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Thread: A conversation with Cody Davis

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    A conversation with Cody Davis

    As y'all have seen from my sharing his blogs, I am rooting for this young man to make the team. Good person, nice guy, and a great tackler. I have been keeping up with his blogs and sharing them here.

    I think I saw something while reading one of his earlier blogs that mentioned that he was on Facebook, so I looked him up and sent him a friends request. It's nice to see a couple more random shots from him, but also some great pictures taken by family / friends at the game:

    A conversation with Cody Davis-1001943_918713234706_1902455225_n.jpg

    After his last blog post, I had a short conversation with him:

    My post on Cody's Facebook page:

    I hope you don't mind, but I have been sharing your posts on the ClanRam Forums webpage. It's great to hear your insights each week. We're all rooting for you to make the team!

    We'd love to have you swing by if you have five minutes and visit!

    Subsequent private messge conversation:

    Conversation started Friday
    Cody Davis

    Hey I got your comment, what did you have in mind?

    Terry Hoey

    Hey Cody. Thanks for the response. I wasn't really thinking of anything formal when I invited you to check out ClanRam. I was thinking you could create a login and then post your blog there, maybe take a couple questions when people respond.

    If you wanted to do something more formal, like a scheduled one time question and answer chatroom setup, I would have to run that by the owner and admins of the forum, but I am sure they would love to have you either way.

    I have been a member of this forum for many years, pre GSOT. It is the best one I have found. Besides just having a large member base of die hard Rams fans, we are also an international forum with members from the states, Mexico, and Europe. Dez, the owner of the site is from Scotland (or is it Ireland). (Don't tell him I can't remember which). He is such a fan that he pays for the site himself (with donations from the forum) and also flies to the US for at least one game a season.

    We know you are busy studying, training, and practicing, but it would be really something special to have a team member visit or on the site. A true insiders perspective.

    Either way, let me know and I'll see what I can arrange.

    Thanks again for your blog and best of luck!

    Go RAMS!

    Cody Davis

    Yeah maybe something formal at a later date maybe after training camp if I make it. But as far as being on forums, I will leave that up to the fans. Please dont put the entire blog posts on the forum though, I would rather you put a few quotes or paraphrase with a link to the actual post on my website. Thanks!

    Cody Davis

    I appreciate the suggestion and am open to any suggestions for my blog!
    So... I am going to honor his request to not post his whole blog messages in the future. I know site policy does not allow us to post links either, so I'll have to figure a way to share it. But, with any luck, we might have a Ram onsight in the future...
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    This space for rent...

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    Re: A conversation with Cody Davis

    just type the address out

    and cool, he responded!

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