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    Coverage of tonights game

    From Mike Franke

    St. Louis local TV will have the game on channel 11.
    7 pm Central time. Broadcast team is Tom Kelly and Vince Ferragamo (!).
    I know nothing about any "wild" or otherwise satellite feeds.

    - NFL Network will re-air the game at noon Central time Friday.
    That is channel 212 on DirecTV. It's the first of 54(!) preseason
    games they will broadcast this summer.
    NFL Network preseason schedule:

    - I'm planning to "RamView" on the list again this year & will probably post it
    Friday morning.

    - Webcasts:
    Not looking good. KLOU and KTRS will likely be the only chances to get the game
    on the Web, and their servers will probably be swamped at kickoff, if it goes like
    last year. Several sites I connected to simply did not work, but I will list them.
    If you have luck with any sites, please share with the rest of the list if you would.
    I'll be in row HH, so I won't know how any of these sites are doing at game time.

    Sites tend to require you turn your pop-up blockers off, and take advantage of that
    by throwing up pop-up ads. Most also ask you to register, but it's optional.

    Main Rams webcast sites:
    Click the "listen live" link. Took a couple of minutes to come up this
    Red "LISTEN LIVE ONLINE" link at very top of page. Connected pretty
    quickly, & I'm on a dialup connection.

    Worth a try:
    Click "Listen Online" link on the left hand side. This will be a Bears
    broadcast, and it's the only Chicago feed I checked into. I found it
    at, so it's been
    researched, and I'd imagine it's as reliable as KLOU or KTRS.
    KREF Norman/Oklahoma City:
    *May* be carrying tonight's game. Listen Live link on right side
    of home page towards the top. And you'll have to download and
    install the "SurferNETWORK Player", 5-7 minutes on dialup.
    When the player pops up, you have to click the Tuner button
    in the upper left corner to start the audio. But the audio works,
    the Rams Radio Network has KREF on its list, and KREF's
    website has the Rams logo on its homepage.

    Sites I couldn't get audio out of:
    (They all use, so it could be me)
    Connected but no audio
    Extreme difficulty connecting, no audio when I did

    Streamaudio window filled with errors

    Low/unknown chance of available webcast:
    XTRA San Diego:
    Audio works, is listed on Rams Radio Network web page,
    but website says they're not allowed to broadcast games online.
    Click on "Click here to listen to XTRA Sports 690/1150!".
    Was reliable last year but they only appear to be webcasting local
    college games now. No audio this afternoon.
    KSHP Las Vegas:
    Site tuned in fine this afternoon, and they're on the Rams Radio
    Network web page, but I don't see on their site that they're planning
    to carry any Rams games this year.

    Good hunting

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    AugustaRamFan Guest

    Re: Coverage of tonights game

    Thanks Dez - You answered the question before I asked.


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    DJRamFan Guest

    Re: Coverage of tonights game

    Thanks Dez.

    Those Radio broadcasts were a b!tch last year. It would break every five minutes. Sucks the NFL wants so much money all the time with even internet radio broadcasts.

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