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    Atlas Guest

    Thumbs up Congratulations!

    It was a good game against the *****. I have just one question though. Do the Rams plan on making every game they play the Game of the Week? This Miami game will be a good one. A top notch offense against a top notch defense. I think the game will depend on the Rams defense holding the Dolphins offense.

    There is one thing to remember. If there is one team that can capitalize on another team's's the Dolphins. The Rams are going to have to try to cut back on penalties in this one. Don't help Fielder move the chains with yellow flags. He's showing he's willing to do that himself, without help.

    Good luck in the game. may the best team win.

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    DJRamFan Guest
    Good luck in the game. may the best team win.
    Don't worry, we will.

    I do agree though. It's not gonna depend on one side of the ball, the Rams GOT to play good on both sides, lower penalties and hold on to the ball.

    I have confidence that they can do all this, but i am still a little edgy regarding the offense and them finally getting their timing down. it's looking like more teams are forcing them into the short gain plays, but the Rams are handling it just fine. The defense definately needs to step it up, the 'fins O is on par with the eagles and whiners' offenses so they need to concentrate and stay smart. Williams shut down owens and is taking over, but we need the D Line to start rushing the QB more.

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