JavaScript must be enabled to use this chat software. Could Chip Rosenbloom annoint Kroenke as team president?

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    Could Chip Rosenbloom annoint Kroenke as team president?

    If Shaw leaves, I suppose it is conceivable that Kroenke could selected by Chip to run the show even without being the outright owner. As CEO of the Rams he could clean house and hire a real GM. while in the meantime working behind the scenes to resolve the issue of cross-ownership. Crazy ?? Maybe not ,,,

    Posted by Mike Florio on January 21, 2008, 12:49 p.m.
    A league source tells us that Rams minority owner Stan Kroenke acquired when he purchased 40 percent of the team in 1995 the ability to become majority owner at some point after the death of Georgia Frontiere, who passed on January 18 at the age of 80.

    Though the details are faded and sketchy, Kroenke is thought to have, at a minimum, the ability to buy 10 or more of the 60 percent held by Frontiere’s estate, if her heirs opt to sell the team.

    It’s unknown what, if anything, has happened to Kroenke’s rights in this regard following his purchase of the NBA’s Denver Nuggets and the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche. Per league rules, Kroenke can’t be the majority owner of the Rams if he owns professional franchises in markets housing other NFL clubs.

    It’s also unknown whether either of Frontiere’s children really want to run an NFL team. It’s possible that they each could sell a shade over five of the 30 points they’ll inherit from their mother, giving Kroenke enough of an interest to run the team.

    If, of course, he’ll either sell his Denver teams or finagle an exception to the cross-ownership rule.

    Don’t rule out the latter. Kroenke has real juice. And money. He married one of Sam Walton’s daughters, and he owns THF, a company that buys and develops the sites of many Wal-Mart stores.

    Also, he has been a regular attendee at league meetings with Rams president John Shaw, so he might be able to put together the kind of coalition necessary to allow him to own the Rams, Avalanche, and Nuggets. Much of the outcome surely would hinge on Kroenke’s relationship with Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, who owns the NFL team in the market that already has been infiltrated by Kroenke.

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    Re: Could Chip Rosenbloom annoint Kroenke as team president?

    fingers crossed for Stan...dont understand this cross-state-sport ruling and why its wrong to own the denver nuggets and the st.louis rams,yes i understand the ruling but i dont understand why its so wrong that they have brought about a rule against it happening.....

    how does the fact that stan would own the nuggets aswell as the Rams effect the broncos owner??
    surely the Nuggets are rivals of the Broncos whoever owns them due to each trying to gather the biggest slice of the sport viewing public in colorado?

    to me a ruling saying that you can only own one sports franchise in a state would have more sense,to avoid one owner menopolozing the whole states sporting interests....

    will this end in us moving again and becoming the Aspen Rams?
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    Re: Could Chip Rosenbloom annoint Kroenke as team president?

    Conflict of interest. With Kronke owning the NBS & NHL teams in Denver & with Denver having an NFL team. They feel it would be a problem for any owner to be supporting teams in competing markets.

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