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    A conversation with Torry Holt

    Rams wide receiver Torry Holt, coming off his best year as a pro, joined host Rich Eisen via Rams cam on NFL Total Access . Holt talked about Kurt Warner's departure, his team's outlook for next season and how he's enjoying his offseason. NFL Total Access airs Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. ET/PT (aired June 9, 2004).

    Rich Eisen: We go from No. 4 Green Bay softball to No. 81 St. Louis football. That would be 'big game' Torry Holt! And he joins us on Rams cam right now. How are you doing, Torry?

    Torry Holt: I'm doing well, man. It's always good to talk to you, Rich.

    Eisen: We always love hearing that from you, Torry. Let's talk about what's going on in St Louis. I'm told a quarterback who used to be there is no longer there. I might have read that in the sports pages that somebody who used to win a Super Bowl for you is no longer on the roster.

    Holt: What was that guys name? Are you talking about Warner?

    Eisen: It starts with a 'K'. Kurt!

    Holt: Kurt Warner, Kurt Warner. I'm sorry. Kurt Warner.

    Eisen: That's right.

    Holt: Yeah, he's headed up to New York, man. We're wishing Kurt the absolute best. I think it's a great situation for him, to give him the opportunity to resurrect his career. I think there's still some speculation about his health and all that good stuff, but I think Kurt will go to New York and I think he'll do well. Not only are they getting a good football player and a good man, they're getting somebody who does a lot of great things out in the community. It's a great opportunity for Eli [Manning] to learn from a guy like Kurt, who's played in two Super Bowls, Pro Bowls, was a league MVP and all that good stuff. So I think New York is getting an ambassador for the game of football for sure.

    Eisen: How strange is it to be walking around those halls and not have him there?

    Holt: It's tough. You know when it was really tough? When we had minicamp. Kurt normally gets up and he breaks us down. He normally gets up and he does this little huddle thing, do the cadence ... he normally handles that. And this time he wasn't there to step up and handle that. Marc [Bulger] actually handled it. So right then I knew it was going in another direction. Things felt a little strange, but once we got through minicamp ... and [Chris] Chandler obviously had a real good camp -- he fit in very well -- and Marc had a good camp. So I think that's behind us now. Again, we're wishing Kurt the best. Now we just have to go on with Marc Bulger, and we as a football team may have to help him get to the championship level.

    Eisen: Well, it's something that you saw coming a while ago, Torry. When you were on with us back during the playoffs, I believe, or right after the Super Bowl, we asked you, "Who do you think was going to be the quarterback there next year?" You said it's going to be Marc Bulger without a doubt. Is that something where the whole team was of that mindset, do you believe?

    Holt: Well, I can't speak for the whole team. I can say I guess everybody felt the same way I felt. Marc didn't do anything at the end of the season and nothing happened to him from the end of the season until minicamp for him to lose that position. So I guess it was written that he would be our starting quarterback going into next year and then they gave him the new contract. So obviously they feel real good about Marc Bulger coming in and being the starting quarterback and leading us into the future, and hopefully trying to get us back again at the championship level. We haven't been there in a while so everybody's working real hard. Everybody's excited here. We got a great group of young guys, and if we can bring those guys up real quick and get up to speed, I think we will have an opportunity of getting back.

    Eisen: Speaking of those young guys. We have an email for you, Torry Holt. Obviously people can email you at, but in this particular case they can just email NFL, at for you. And the email from this particular viewer named Shawn says, "Congratulations on last year," which you led the NFL in both receptions and receiving yards. I added that information in just for you, Torry.

    Holt: Thank you Rich, I appreciate it.

    Eisen: You bet. Shawn wants to know how the rookies looked. And then he pretty much named the entire draft. But anyway, it's Steven Jackson, Tony Hargrove and Jeff Smoker. Can you handle that one for us, Torry?

    Holt: I didn't get an opportunity to see Steven Jackson. I heard a lot of great things about this kid, he's a big guy. I'm looking forward to seeing him as we get into fall camp. Hargrove looked very good. He's very athletic, very strong, very confident. And one thing I like about the kid is he's very hungry. He hadn't played in I think about a year or two, so he's excited about getting back out there and butting heads with some of those O-linemen and making some sacks. Smoker I think looked OK. I told him I didn't realize how big he was. He's a big kid -- very live arm, raw in some things -- and coach [Mike] Martz was talking to him a lot during minicamp, so he has some things that he has to straighten out. But I think all those guys overall -- except I didn't get a chance to see Steven -- those two guys did a great job in minicamp and they can help us.

