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    A couple of interesting questions//facts...

    I was doing a little research this morning because ever since the 2010 NFL season began for us, I've been thinking about "our progress", or lack thereof, and how it relates to the 1998 Colts. The reason I say 1998 Colts simply because of the thread/topic that was discussed ( if you guys remember) a couple of weeks ago about how we compare this year to that team in 1998. You know we have a rookie star QB in Bradford who should and will only get better with time, they had Peyton. We have SJAX39, they had Marshall Faulk. We have a lot of young receivers except for maybe Mark Clayton who is the most experienced. Torrance Small was probably the closest thing to our Mark Clayton, but we have no "Marvin Harrison". SO they had a chance to succeed. Their defense was pretty bad that year, surrendering something like 25 points a game or so. Their offense was okay, I guess, they were in shootouts like a 38-31 loss to the Ravens, and other low scoring losses like we have this year so far. My question is this: Cant we do the same? We are/were expecting only 3 to four wins this year anyway .ALthough at the rate we are going we will be lucky enough toonly beat the lions again. The Colts won three games in 1998 against the Jets, who finished 11-5 that year, the Chargers, who finished 5-11, and the Bengals, who also finished 3-13 like the Colts. I would like to think that we could do the same; if history repeats itself, then we can win like three to four games max. Beat two poor teams and maybe a good team ( like the Saints )

    Also, I am getting worried that Spags and this staff have this season to get it right and move forward. IF we continue to lose this way, then you have to start thinking about personnel changes. Its just the way it is in the NFL.

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    Re: A couple of interesting questions//facts...

    See what kind of research we have to resort to, when we can't win???

    haha just kidding, but we are making progress man. Lets just see how this redskins goes, a big step up from cards/raiders.

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