I have read a couple of threads, not just on this board but on others also that chavouse shouldnt satrt and we should prepare for the future.... Are you kidding??? Corey chavous still has alot of descent years in him, im sorry to say it but chavous is one of the reasons are defense has seen any sucess this year, he is a sure tackler, he can cover pretty well and he understands offenses, i have seen a number of plays where if it werent for chavous they would have went for big gains, he is helping our younger players out there on the field and i cant count how many times i seen him dive to break up a pass or make a nice tackle on a RB, we havent had a proven player like him in our secondary since aeneas williams left, and im sure when hill starts playing better and we get some playmakers around chavous, he will continue to improve our defense. what do you guys think??