    Eisen: You know it's funny to even mention this guy being under the radar in any way shape or form because of how great he is. Everybody's talking about Bulger and Warner and Steven Jackson joining, but Marshall Faulk. I mean, this guy, he's still there. Talk about him a little bit, Torry. Is that what he seems to be, completely under the radar at this particular point and he's still there.

    Holt: He's still here. I think it's good for Marshall. I think it's just going to continue to fuel that fire by him staying under the radar. And the main thing is once Marshall gets healthy, there's no stopping Marshall. I spoke with him last weekend and he says he feels real good. He feels healthy, so we're expecting some big things out of Marshall Faulk this year. And like I said, if we can keep him healthy and everybody stays healthy throughout the course of the year, you'll see the Rams of old. Offensively we'll have everybody back in tact. The O-line will have a year under its belt, I'm back and Isaac [Bruce] and with a healthy Marshall and then with the addition of Steven Jackson. So it should be, it could be a fun year for this offense, for this football team as well as the offense.

    Eisen: How about defensively?

    Holt: Defensively I think we'll do well. With Leonard [Little]'s situation I think some of the guys have really stepped up this offseason and working hard to try to go out there to try to contribute and try to help us out this year. I know with Damione Lewis, we're going to need him big time. Jimmy Kennedy and those guys and hopefully Hargrove can step in and give us some quality minutes in there. And then with [Adam] Archuleta coming back and [Tommy] Polley coming back, it's going to be a fun group. There's a new defensive coordinator, so it's going to be fun. Those guys had a great minicamp. They made some plays so it will be fun for this group.

    Eisen: How much are you thinking about football in the offseason, Torry?

    Holt: I'm not thinking about football ... maybe I might think about it once a day when I come in and do my little workout and then I'm out. I try to get away from the game as much as I possibly can so once the fall camp comes I can still enjoy it. I can continue to have that fire. If I'm around it all the time then it will get old and then I'll be ready to shut it down after next year. So I try to stay away from it as much as I can right now. I'm really into the NBA finals. I'm really into this basketball and watching that and enjoying my family.

    Eisen: You're watching what? Basketball is that what your saying?

    Holt: Yeah I'm watching. Did you see Kobe Bryant last night?

    Eisen: I actually was physically there, Torry.

    Holt: Oh, you were physically there? I'm jealous of you, Rich.

    Eisen: Let me tell you, it was pretty amazing. Let's just put it this way, it's the longest I've ever stood at a Lakers game. I mean there were people actually standing.

    Holt: Is that right? Wow.

    Eisen: It's always a pleasure having you on, Torry Holt. Enjoy the rest of your offseason. We look forward to having you back on Rams cam soon.

    Holt: I sure will. Any time, just let me know.

    Eisen: Torry Holt. The most prolific receiver in the NFL last year joining us on Rams cam.

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    Re: A conversation with Torry Holt

    Nice, thanx for the interview.


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    Re: A conversation with Torry Holt

    Torry's a character. I think we'll be seing him on NFL Today some day.

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    Re: A conversation with Torry Holt

    Wow this is shocking to me. It seems we hardly ever hear any interviews with the Ram players where they talk openly. Thanks for posting this.

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    elAcky Guest

    Re: A conversation with Torry Holt

    It seems we hardly ever hear any interviews with the Ram players where they talk openly
    Agree... very irritating... they are getting way too smart for their own good these days.. they know that the best policy is to tow the party line, keep your head down, don't argue with coaches, be a spokeman for a some chartity, become a born again christian and you'll be rewarded with a nice juicy contract (either here or through FA)

    to me what this all means is NO FIRE IN THE BELLY.... which incidently is what the main problem is with the 'newest' rams i.e. where are our leaders... even Turley is subdued these days!!

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    Re: A conversation with Torry Holt

    I wouldn't go so far as to say the humble ones have no fire in their belly. Those are the types of leaders the Rams have always had in these past years - Ray Agnew, Isaac Bruce, Aeneas Williams, Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, etc. It's better than having a Keyshawn or Terrell, who use their pedestal for selfish reasons. When it comes down to it, it is just being smart, like you said in the first place. I enjoy the outspoken players who aren't afraid to be open, but some just don't know when to shutup.

    Do you think Turley might be "subdued" because he's happy?

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