, and those types of things will flash back leading up to the game. But once we get started and ready to roll, we drop that, go out there and compete and go out and win.”

    On what it was like in the beginning when no one expected anything from the Rams in '99…
    “It was very exciting, at times it was overwhelming, for me I was a rookie so I thought that was the way the National Football League really was. Just the camaraderie that we had the unity that we had, and we had a team concept that everyone bought into. We went out there and aspired to play that way every single week. It was great. And then to put together strings of wins and more wins and more wins and playoff wins and to win the Super Bowl was very unique. It’s something that everyone that was on that particular team we’ll all enjoy.”

    On if Warner still has fans in St. Louis...
    “Absolutely. Kurt has a tremendous amount of fans here. They love Kurt. Not only Kurt Warner the football player but Kurt Warner the man. What he brought not only to this football organization but what he brought to this community. What he brought to this community was bar none. Not only here, they embraced him well in New York. It’s just the type of personality he has, the way he lives his life, how he cares about football, how he cares about his family and how he cares about people. I’m sure it’s the same way in Arizona. He’s a tough person not to like and not to love. I’m excited for him and I’m happy for him and his family and I wish him all the best.”

    On his relationship with Kurt…
    “I always had a good relationship with Kurt. We had a great work relationship. I never hung out at his house and he never hung out at my house. We may have had breakfast together. Those moments were cool. We laugh and joke with one another. So my relationship with Kurt was fine and I think it’s still fine. I have a tremendous amount of respect for him and how he was able to overcome the battles in the early part of his life and come to the National Football League and explode and do the things he did and led us to a Super Bowl win and a Super Bowl game. My respect for him is really high.”

    On the loss to the ***** in Week 1…
    “Things are still bubbly here. It’s week 2. That’s a game we felt we should have won. It was a divisional game. It hurts with Seattle losing and Arizona losing, it gave us an opportunity to be up one (game). San Francisco has that right now. But you have to credit San Francisco, they played well.
    We didn’t play well at times. We didn’t make the great plays late to help us win that ball game. But I think it’s still positive around here. I think it’s up to us as players to keep a positive attitude and keep a positive mentality and to continue to work hard. We need to continue to raise the bar even though we lost. And hopefully the young guys will follow and stay positive.”

    On the Rams offensive weapons…
    “I should say this, we always had weapons. Just that the weapons we are depending on (this year) are healthy. I think that’s the key component to this offense and what we can do. We have to be healthy to do the things that we can do. Coach (Martz) always draws up a good game plan for us week in and week out. It’s up to us to be healthy and go out and execute the game plan. But with myself and Isaac (Bruce) on the outside and Steven (Jackson) and Marshall (Faulk) in the backfield and Kevin (Curtis) and Shaun (Macdonald) playing the three and the four (receivers) and Dane (Looker) sparing us at the five (receiver) and the tight ends are well. We have a tremendous amount of talent for one football team. It’s up to us again to execute it and put our offense in a position where we can help this ball club win ball games. The talent is good but you really can’t praise it if we can’t score points. Last week we weren’t able to do that, so we still have a long ways to go as an offensive unit to say that we are back as the greatest show. We have to score some more points.”

    On if going 0-2 would be a big deal…
    “It’s a tremendous setback. Anytime you lose a game in your division it hurts your chances of winning that division. We’re already down one in our division, and now we have another division opponent. We have to go in there and fight. To go down two in the division is tough. It’s something we have to be conscientious as we prepare this week coming into Arizona. I know that’s something that they (the Cardinals) are conscientious of. This is a divisional game, a very important game. You’re going to see two ball clubs fighting. We both know what’s at stake, and just to put something in the win column just for the morale of your football team.”

    On the importance of the running game…
    “It’s important that you run the football and you run the football well, because then you’re creating balance. We know that we can pass the football. That’s not a secret, and we know we’re going to pass the football, and that’s not a secret. But when you have a very strong and powerful run game that creates that much more balance. That’s when you have the (defensive) coordinators wondering what you’re going to do. Are they going to pass? Are they going to run? There are all types of things they have to look for now, and it kind of keeps the defense on its heels and keeps its coordinator on his heels with his play calling. I think the running game loosens up so much. The running game is probably the most important of football and stopping the run is the most important part of football as far as giving your football team the opportunity to win.”

    On people saying the NFC West is the weakest division in the league…
    “I laugh at it but that is people’s opinion. I feel our division is tough. Everyone is familiar with one another. Everyone plays each other for the most part fairly tough. I look at it that that’s people’s opinion and that’s fine. But I know that playing in this division is a tough division. When you go against a division opponent, you give it your all to win the ballgame.”

