The St. Louis Rams gained the nickname the "Greatest Show On Turf" by throwing the ball up and down the field, but it's the balanced rushing attack that the Rams used in a Week 4 win over the San Francisco ***** that gets Orlando Pace and the offensive line excited. In an interview on Rams cam with NFL Total Access host Derrin Horton and analyst Lincoln Kennedy, Pace discusses the Rams' game plan and looks ahead at his team's big division game against the Seahawks. NFL Total Access airs Monday through Saturday at 7 p.m. ET (aired Oct. 7, 2004).

Derrin Horton: It's time now to fire up Rams cam where we find a former Heisman candidate and five-time Pro Bowler Orlando Pace. How are you doing, Orlando?

Orlando Pace: I'm good. How are you all doing out there?

Horton: We're doing well. Let's jump right into it. You guys have a big game this week in Seattle. They feel like they've got a lot of momentum. They feel like they want to take what was yours. Are you guys excited about this game?

Pace: Oh, we are man. We know they're at the top of the division right now and they're playing well and they're playing well at home. So we have to go out there and play the same style of football that we played last weekend against the *****. We've got to out and run the ball effectively and pass the ball effectively, and if we do that I like our outcome.

Lincoln Kennedy: I noticed in that ***** game you guys ran a lot of the unbalance where you flop sides and go over to the right side. How do you feel about that running style and that placement of plays?

Pace: You know it doesn't matter to me as long as we get a chance. When we're in that balance, we run the ball pretty effectively and it gives the defense something else to prepare for during the week. We've had success with it over the years and I think we're going to continue to do it.

Kennedy: So is it safe to say that you prefer running the ball over passing the ball?

Pace: Oh, come on, Big Linc. I think every offensive lineman loves running the ball over passing the ball, because it's the feeling of just getting into a guy and opening up some holes for a running back.

Horton: Absolutely. So tell me, now you're going up against one of your former teammates in Grant Wistrom. You played with him for six years at the Rams. I know you guys had some unique battles back in the day during practice. Are you looking forward to this battle this weekend against him?

Pace: Yes I am. I've been practicing against him for the past six years and during those six years we made each other better. We worked hard in practice every day so I'm sure it will be a good matchup on Sunday.

Horton: A couple of years ago you guys had a mystique about you -- Greatest Show On Turf. It seems like you're a little vulnerable these days and teams are feeling like they have a chance against you. Are you guys eager to show everybody, this is going to be a big game against Seattle, are you eager to show everyone that you guys still have it?

Pace: Oh yes, definitely. I mean, we never lost it man. We've got some new guys in here and we're trying to jell and to get a win against Seattle would be huge for us. It would be huge for our organization and hopefully that will propel us throughout the season.

Horton: Tell us about the offensive line. Your boy Kyle Turley goes down, how have you guys been able to mend up without him?

Pace: I think Grant Williams has stepped up well for him. We hate to lose a guy like Kyle who was a good force for us on our offensive line but we've got Grant Williams who has stepped in. He's playing well.

Horton: Have you followed Kurt Warner and what he's been doing in New York? Are you surprised that he's bounced back the way that he has?

Pace: I know Kurt is a competitor. Kurt has done well and I wish him the best out there. He's a guy we've won championships with here. We hate to see that guy go, but he's doing well and I'm happy to see that for Kurt out there.

Horton: Give us a scouting report around the NFL. Let's widen the scope here. A lot of people are really high on this Atlanta Falcons team. I know they had a couple of sacks against you and when I saw that I said, "Wait a minute, this defense might be for real." Do you think they are legit?

Pace: I think they play hard. I think their defense is vastly improved from last year when we played those guys. Those guys are just big effort guys. They run to the ball and with Michael Vick on the other side, that makes it tough.

Horton: Well, thanks a lot Orlando. Good luck on your game this week against the Seahawks. I'm sure you guys are going to bounce back and show everybody what you're all about.

Pace: Okay and thanks for having me.