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    theodus69 Guest

    This could be a match made in Rams Park!

    I saw the article of our new coach, How he almost cried and how he kinda reminds me of a young Vermeil. What I think this team could use is some stability. Vermeil did leave too early and Martz ...well in my eyes lacked some things. But as I look at the new guy, he seems to have the Family thing going on and that enthusiasm that left with Vermeil. This guy is young also! This is what I think this team needs . A fresh new attitude and a young coach who will be around for a while. He won't get this thing going right away(meaning ,right to the bowl) But I think with time Linehan brings what this team lacks, An on the level,Young ,enthusiastic Coach . And if the the front office and he can get along, This could be the match made in Rams Park and possibly alot of winning seasons!!!!!!!!

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    sbramfan Guest

    Re: This could be a match made in Rams Park!

    Definitely. Good post Theo...

    I think one of the things I miss with Vermeil is the integrity. Not that Martz didn't have any, and we all kind of liked a little bit of arrogance when we were on top (for a change), but to me Rams football is more than just winning and losing, and guys like Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Dick Vermeil and many before them are why I appreciate this team and it's class. It's why I'm a Rams fan instead of a Raiders fan.

    I get the feeling this guy has that kind of integrity and enthusiasm and could be a great leader for this team/organization for many years to come.


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