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    Talking Could the Rams surprise the league again?

    Not sure why? I have not had this feeling since '99. Did I really think the Rams would dominate that year???? No, no not really.... However, I did feel confident that the Rams had made trades and drafted well enough to field a very competitive team.....

    After all the moves the rams have made this year the feeling is there again. I really like what the Rams have done in free agency and the draft. It seems that some of our desperate needs have been plugged with players who have the potential to make a real impact.

    I maybe crazy but this year could be a real treat for us Ram fans....... Could the best show on turf be back again? The new field is still consider turf right????

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    sbramfan Guest

    Re: Could the Rams surprise the league again?

    Yes, this could be the year. I think they have patched most of the holes.

    However, this exact e-mail (so to speak) is also being written on about half the NLF teams sites right now. Basically, "It looks like we acquired guys to fix the problems that kept us from getting over the hump....could this be our year?"

    Giving the Rams a slight edge, however, is that they still have many of the components that took them to the top before, and their "hump" is getting back to the Super Bowl, not getting to the playoffs, as some teams may be shooting for, ala the Cards, Bengals, Lions, etc...

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    Re: Could the Rams surprise the league again?

    Why not? With parity the way it is in the league anything can happen. I'm bettin that Arizona is going to be there slugging it out right to the end with the Seahawks for a wild card spot while the ***** will continue to wallow in there overspending and of course that only leaves one team for division champ. What we need to see happen is our offense play as well or better then it did last year and our defense chime in by stopping a running back or two. I'm not predicting that this defense will be much other then a bunch of guys going through the motions however I do expect them to to make strides during the season. How big the strides will be remains to be seen. All I know is, if I never see a Rams defense like the one that played the last time I tuned in to see the Rams it will be to soon. With the schedule serving up some very winnable games early in the season, I expect to get off to a good start. A 19 - 0 start would suit me just fine.


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