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    Randy Guest

    Angry Conspiracy theory

    How in the heck can you not include Fletcher(2 yrs now)Holt,Timmerman,Winstrom on the Pro Bowl roster. How can the T Bays get 6 slugs on there when they might not even make the playoffs? How can other teams crank up the music and artificial noise on our offense and get a way with it? Why did St.Louis have to pay the largest franchise fee to the NFL than any other new team? These are just a few things that have pissed me off lately. There have been more throughout this year and since 1995. It's the GOOD OLE BOY'S CLUB. They don't like to see Georgia , Shaw,Zygmunt,Martz, Armey and company show up the league. Screw the league and let's piss them all off and win the Super Bowl this year and as many as possible in the 2000's This team has 4-5 more exciting years before they will probably be dismantled due to salary caps,free agency,injuries and retired players. Enjoy the run and lets stick it to the NO FUN LEAGUE.

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    Wink XXXVI...

    Just win the the BIG ONE / XXXVI.

    And welcome to the famous, one and only ClanRam Randy! Your timing is excellent.
    :shield: GO RAMS!

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    Although a conspiracy against the Rams is unlikely, all of those factors you mentioned do show that this team and organization has some strength. I do admit that the Rams haven't gotten enough appreciation from other players or teams, but that comes with winning. It should make us feel good that we are good enough for them to complain about. Obviously most opponents aren't going to admit that the Rams are the best team in the NFL and have possibly the best offense of all time, with an outstanding defense to compliment them. With winning comes jealousy. It's simple jealousy. As far as the Pro Bowl goes, most people like to pretend that the Rams are overrated and don't really have that many good players. If Fletcher, Holt, Wistrom, and others were playing on a different team, there's no doubt that they would be playing together in Hawaii in February. The fact is that this Rams organization has survived through the hardships and disrespect enough to put together the greatest team in the NFL, and for that I am proud to be a Rams' fan. :king:


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    I'm with Jorge. I don't care if they make the Rams pay 25 cents to use the toilet at the owners meetings as long as that Super Bowl trophy resides at Rams Park.


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