This is from his most recent chat:

Tom Chicago, IL: Mort- will Mike Martz be the next head coach of the Raiders? Al Davis has to be salivating at the thought of watching Moss and Jerry Porter play in Martz's vertical passing game.

Chris Mortensen: (
11:57 AM ET ) Martz's vertical game is virtually identical to Norv Turner's, OK? I don't think Moss would take too kindly to the very demanding disciplined routes that Martz teaches - just as Norv Turner teaches.

Patti (DC): Do you think that Greg Williams will leave Washington to take a head coaching job? If so, where do you see him going?

Chris Mortensen: (
11:59 AM ET ) I don't think Greg Williams takes any job. He would probably jump for the Houston Texans job, but I think they'll hire an guy with a background on offense. I think Redskins owner Dan Snyder will do everything he can to keep Williams around.

FYI - I sent Mort a question about Art Shell, but he didn't respond. If, in the coming weeks, Mort ends up "breaking" the Shell story, we'll all know he got his lead from the Clan!