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Thread: Congrats Ram Mar Ram, the 2012 ClanRam FF Champion!

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    Congrats Ram Mar Ram, the 2012 ClanRam FF Champion!

    Just tallied up the scores and Ram Mar Ram, representing the Blue League, is the ClanRam 2012 Fantasy Football Champion! Not even a cyclone could keep him down. Congrats man!

    Here's your trophy and a smaller replica you can use as your avatar.

    Also a big congrats to runner up GolfnRAMFAN for winning the Gold League!

    And thanks to all who participated week to week, I hope to see you all next year.

    Here are the complete rosters for both teams that competed in the finals:

    QB: A Rodgers 27.6
    WR: Andre Johnson 14.1
    WR: Antonio Brown 7.6
    RB: BenJarvus Green Ellis 0
    RB: Ahmad Bradshaw 20.8
    TE: Greg Olsen 4.3
    Flex: Torrey Smith -0.4
    K: Matt Prater 8
    D/ST: Seattle 6
    Total 88

    Ram Mar Ram
    QB - Aaron Rodgers 27.6
    WR - M. Colston 17.2
    WR - Andre Johnson 14.1
    RB - Montell Owens 0
    RB - Matt Forte 17.4
    TE - Dennis Pitta 0
    R/W/T - James Jones 12.2
    K - S. Gostkowski 4
    Def - New England 21
    Total 113.5

    And for those of you that joined but didn't login once since September, I have a trophy for you too.

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    Re: Congrats Ram Mar Ram, the 2012 ClanRam FF Champion!


    ummm. Alrighty. lol Thanks guys for the year, was alot of fun, and had alot of lucky breaks in route to an almost undefeated season, the only loss when Rodgers was on his bye week.

    Also thanks to the Blue League guys for the year. Wasnt the best team overall but i guess i consistantly could put up decent scores and had some luck along the way. Thought War Dogs was going to get me in the end my Arian Foster went cold at the most inopportune time.

    The final had some similarities, we both had Rodgers, A.Johnson & Ben Jarvis Ellis (I benched him in favour of Montel Owens who also got zilch). But Cheers to GolfnRAMFAN for the game, would be interested to see who you had on your bench. You are the Gold Champion and maybe with alot of luck will meet again next year.

    Cheers for the Hardware Ramfan_Til_I_Die ..

    Have my power sorted but my internet is still down so still doing most of my stuff via iPhone. I couldnt seem to retrieve my password before so ended up re-registering and just tried to retrieve my password but i registered with my old email so its just sending me a new password for my new account ... err

    Loving the Terd Trophy, would suggest noting down the names for next year in case they reapply, and you can re-issue the trophy then.

    Again .. a Big Thank you from me and Cyclone Evan (who has made it difficult for me to play fantasy football) ... kinda like being married i guess haha.
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    Re: Congrats Ram Mar Ram, the 2012 ClanRam FF Champion!

    Congrats Ram Mar Ram... err, Kiwi!

    Glad that the Blue league won the trophy! Also glad that our Forte-Green trade worked out well for both of us! You won it all, and I was able to storm back and claim the 3rd seed in the playoffs. I almost got to our finals, but War Dogs just got me...

    I didn't check to see what my score was during our finals week, but I can only hope that I would have beaten you and then won the Grand Finals if I'd gotten past War Dogs.

    Great job to both of you and great year to all who played!

    - Isaiah Pead Myself
    I believe!

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    Re: Congrats Ram Mar Ram, the 2012 ClanRam FF Champion!

    It looked like I was the only one to take him down this year, even if it was on Aaron Rodger's bye week.

    It was a fun year, but I'm disappointed my Belichick, two tight end system couldn't quite go the distance.

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    Re: Congrats Ram Mar Ram, the 2012 ClanRam FF Champion!

    Grats on the big win!!!!!

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