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    mxbrian Guest

    Talking D- Fence !

    Like I mentioned in my previous post, the defense rests. I knew after facing a pathetic Panther offense and having their worst game of the season that this Sunday would present a great challenge for a new defense and a new coach. Both passed with flying colors. FLYING !!! As in, flying to the ball, making big plays, putting pressure on the QB, making solid tackles, etc...

    What a luxury to have such a spectacular defense along with the greatest show on earth. We are truly spoiled. (finally)

    GO RAMS !!!:angryram:

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    I don't think I'm even used to this new defense yet, after suffering through last year's hell. So much for there not being enough time to gell. The Swarm knows what they're doing and fly to the ball like no other defense I've seen this year. Yeah, that's right Steelers, not even you.

    The play of Tommy Polley was particularly intriguing. He will be a great player for many years, hopefully all of them as a Ram.

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    valerius Guest


    Hey MxBrian, I like your use of the word spoiled :cool:

    After 20+ years of the Bidwell Cardinals, 8 years of no team, and 4 years of badRams we are now enjoying some success, albeit only 3 years worth. I am enjoying this immensely, but I also remember the "roots" of the St. Louis NFL experience. Somehow I think the NFL owes us a little "spoiling".


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    What scared me was...

    I think it was in the first quarter, Adam Archuleta came flying through the line and dropped the RB for a loss. Immediately after the play, the rest of the D came up and gave him several head butts to congratulate him. Yo folks, leave the boys head alone. He is just recovering from two concussions. Other than that, the D look GREAT!!!
    This space for rent...

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    Pressure and speed

    Getting pressure on Manning during that 3rd and 7 play late in the second quarter turned the whole game around. Little had pressure on his former college teammate all day after that. Speed on D was extremely noticeable, especially on run stoppage. mxbrian is right, we started swarming to the ball and stuffed the run. Also, Fletcher said he figured out when Manning was using an audible or just faking it. When he shared his knowledge with the rest of the unit, the Colts struggled to move the ball.

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    okieram Guest
    thoey lets all pray that Adam's flirting with concussions doesn't turn into an Aikman,Young thing. This defense is young and ready to step up for the playoff run. This years draft rates up there with the bringing in of Faulk and Warner. Kudos to the front office.
    Any news on D. Lewis?

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    sprtsmac Guest
    I must admit that after the first 2 Colts possesions I was wondering if our D even showed up..:upset: But after that, they put on a show for the ages. You don't see the Colts O get dominated like that very often unless they are making a lot of mistakes. And for me it just look like our guys shut them down. About D. Lewis; I read on a Bernie Post that he might be moving to DE. With that thinking...are they planning on losing L. Little?

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