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    A couple of more comments on the defense

    I think that robert thomas has been a big disappointment. He just does not seem to be able to stay healthy. Archuleta is playing hurt, so on that basis, i cut him slack, but i will say that while he still makes some spectacular plays, i believe his fundemental tackling skills are not at the pro bowl level for a safety. his miss in the atlanta game was a critical play.

    I also think that aeneas has not played at anywhere near his previous level. I love aeneas, but i see a lot of marshall comments on this board regarding dropoff and not much on aeneas. Again, i am not saying he is no good, merely that there has been a material dropoff in his performance. He still makes some plays, but has missed some relatively easy chances that have really cost us. Specifically, i cite the dropped INT at the end of the saints game and the ball that hit him in the hands at midfield against the dolphins. His play on the flea flicker against miami was an abomination.

    Call it harsh if you will, just trying to call them as i see them. You cant overlook the fact that in the three losses we have ZERO takeaways, and this defense lived on takeaways last year. When the ball hits you in the hands, you have to make the catch, whether that is a DB on an int or an open reciever.

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    Re: A couple of more comments on the defense

    Thomas hasn't been the fill in for London Fletcher (dad gum it, what a loss) that the front office thought he would be. Polley is on/off more than a water faucet. Butler is turning out to be an expensive save; to me WR's are open just being lined up across from him. Coady isn't an answer at S.

    Lots of holes. However, the front four is turning out to be ok and may even get pretty good as the season comes around. Hargrove, B. Fisher, and even Pickett and DLew have stood out. So, let's give some other young uns some PT. Chillar and Faulk, get ready but I don't want to take them off the ST's. The secondary? I don't know if a genie granting three wishes could help.

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    Re: A couple of more comments on the defense

    Right now, I've come to the conclusion that the Rams' biggest need this offseason will be an impact LB, probably for the MLB spot. The DB will also need an infusion of talent. Surprisingly, as Tx said, the DL seems to be the least of our problems, talent wise.

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    Re: A couple of more comments on the defense

    I was surprised this offseason to see so much concern for the DL. These guys aren't bad and now they're playing pretty decent. Pickett and D-Lew have stepped up, Hargrove is getting a feel for things, B. Fish is plugging Wistrom's gap. Excluding the Seattle game, they haven't give up more than 3.4 yards per carry in over a month. The concern has to be the secondary.

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