    On Adrian Wilson…
    “I think he’s continuing to mature year in and year out. I think he’s beginning to understand what he has, what physical ability he has, and what he has to do to help that football team to win ball games. I think Adrian is one of the most athletically-gifted, physically-gifted safeties in the National Football League, but now he has to carry that over to ball games, carry that over to film study, and continue to do what he’s doing to help that defense. I think that he’s a guy that that team and that defense respects. He’s a physical presence to that defense. I think the sky’s the limit with Adrian. Adrian will be as good as Adrian wants to be as long as he continues to work hard, as long as he continues to ask questions, as long as he continues to study film, most improtantly to go out there and make plays. I think Arizona has a Pro Bowl-caliber safety. It will be up to Adrian on how well he wants to be perceived to be the top defensive safety in the National Football League.”

    On the Cardinals cornerbacks…
    “We know Macklin and he’s familiar with us. We know what he likes to do and we know what he doesn’t like to do. One thing I can say about Macklin, what I enjoy about playing against him, is his intensity and his love for the game. I do appreciate that because you know when you play against a guy like that, you got to play for four quarters. You can’t slack at any moment against him because he will show you up. So I do have an appreciation for him in that respect.
    Rolle, I don’t know a lot about him. Other than that rookie show that (ESPN) showed. They talked about I think he was stiff in his back pedal. He had never back pedaled before. So that’s pretty much what I know about him. I haven’t had the opprotunity to watch him on film. But I do know this, I do know he’s a football player. He’s a guy who can make plays for that football team, a young guy, there are some things that we can do against him that he hasn’t seen and take advantage of that youth.

    Head Coach Mike Martz

    On going against Warner…
    ``I can imagine that this will be awfully strange to see him out in a huddle in another uniform, but you’ve just got to go about your business and go to work. When the ball’s kicked off, those things you can’t think about.’’

    On the ’99 season…
    ``You know, we had nine of the 11 guys that were new to the position on offense, so it was kind of magical. The enthusiasm was wonderful. Everybody was very attuned to the details we were trying to do, and we just kind of grew as an offense, coaches and players alike. It was a lot of fun.’’

    On when things declined after that season…
    “It was hard, it was very hard, and there were a lot of reasons for it obviously. One way or another you’ve got to pull yourself out of that hole and get going again.’’

    On if he ever doubted Kurt’s abilities…
    ``I just think the decision for us with Kurt was it had gotten to a point where we just felt like we needed a change to try and stimulate something, whether it was Kurt or whoever it was in that situation. Unfortunately, it was Kurt. And it was good for Kurt to change scenery and get into a different environment and all of those good things. We just felt like we needed to make a change and move on.’’

    On how Kurt looks this year…
    ``He looks very good physically. He looks like he’s back into form. He really does. He looks very quick and his mechanics are just outstanding. They’ve done a real good job down there with him. He’s very, very quick with the decisions, quick with the ball. He looks good.’’

    On how difficult for any QB to succeed when you don’t have a running game…
    ``I guess that’s a moot point. We’ve been there before and that’s something that nobody relishes.’’

    On their running backs…
    ``Stephen would like to have the ball a lot more than he did last week and I’d like to hand it to him a lot more. You know, I think we had 91 plays on offense. Marshall still played 35 plays, so I think there’s a nice mix between them, and I think Stephen should carry the brunt of it and deserves it. Marshall coming in off the bench, coming in and out of the game throughout the game keeps him able to perform at a very high level. So I think it’s really just kind of a wonderful mix for us.’’

    On how Marshall has accepted his role…
    ``I don’t if anybody could in any professional sport could accept that or deal with it as well as he is. And he was the one that recognized it right away. He’s extremely intelligent for those of you who don’t know him. He’s extremely unselfish, recognized it was at the point in his career where he still has the skills, he still has the speed, but his body has got some wear and tear on it. When guys get to that point, it’s hard for them to accept that.
    It was a situation where he suggested, watching Stephen, that Stephen should be the lead back and allow him (Faulk) to potentially come in and help throughout the game and throughout the season, and ultimately extend Marshall’s’ career as well. He shocked me when he came up to me in practice and told me this. The maturity level is just unbelievable. I tease him all the time he should be a head coach in the league, he just understands people so well and knows talent and knows the game. I really do wish he would get into coaching eventually because we could sure use him as a coach years down the road. But he’s really a dynamic and special individual.’’

    On what he sees from Karlos Dansby…
    ``Wherever the ball is, that’s where he is. That’s probably the easiest way to explain it. That’s the mark of an outstanding player over there at that position. Wherever the ball is, you’re going to see his number, either at the point or arriving there quickly.’’

    On Ryan Fitzpatrick:
    ``I’m very pleased with him. He’s a very special young man. Shocked by him is probably the best term, to arrive and do the things he’s done, have the presence in the huddle and during the game to do some of the things he’s done I’ve never seen a young player do before.’’

    On people saying the NFC West is the weakest division in the league..
    ``Oh you know, that stuff gets said all the time. You can’t pay any attention to that stuff. How does anybody know what this division is until the end of the season? How does anybody know anything about anybody? You know, in ‘99, when I got here the season before wasn’t a very good season and the odds of us going to the Super Bowl were pretty slim. So who knows, who really knows?’’

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    Re: Conference calls - Arizona press

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