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    Could Dr. Phil help the Rams? Get Real!

    By Jeff Gordon
    Sunday, Dec. 18 2005

    Upon further review, the Rams could sure use some counseling. Can Dr. Phil pay
    a house call?

    (We can hear him now. “IT’S NOT ABOUT EWE!” he would scream at the Male Sheep
    during a made-for-TV meeting.)

    Or perhaps interim coach Joe Vitt should call Nanny 911 for some help restoring
    order. Surely Fox could hook him up with a specialist in restoring
    post-adolescent male pride.

    The Rams are a mess. Pervasive sloppiness tanked the team, again, and this
    17-16 defeat created some discord on the sidelines -- which was dutifully
    captured by Fox.

    As for Vitt, he was still furious when he showed up for his post-game news

    “We’re paid to play hard,” Vitt steamed. “Anybody who doesn’t play hard is a
    fraud . . . now give yourself a chance to win by playing smart.”

    Running back Marshall Faulk seemed plenty miffed, too, about a variety of
    things – including the fact Arlen Harris played ahead of him on that final
    drive with starter Steven Jackson injured.

    His terse answers spoke volumes about his frame of mind.

    What a week this was. Mike Martz was cleared to coach on Jan. 1, but team
    president John Shaw didn’t throw down the welcome mat. Perhaps Mad Mike can
    borrow a classic “I Love Lucy” story and crash the Week 17 party in an
    elaborate disguise.

    Stay tuned.


    The ’72 Dolphins, Tommie Liddell, Tiki Barber, Jamie Martin, the likelihood the
    Blues will finally get sold soon, the Patriots, Pat Riley, national interest in
    the Vikings’ “Love Boat” scandal, security concerns for Lions president Matt
    Millen, Blues goaltenders with hard-to-spell and hard-to-pronounce names, the
    Redskins, the *****’ relentless quest for the top pick in the NFL Draft and
    Reggie Bush.


    The ’05 Colts, Dick Vermeil’s dream of going out on top, The Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Phenomenon, Steve Jackson’s durability, Keith Tkachuk’s knuckles, Curtis
    Sanford’s hip, the likelihood the Blues will ever win again, the likelihood
    Donovan McNabb will participate in NAACP fund-raisers in Philadelphia, the
    citizenship grades for the Texas football team, the Buccaneers, the Cowboys,
    Stan Van Gundy, the quality of Ugueth Urbina’s offseason.

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    Re: Could Dr. Phil help the Rams? Get Real!

    When I read the topic I was hoping this was an article by a columnist and not an actual topic by you Wraith LOL
    Quote Originally Posted by RealRam
    What next, NFL gay players kissing on the mouth. To me it is S.O.S.: simply/obscene/sickening. Rest assured I will never cheer for a known homo player

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    Re: Could Dr. Phil help the Rams? Get Real!

    Psychology won't help. Its a crock! Didn't you know that? Tom Cruise told me.


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